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Great, thanks.
I want to move my gf's iTunes library, completely intact with all her metadata, playlist, etc, to a new build. I've had this issue before and figured it out with some help but have now totally forgotten what I did and can't find the thread. My plan is to copy the entire iTunes folder to an external drive, copy her media folder to the same external . Then I make new build, install windows, hook up external, give it the same drive letter her media folder used to be on,...
Great, thanks. I was just wondering because the instructions that came with mine said to place thermal conductive tape over the vrms (to prevent shorting) and then glue the heatsinks to the tape, which doesn't really work very well. The tape simply doesn't stick even after I thoroughly cleaned the vrms with alcohol. In addition, the thermal glue has dried overnight to the consistency of a putty rather than, say, dried glue and it inspires little confidence of success. I...
Shilka, it looks like there's not adhesive tape in that video. Is it ok to put the glue directly on the vrms?
Great, thanks. With my fans on auto it will go above 90 well before the fans ramp up to 100%. Kinda strange. I'm kind of looking for an excuse to use a different hsf anyway!
I've been trying to figure out the maximum safe temp for my XFX 7970 Double D Black Edition. The posts I see about 7970 temps are people saying things like “I like to keep mine under X temp” or “You’ll be safe it you keep it under X-ish temp” but as far as I can tell these numbers aren’t really based on facts from the manufacturer, so they’re really just guesses. Does anyone know the manufacturer’s official maximum temp for XFX 7970s or any other 7970? Thanks!
How much larger does the Accelero Xtreme 7970 make your card? Would it fit if you had another card below it for crossfire?
edit - oops somehow posted in wrong thread.
Hey thanks for the info. Definitely checking it out.
I recently started playing but am simply not having much fun. There is so much stuff that has no explanation. I basically choose stuff at random and see what it does. I'm also dying in seconds to people I sometimes can't even see. I just see a line of fire coming from what looks like an empty doorway or whatever and just die. Not fun.
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