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Would prefer the XFX reference edition but ill take whatever, pm please.
one of the most overrated shapes of all time, i still don't understand why people want that shape recreate or reused. its garbage.
they took a few mice off of their website, the new diamonback is no longer on there. perhaps a refresh with a not poop sensor incoming? looking forward for more info on this lancehead too.
ill buy it for the lulz but if it arrives to me anything like my aurora it will be insta-trash. my expectations are super low.
g403 is like in between size of ec1-ec2. the ec2 shape was my fav and the whole time i used it i wished it was just a tad bigger but not as big as the ec1. then logi came out with the g403 and my prayers were answered.
all these people complaining it wasnt the next historical title need to take a seat. it obviously wasnt going to be one judging by the teaser and the fact that they said the majority of their studio is working on the warhammer trilogy and a smaller team is on the next historical game. im a huge warhammer fan so this looks great im certainly not biased however since ive been playing the total war series since shogun, looking forward to the next historical. as for the DLC...
good news, i can wait
it really is! its awesome and so much fun. i hope they do an open beta or something so more people can try it for themselves.
the main let down for most people at launch is the lack of multiplayer modes. this doesn't bother me personally but im sure they're going to be adding last stand and other MP modes from the previous games.
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