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How long has it been?Logitech support finally got around to an RMA and they have told me the same message as yours. No more G303s...They gave the okay for a GPro instead of the g403.
So after just nearly 4 years of use two of these drives, purchased at the same time, are showing errors now.
I believe it came from the G404 thread sourcing Logitech China.I honestly haven't given their suggested grip much of a chance. It just feels so odd placing my ring finger on a corner since my natural inclination is to place ring and pinky along the sloped surface. Although I'm a sick bastard that likes the G303 shape, so there's that.
like this apparently.
After almost 2 years of use my G303 has begun to double click on the left click. Though certainly didn't last as long as the G400. Fortunately happened just a couple weeks from when my warranty would have expired. Lets see if Logitech is okay with a de-braided cable.
However nobody has made the kinds of thorough threads of r0ach's caliber.
Disagree about timing > frequency Go with higher frequency when/if the price is right.
Ring finger on the right click button? Okay, I'll try it.
No, I think 3 is the better option.
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