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Last night I wiped with randoms in the new incursion for an hour or so. Got a new group but someone had entered the area before I got there so I was locked out. Took that as a sign. Then I farmed some intel (had to relog to get the critical one to show up) to do a weekly boss, spammed in chat for a group, and as we approached the target I just got a mission failed message so lost 40 intel. Then I decided to matchmake for the DZ and was matched with people well below...
I'm using it to play The Division and it works great. No background static/noise but my audio drivers provide default noise suppression. People say my voice comes through nice and clear. When I monitor my own input it sounds significantly better than those $5-$10 Zalman/whatever options. It can pick up other sounds but if I clip it up on my collar instead of down on my shirt, and raise the input threshold a bit, problem solved. If you have a loud keyboard with blues it...
How are people getting groups for the high value/high risk missions? Spam in BoO? The new incursion is pretty frustrating. I made maybe 6 attempts with 1 completion. It seemed impossible during my first failed attempt (full group over 200gs). 2nd attempt with a new group was successful. It seemed incredibly easy and took maybe 10min. Then I tried a few more times and it went back to feeling impossible. Seems to be the best way to get gear is to matchmake for dz 5/6?
Must resist.
Oops, sorry. It was dmasteR.
I'm rank 38 and have 40k DZ funds total. Never spent a single one.I actually managed to down a rogue last night but then his buddy hiding around the corner took me down a second later. They had a good laugh, defiled and mocked my corpse, then took my stuff.
My review: Ohhh yeahhhhhh
I wonder if that guy actually believes the crap pouring out of his mouth.
Thanks, I had the feeling I was completely wasting my time. So the best way to grind out the 200k dz credits needed to buy a weapon bp is 200 at a time from random NPCs?
That's a lot of $ to spend on a card that won't really provide you with a different experience than a nice 980ti. It won't give you smooth play at 4k, and 980ti can already give you smooth play at 1440. You could even buy 2 used 980tis for SLI cheaper than one 1080.
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