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I'll believe it when I see it.
It actually is a legitimate IP rights issue.
If I'm over the minimum and the recommended, I have every right to queue and not be kicked. I hope they institute harassment filters to help stop elitist jerks from kicking people.
The struggle is real. The first time I tried matchmaking for challenge mode I had 141, figuring that was reasonable because the matchmaking menu itself says 140 is the recommended gear level. During the loading screen I heard 2 guys literally laugh at me and say just kick him he really shouldn't be queueing at that gs.
My 150-160gs was getting me kicked from challenge groups so I figured there was no hope of getting an incursion group to carry me. My best gear actually put me at like 148 but i was getting kickee before loading completed. So i started wearing worse gear to up my score. But yeah not sure why I didn't at least try.
"Bad" may have been a bit strong, but with high impedance and relatively low sensitivity I think we're talking about headphones specifically designed to be used with an amp that plugs into the wall. But yeah, E10 would be better than nothing, and if that's what your budget allows then so be it.
Yep, that should work just fine, but I've never heard it so can't go beyond just looking at the specs.
Be careful with your amp choice. 250ohms will make the headphones sound bad without an appropriately powered amp. For example, the E10k only puts out 200mW into 32ohms, and it's output into 250 will be a small fraction of that. Fiio recommends that amp for headphones under 150ohms.edit - Random quotes added themselves.
Yesterday I ran the lexington event center on challenging a number of times trying to get a set piece.I also ran a bunch of various hard modes. How many useable drops did I get? 1. I played pretty much all day. For 1 drop. Every lexington drop was either a mod or a muzzle. I have around 60 hours played and have never seen a knee pad drop over 147. I think I might be done.
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