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I'm in the market for a 23" or smaller monitor to mount on a wall. Use is mostly gaming, WoW and FPS games, but I'm more interested in vivid colors and great resolution than in the absolute lowest response time or refresh rate. There are so many options these days I really have no idea where to start. I don't have a particular budget in mind but am willing to pay more for the best as I do not plan to replace the unit for a long time. Any ideas?
My guess I he's being constantly harassed with threatened legal action. he should sell the game instead of shutting it down.
The tech just got back to me and said that damage in that one particular spot can short out the system, and it can make the card unrepairable. Who knows.
I recently sent in my 7970 after it died while I was using MS Word. I just got an email that they would not be honoring the warranty due to physical damage to the card. The damage is a very small mark on the edge of the card that I didn't even notice, away from any traces or components. I never dropped or mishandled the card in any way. Just a heads up that this company will stiff you if you breathed on the product the wrong way. I'm beyond pissed.
Years ago I sold a CPU on eBay for around $600 and the guy killed it in a week. Did a return saying not as described and I got stuck. EBay rep said wouldn't you expect a processor to work for more than a week? had been delidded and there was residue all over it.EBay doesn'tcare. If buyer wants a return they get a return. last time I sold anything of value on eBay.
Did you try reseating everything including all the cables?
CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth X79 Storage: Intel 530 240GB Video card: Gigabyte R9 290x Windforce x2 Memory: GSkill low voltage
When a public company entices investors with false information to pump up stock price, insiders sell their own shares right before releasing a major a product they secretly know has issues that will impact profitability and investors get stuck for the difference, the company is going to get sued. Doesn't matter what industry it is or what the product is.
Most days, at some point, GChat will resend me a portion of the conversation I had with someone the previous day. I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden I’ll get 10 lines of the conversation I had with that person yesterday. This is happening to my gf as well. It’s kind of annoying and is happening more and more frequently. Anyone know how to fix? edit - Oh and my gf's gchat simply doesn't show up on the Gmail page on her work laptop. What's up with...
Hey guys thanks for the responses. I've inspected everything for signs of scorching but found nothing. Crystal disk shows my 3 drives at 99%, 100% and 100% health. I stared at voltages for a while and saw nothing unusual. I have a relatively new 80 plus gold rated psu so I'd be really surprised if it was the problem. I haven't swapped sata cables yet but did try switching up my psu cables .I also haven't pulled the board out of the cas or updating my ssd firmware. So much...
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