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PSU's in now now to get the 1070 and cable management done
Much appreciated man, I'm pretty sure I know how I want the layout at the moment, one thing that's bugging me is the graphcics card mounting, seems kinda flimsy for such a heavy card
Yeah I saw that, it's the one they have on the aerocool site too, but even with that there are a lot of parts and about 4 different types of screws that it doesn't show you what they are, and you shouldn't have to stop and pause and look up close to tell what part they're using for a specific connection, it helped but would love something like an LTT or Paul's vid on it
Hi all, first time I'm posting a build log, have some odd space requirements which are forcing me to build this, anyway, I needed a break from putting it all together because I got an Aerocool Dreambox Kit which is a bit tedious, figured I may as well post it here for anyone interested Main Specs are as follows; Aerocool Dreambox Basic Kit MSI Z270M Mortar i7 7700K MSI 1070 Gaming X 2 x 8GB G.Skill 3200 Trident Z Samsung 960 EVO 500GB CoolerMaster 750V Fully...
Hi all, I'm looking at totally redoing my personal rig setup for 2017 that will hopefully last me a solid few years, here are the parts I'm thinking about, just looking for opinions on the build and value for money. also potential to add 2nd GPU and 2nd ram kit later down the track if I want to (also case is only 50%, still open to ideas) All prices are in AUD CPU: i7 770k ...
Ok so let me start this story off by explaining that a little while ago one of the fans on my Vapor-X 7950 3GB cracked and I had to take it out because it sounded like a chainsaw. But you can't have a gpu like that with one fan so I had to ghetto it and hot glue a spare fan i had on top of the gpu shroud. Now this was in winter so gpu temps stayed around 65 idle and peaking at around 85........but oh my lord, here in Australia summer can get quite hot, and this one...
Thanks man the case looks perfect and actually fits everything I need much appreciated, +rep
Hey guys I'm looking a a mid atx case with 3 specific features 1. Can fit a noctua NH-D14 2. Can fit 2x 140mm fans (front top back wherever) 3. Has an external 3.5" hotswap bay Current build is in sig and I need to move it into a smaller case, thanks
Try updating your ssd firmware and error checking it, if it's a dude and still under warranty get it replaced
get the ti, fastest single gpu in the world, if its in your budget go for it
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