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Weird I have a 2600k at 4.5ghz and utilization on all 8 cores are around 40%-80% but fluctuates alot on 64 maps I also have core parking disabled.
Core parking disabled made a big difference in BF3 for me. Bf4 runs really good on my system and core parking is still disabled. HT core seemed to be affected by core parking. It stopped stuttering I had in BF3.
Being a member on quite a few different forum's the average maturity level & honesty of is very high. I have been pondering whether to get this game and its good to see some honest answer's in here.
Doing the same test as above over 30 min with a ambient temp of 25deg my front averaged 32-33Deg Rear tower 28-29Deg on the top of the towers and add 5 deg to both those values while measuring at the lower section of the towers. That was at 4.5 1.31V with dual TY-140's at 1280rpm and I used a Fluke thermal Gun.
Hello all, So following on from this thread that I made Had some good feedback which put me down the path of grabbing a Asus RT-N56U due to lots of reading saying it was very stable and it was $100. So I have a graphic to assist on my current setup. The connection from the Billion is plugged into the 1st LAN port on the Asus as this was the only way I could get the whole setup to work. If it was plugged in the WEP...
My 1310 Core clock is stable in everything except for Farcry 3 where i have to drop it back 20Hz buggered if I know whats different about that game. At 1310 after 2 hours of gameplay I get a crash. Only game that does it at that clock very strange.
Yes as stated previous patience and some needle nose pliers help unless you have gorilla fingers.
In all honesty I saw no improvement in degrees, the improvements for me were less DBA at full speed & PWM as the stock Noctua were only 3 Pin also it looks mental with the TY-140's on it.
I still don't see how that would of needed trimming like you have because that part you have taken off is a mirror image to the part my bracket sits on. Did in not feel right in when you went to mount the brackets. Not saying I don't believe but due to the symmetry I can't see how it could cause an issue Maybe a clearer shot of mine.
I disagree I am running 2x TY-140's and used the original clips that came with my noctua the hole spacing is 120mm just like the noctua's and just required some patience to get them mounted but no modification is needed (non se2011 model)
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