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Server performance can affect your FPS irrelevant of your PC's specs.Also running on my system at 1080 with 2x Gtx670's I lock the frames at 80fps and to maintain a constant 80fps in 64P servers with no drops I run no AA at all. But the server can bog down and it doesn't matter what settings you have it will dive into the 40-50's
So got some PCI-E extensions for the second card, its tidy enough for me very happy with how it looks.
That looks pretty good to me I have 2 GB WF3 670's one can do core1202 Mem3650 but the other can do 1310core 3700Mem. That's stable in games. I would say that is probably the limit of that card its a silicon lottery with the 670's
Ironically the Extension connectors are the easy part, its the sheer mass of the cables that power supply has and you cant have cables laid on at double height other the back lid wont go on.If I really wanted to fix it nice I would sleeve the entire power supply but my hat goes off to poeple who put that much time and effort into that, more patience than me.Extension are the quick bang for buck method or the lazy mans way of wiring tidy up
Yep painful is how I would put it at least you don't see that side It's the only way I could get the cables to lay flat enough to get the rear cover on.When I get bored I might try get them a bit nicer I managed to get the 24pin extension perfect but it took a while got a bit over it on the 2x 6pin and 2x 8 pins.
Cy5Patrick: Thats looks unreal 10/10 So picked up another GXT670 and got some more sleeved extensions. I give my self 8/10 taking 2 away because of the sleeved wires not looking neat, the full 8 cause if anyone has tried to get wiring neat in one of these Coolermaster HAF 912 Cases with a non modular power supply knows my pain The side you dont see :O
The TY-140's were quiter at full RPM but I never really noticed a difference in Temp maybe 1-2 deg but thats not a big enough variable to say its a improvement, best thing was at the time Noctua didnt have a PWM fan available so the TY-140's were the go for me.
I have been running TY-140's for a couple of years now in my 24/7 on PC no noise in bearings still keeps my 2600k at 4.5ghz under 60deg with a 29deg ambient, still super quite. The fan clips work fine from the Original NH-D14 thought they were all a 120mm fan spacing ?
Yeah took some time to do nicely used a dremel to take the raw material off then 1200 wet and dry rub down to give it a smooth edge
Got sick of the air turbulence noise being produced by the side intake fan at full speed. So I ordered a DEMCI 140mm magnetic filter and have put it on the side and removed the intake fins that come standard these created alot of air turbulence.
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