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yes, a massive performance gain, however a quality lose, it's better to run a game at 1080 with textures and details turned down a bit to get 30+ fps, however if you've only got a 720p monitor don't try run the game in 1080
Try updating your ssd firmware and error checking it, if it's a dude and still under warranty get it replaced
get the ti, fastest single gpu in the world, if its in your budget go for it
sounds like a loop issue, most likely not flowing in the best order
Is this all games or just LoL, if its LoL try wiping every remnant of it and reinstalling, if its the ssd try creating a gparted liveboot cd and running a proper clean on the drive and reinstalling windows. However those error codes look like ram issues, try running memtest to see if you've got any faulty sticks
1) What were the best things to happen to computers over the last 10 years? What stands out most for you? What are your favourite memories? Without a single doubt in my mind the best thing to happen to computing in the last 10 years has become the implementation of ssds, they are the single best thing about any system and the upgrade they brought compared to their predecessors (hdds) was mind blowing when they first came out 2) Where do you think the next 10 years will...
ill admit i'm a bit fanboyish but i'd stick with an amd card over a gtx considering mantle is just around the corner
yeah if a hdd is really ded going at getting the data scanned off the disc is a really hard to find (ar least where i am) and will then cost a fortune as well, however if you're willing to go to that extent you'd probably be running a constant backup as well
not white minimalist but you should try the suave icon packs, just searching for 'suave' in play should bring em up
if you didn't remove the stock paste you can still use it just dont try anything crazy until you get the evo, as the paste wont be as good now
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