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My gf and I are going to Japan next month. We're looking for an app that will let us both add things we want to do to the same map, that we can then access offline because we won't have service in japan. I want to be able to say collaborate on creating a map of Tokyo that includes the places we'd to see. Like a shared google doc, but for maps that work offline. Does that exist?
Ugh.Ever since the time I asked a bestbuy employee to pull a certain monitor from the back for me, and he brought out a different and more expensive monitor with completely different specs, and rang it up while hiding the box behind the counter without saying anything, then when I noticed said "nah this is the one you want. It's better"... I am no longer shocked.I ran windows update but no change. I switched my router from straight WPA2 to mixed mode and that might have...
I just picked up a surface pro 4. The 5ghz wifi range is really really low. My router is in the living room. Next room over it will connect then drop, then connect, then drop. My laptop and phone connect fine even outside the building... Also, watching Twitch streams kicks the fan to max. Kind of disappointing.
Is there a way to stop Windows 10 from showing me popup notifications to buy MS Office?
I just updated from 8.1 to 10. My internet connection is fine unless I try to stream or download something. Streaming and downloading simply doesn't work, or goes at slower than dial-up speed, except for youtube. Same issue wired or wireless. Am I the only one with this problem? edit - Also can't download or stream from my phone if it's connected to the router. Everything was working fine right before I upgraded. edit 2 - Would randomly load some media content but not...
Yep. In my subjective opinion the wasd angle is better. Sorry.
Guess I should have figured that out before purchasing.
So they're going to make me a board with custom key caps but won't check the spacebar?
So I ended up returning my Das 4, due to the usb port issue and spacebar pinging driving me crazy, and replaced it with a wasd with brown switches and o-rings. My very first impression was that the Das feels and looks like a much more expensive piece of equipment. However, typing on the wasd feels much better to me with the increased angle and dampeners, but I guess those are subjective preferences. wasd is also a bit smaller and has no branding at all, which I like. My...
I just mean the Das looks the most boring. No colors, no graphics etc. No one is going to walk by my desk and think "*** is wrong with that guy."
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