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Showing us that the chip can work with 270 and then blocking BIOS updates would be such a huge middle finger. I can't really see that happening.
An engineering sample was tested on a 1151 270 board.
I won't be seen with a monitor that screams "predator" at you every time you sit down.
Thanks for the tips. I played around with voltage and frequency but couldn't resolve the issues even with a huge underclock. I'll play around a bit more but who knows. This is what I get for cheating on EVGA... One other annoying bit is that they left a little piece of plastic screwed between the fan and the card, so it made a helicopter sound whenever the fan turned on. Took me 10sec to remove but Gigabyte couldn't be bothered, or they never even tested it.
I received my replacement Gigabyte OC today. The coil whine is much improved, but I'm getting the exact same black grid flashing during WoW loading screens, intermittent black bar flashes horizontally while in game, and the screen goes black for a split second every 30min or so. Could this be something other than the card?
It's a bit of a strange issue in that there are 3(!) different coax cables that enter the building. 1 of them enters the wall on the ground floor, 1 enters the wall on the 2nd floor, and 1 runs through the basement door frame and along the floorboard. There's also a random coax bracket on the outside of the other side of the building with no wires attached, which makes no sense whatsoever. When the cable guy came he tried every combo of connections but was only able to get...
I just moved into a new place that has wired coax wall plates in a number of locations. Cable guy just came to set stuff up and couldn't get any of them to function. There are two cables that go from the exterior into the walls, and neither seem to work. Who do I call to figure something like this out?
I had to swap out my 200mm for something smaller to get my Gigabyte 1080ti gaming oc to fit. Problem isn't the card but the plastic cover. I could just hack off the end with a dremel but id rather not void the warranty. Didn't think of a fan adapter...
I read a QC35 review that said the the treble sounds like it's coming through crinkled cellophane. I listened to a pair at BestBuy and that's all I could hear lol.
Just wanted to mention that when I called Acer about an issue with my monitor they insisted I have it replaced even though it wasn't a huge problem. I was impressed and it definitely makes me want to buy another.
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