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People always say this but I have an OC'ed 2500k and a 7970 and get noticeable frequent dips under 60fps in Planetside 2, WoW even Witcher 2, and that's not with the settings completely maxed. I briefly had 7970 cf and battlefield 3 completely maxed wasn't as smooth as you'd expect on my single 21" monitor.
Aaaahahahahahaha!! that is fantastic.
He just called a pre-rendered montage "game play." lol.
So wait, they're going to take the fantasy updates I already get on my phone, and put them on the tv, and that's supposed to revolutionary?
Are they really trying to impress us with pre-rendered junk? Show us real game play! nothing they're showing means anything.
One of the fans on my XFX 7970 has started making an intermittent buzzing sound. Every time I decide I want to rma it the sound goes away. I'm kind of rooting for it to just explode so I can stop worrying about it.
Just a heads up that the first time I heard the M50s I thought something was wrong with them. There's that much bass. That may or may not be your thing. I would only get a $100 amp if I needed it for the 250ohm 770. In my opinion most of those cheaper amps are just volume/bass boosters.
Oh wow. I thought it did. Thanks.The new ZxR looks real tasty. Might actually just wait for it to be in stock.
Thanks for the suggestions guys. I spent some time confirming that the HD doesn't have any way to switch via software. I'd really like to avoid dealing with splitters, extensions, external amps, etc mostly for simplicity, ease of use and space concerns, and I think adding an external headphone amp would kind of defeat the purpose of having a card with a headphone amp, but that's just my opinion. This is primarily a gaming rig and I have a separate "hi-fi" setup for music...
For the last year or so I've been using an X-fi Titanium HD with headphones, no speakers. I recently picked up some Audioengine speakers and was pissed to discover that when both speakers and headphones are plugged in to the x-fi at the same time it defaults to headphone out and the only way to switch back is to unplug the headphones. That just simply won't do. What are the current comparable cards that can switch between speakers and headphones without having to unplug...
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