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I have corsair with reds and o rings, WASD with browns and o rings, and dental band modded Leopold with topres. The topres are much more quiet than the other 2. It's not even close. The Corsair K70 is by far the loudest of the 3 and the space bar makes a loud clack.
I likely won't see the sun for at least a month following this release.
1: Yes. I used to have the Sennheiser Momentum BT headphones. The best ones Sennheiser makes. In my opinion the sound was significantly worse than even an MTH-50. If someone put them on my head blind and asked me to guess the cost I would have said like $40. 2: I used my Momentums in the office. I didn't think I needed the ANC because the space is already pretty quiet but it ended up being awesome. I would actually wear them with no music playing just to have silence. My...
I haven't heard the ALC1150 but I used to have an X-FI titanium hd. I hear that onboard audio is making strides, but I'd be shocked and amazed if the ALC1150 sounded anywhere close to as good as a quality dedicated card. The post towards the end here seems informative.
I also have glasses and a big head, and I also had issues finding comfortable headphones. For shorter sessions I just use IEMs, but if you're really listening all day maybe consider the Sennheiser HD series. I don't know what model will fit in your budget with shipping, but I've found they are generally light for full sized headphones, don't clamp too hard, the velour earpads let your ears breath a bit, and the pads play nice with my glasses. They can still get a bit...
They do look sweet but mine came with a little bubble divot in the finish. I'm sure someone noticed it at inspection and just shrugged and thought good enough. Pissed me off.
I was looking into using a "real" condenser lav mic for gaming and decided it was more of a pain that it was worth. Most lav mics are designed to be used with certain handheld recorders, certain wireless systems, or certain phones, and it can be very difficult to figure out which mics work with which devices. Many have 4-pin or XLR connectors. Of the ones with an 1/8" jack, some connect only to a communications port, and some only connect to a mic port. Then once you get...
edit - I was wrong
My plan is to pray to the division gods all day asking for Barrett to drop an m1a, just one time. I fully expect to only need 1 run tonight.
After this box stunt the cards better blow my mind.
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