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I think it'll be either the Sony above or an Acer Aspire. The Acer has a $100 rebate for the next couple days that makes it pretty hard to pass up.
I spent some time looking around and came up with a Vaio S series with a 640M LE. Not a great vid card but enough to play most games at low/medium settings and it's thin and relatively light. Thoughts?
I'm looking for a laptop for my gf (and me). She will be using it mostly for work (Citrix - usually drafting/reviewing multiple documents) and general web surfing. I'll be using it mostly for random web surfing and light gaming. Ideally the laptop can handle something like WoW smoothly. Right now she's using a really small, light dell with onboard graphics that she got from her previous employer. I think it's got a 12 inch screen and is probably 3 years old. It's...
Sent you a pm.
A number of years ago I bought a few open box items from NE over the course of a couple months. None of it worked and I haven't tried again.
I don't even understand what happened there or why people got so worked up in the comments.
What's really sketchy is that people placed orders and they weren't executed, and those people couldn't get any answers about what happened or how to change/cancel their orders, and then the orders were put through at higher prices after the "glitch." Glitch = Blackout created by underwriters to figure out how to not lose money on the offering
Every once in a while Win7 decides it wants to turn on the option that will switch to a new window whenever you hover the mouse over top frame of a window. I can't turn it off. The option does not appear to be enabled in the control panel and toggling it on and off does nothing. It's also switching windows whenever I bring the mouse up to the top of my current window. Then, once it switches, it won't let me switch back to the old window unless I click on the second one...
I'd go over to and check out the portable headphones forum. If you want to take them to the gym I'd get IEMs instead of full-sized headphones.
I'm 99% sure that those speakers only have one set of inputs so to use them for both your tv and computer you will need to find some kind of adapter that has the type of connections you need. Or, you need to switch over the wires whenever you switch from tv to computer. Also note that those speakers do not have RCA inputs (TVs generally have RCA audio output) so you would need an adapter to take the rca output from your tv to the 1/8" inputs on the speakers.
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