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how to get started with engineering? does it only affect the ship you are currently flying or can the mods be applied to any ship that you own?
Going from Tycoon to Elite Trade rank this patch? I pretty much got to tycoon smuggling out of Robigo the last time I was playing (end of last year earlier this year). Now that thats been nerfed into the ground I'm not sure where to finish out my trade rank. I've been doing passenger runs out of Aditi with my Anaconda but the payouts aren't really what im used to, anyone have a clue what I can do to make decent money? Either trading goods/passenger/smuggling. Thanks...
the catch is the big payouts sometimes want you to go thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of light years of them wanted me to go 33k lightyears away for 70million credits. i just don't have the real life time to travel that far, lol.
already pre-ordered. can't wait for beta next weekend. 4 teh empra!
Anyone getting rid of their PS4 to get a Pro, ill gladly take it off your hands. Let me know here or shoot me an email Price is negotiable.
how do you load your fighters into the anaconda or any other big ship that could house them? i tried looking for an option in game and couldnt find one. was going to test with my sidewinder, also have a courier that i think would fit as well? and is it the kind of deal where i can fly to the outskirts of a RES or CZ park the 'conda and launch the fighter? do i need to hire some crew members?
i have my gpro plugged in but my g403 is getting used more. theres nothing wrong with the gpro its just im playing world of warcraft right now and the ergo shape is just nicer for the more relaxed pace of that game. whenever i play Battlerite, SC2 or any shooter i switch to the gpro.
not sure if serious
is the FK2 the same dimensions as the vanilla FK?
just got mine. another flawless model, just like my G-Pro. no rattling, no scratched up edges, no scraping on the pad, both M1 and M2 feel the same and crisp clicks. using no weight or the cover and its not scraping on the pad or anything either. glides really nice on my blue zowie g-sr. S/N starts with 1636 on box 1631 on mouse. good luck to everyone else still waiting or going through the rma process~
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