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what happened to mionix, like, im not sure who there target market is anymore? it was nerds who play games, now its hip trendy kids who play games?
interesting comparison. the fnatic sensei is one of my fav mice of all time (and the vanilla sensei), the button clicks are godlike, even better than the new logitech switches. nice to see this review. thanks
waited years for the first surprise here.
i just dont see the point of using a EC mouse at this point in time. i was a huge advocate of the ec2 shape (since 3090 sensor) and just the mouse in general but now that the G403 is out I can't see myself switching back, even if they do implement the 3360 zowies. the G403 is essentially everything I wanted from the ec2 that i didn't already have.
Would prefer the XFX reference edition but ill take whatever, pm please.
one of the most overrated shapes of all time, i still don't understand why people want that shape recreate or reused. its garbage.
they took a few mice off of their website, the new diamonback is no longer on there. perhaps a refresh with a not poop sensor incoming? looking forward for more info on this lancehead too.
ill buy it for the lulz but if it arrives to me anything like my aurora it will be insta-trash. my expectations are super low.
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