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why not just save yourself the trouble and RMA? theres not supposed to be rattle, mine has no rattle. get a new one.
i do its one of the best mice ive used, theres over 30 in my collection.
looks pretty good, hope its nice for you now!
sounds awful return it for a (hopefully) better model.
whats the issue here?
17.5cm x 9cm i think
have been using the sesnei 310 over my G403 which ive used exclusively since this time last year. i dont see myself going back to the G403 any time soon.
thee g303 had a hard edge for sure and i sanded it down, but the 310....? maybe you got a bad copy or something but the edge you pointed out is not sharp and doesn't bother my hand what so ever, i didnt see anyone else mention this in their reviews either.i know its not a hand size thing because my hands are the same size as yours. maybe you just have super sensitive skin or something?
i wouldn't value just one opinion.i prefer the sensei 310 to the old one in every way (ive used a vanilla sensei/sensei raw). it fills out my hand much better (17.5cm from base of palm to tip of middle finger) its easy to push around despite its "heavy" weight. i like the clicks a lot (although they are very good nothing really compares to the clicks on the vanilla sensei, sensei raw clicks are garbage) and i've never been one to mention glide in my reviews but the glide...
just received my sensei 310, perfect model no rattle no pre-travel, really liking it with just getting my hands on it. will report back later on after many hours of gaming.
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