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How much larger does the Accelero Xtreme 7970 make your card? Would it fit if you had another card below it for crossfire?
edit - oops somehow posted in wrong thread.
Hey thanks for the info. Definitely checking it out.
I recently started playing but am simply not having much fun. There is so much stuff that has no explanation. I basically choose stuff at random and see what it does. I'm also dying in seconds to people I sometimes can't even see. I just see a line of fire coming from what looks like an empty doorway or whatever and just die. Not fun.
People always say this but I have an OC'ed 2500k and a 7970 and get noticeable frequent dips under 60fps in Planetside 2, WoW even Witcher 2, and that's not with the settings completely maxed. I briefly had 7970 cf and battlefield 3 completely maxed wasn't as smooth as you'd expect on my single 21" monitor.
Aaaahahahahahaha!! that is fantastic.
He just called a pre-rendered montage "game play." lol.
So wait, they're going to take the fantasy updates I already get on my phone, and put them on the tv, and that's supposed to revolutionary?
Are they really trying to impress us with pre-rendered junk? Show us real game play! nothing they're showing means anything.
One of the fans on my XFX 7970 has started making an intermittent buzzing sound. Every time I decide I want to rma it the sound goes away. I'm kind of rooting for it to just explode so I can stop worrying about it.
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