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Yep, that should work just fine, but I've never heard it so can't go beyond just looking at the specs.
Be careful with your amp choice. 250ohms will make the headphones sound bad without an appropriately powered amp. For example, the E10k only puts out 200mW into 32ohms, and it's output into 250 will be a small fraction of that. Fiio recommends that amp for headphones under 150ohms.edit - Random quotes added themselves.
Yesterday I ran the lexington event center on challenging a number of times trying to get a set piece.I also ran a bunch of various hard modes. How many useable drops did I get? 1. I played pretty much all day. For 1 drop. Every lexington drop was either a mod or a muzzle. I have around 60 hours played and have never seen a knee pad drop over 147. I think I might be done.
Protection from elites appears to INCREASE damage taken. fyi.
In my opinion, if price isn't an issue just get the 980 now and live it up! I'd think enjoying the beast now will outweigh feeling a bit silly later.
Certainly creepy as all hell. Certainly destroying privacy. Certainly Illuminati confirmed. Probable use as a tool of worldwide oppression. But hey, check out my frame rate!!
If you've been using your U3 to demo high-end headphones, I'd bet that's the issue.I highly recommend that you consider a more powerful dac/amp if you plan to purchase $400 headphones. Both the U3 and Dragonfly have miniscule power capabilities. Neither of those amps can make the PM-3 or 1540 sound good, particularly the PM-3 because planar headphones generally sound like crap without adequate power. I've owned both the PM-3 and the 1540, and I thought they both sounded...
I have a 24" 4k at home and you couldn't pay me to switch back to 1080p. Well, you could, but you get the idea. I don't find myself sitting any closer (with scaling) than I do at work with 1080p's. Literally the only thing that doesn't seem to scale correctly is the launcher, which I barely ever use. Just wanted to throw my data point out there.
I went private undergrad then private grad. I was convinced I'd make big $ immediately so my loans wouldn't matter. Oops. Anyway, I'm wildly jealous.
Nice rig. I'm currently accepting donations to help pay off my student loan debt. But only for a limited time. So act fast!
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