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^shutup. lol, I'm just very jelly. very very jelly.
Welp. My birthday was the 4th (June) and my Grandparents got me a 128gb M3! Here are the screenies. And yes Webster, I'll get Intel RST... Update! Loaded up the newest RST Drivers. I also did a benchie on my old boot drive (WD Blue 500gb).
^ You don't have the money. Or you have the money, but need it to pay bills. You don't play BF3 much. You don't give a damn about DLC's. If you play BF3 alot, and are getting the DLC's no matter what, get Premium. If not, doesn't matter.
Love your room! Two things: 1. Is that a couch or bed? Looks to vertical to be a couch, skinny for a bed. 2. Do you find the TV to0 close?
Amazon >Newegg > Microcenter> Best Buy
I am lovin' these price wars!!
Wait woah. I see like a blank screen for stats. Did you get banned or something?
Same. It's like, I can understand you want to play with your buddy, but you need to understand I am playing the game too.
Thanks. But I'm not a fool. My headphones are definitely one of my best purchases. Cost 200$, but the comfort is amazing, and the sound is soo much better. Unless you buy Beats. Than you are a fool. But I am not.
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