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Last night my K70 went crazy. I was playing GTA V and had just spied a Zentorno out in the wild for the first time. I had to have it. As I approached, my keys suddenly started doing strange things. Directions switched, some keys didn't work, the menu was scrolling continuously, number keys switched to symbols. I alt tabbed and opened a blank word doc. The board was spamming the same series of keys, as if it was being pasted in again and again. It was something random like...
I once had an MRI. The whole process took maybe 30min with no doctors involved. Just a receptionist and a tech working in an out of the way windowless basement. I think the bill before insurance was over $3k. That machine just prints money.Fingers crossed that this "cure" is really a cure. I'm sure I'll manage to get cancer eventually.
I think so. Over the years I've owned many headphones in many price ranges up to and including an Lcd-3. I've sold all of my open back headphones except the 650. Sound great with everything. They don't have the inflated bass that a lot of people have gotten used to, but I love them. I'd recommend using them with an amp because they are 300ohms.
That's gunit's setup, i was just commenting on it
Love the KEFs. Gf would throw a fit if i put real speakers on my desk. Jealous. What chair is that?
I have one with reds and one with browns. The reds feel significantly different imo. Reds definitely feel more smooth and easier to depress. Browns feel a bit scratchy from top to bottom no matter how hard or fast i type.
I just dental band modded my Leopold 660C. I’d give it 4.5/5 stars. It definitely changed the feel but I like it. The greatest resistance is at the top of the switch so the bands slightly depressing the keys make them feel lighter and I can feel less of a bump. I would describe the feeling as the way browns should feel and sound but don't. Slight bump at the top but smooth, with a satisfying but quiet thock sound. Like closing the door of a luxury car v. a Civic. More...
I like the layout. Dedicated f keys, tilde, pgup pgdn, directional keys, 60 size, non-clicky keys. Seems harder to find than it should be. Other similar options I've found are MK MK84, Matias FK303, and Deck 82.edit - I'm a keyboard noob. Apparently this is a fairly standard 75% layout. Learn something new every day.
I know that Van Damme cables are a popular pro cable but that's it.
Seems like minimum asic is around 65%. Wonder what the real percentiles are. Completely unrelated, I was having keyboard lag after startup and when switching between certain windows. I figured out it was Precision X. I had it set to start on startup, and as soon as I disabled auto start my keyboard lag went away. I did a little searching and I'm not the only one who had this issue. Strange that a vid card oc program could lag out the keyboard.
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