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Looking like a no go on my 290 to 290x trial. I can flash a 290x BIOS and boot and it shows default clock of 1000mhz (but I have no video until Windows loads), but still same shader count.
Got it to flash with another guide, no video. Lulz, awesome. Gotta figure out how to get that BIOS back up. Thank god for a dual BIOS switch.
For the people who've done this, maybe you can explain what I am doing wrong. I made the boot drive and I can run atiflash, but I always get an error saying "adapter not found". I am typing "atiflash -p 0 romname.rom" as all the guides say. I am using the latest atiflash from techpowerup. atiflash -i shows nothing.
Yes. Also, I found a drive to make a USB drive that is win98/dos bootable and I got everything set up on there, but I still get "adapter not found" errors.
Any of you guys having issues dumping the BIOS in GPU-Z? I want to make a back up incase my flash goes wrong (going to need to do the boot CD method because I don't have a flash drive right now).
Any idea how I can flash/dump the BIOS on this card in Windows like I was able to with my 7950? I tried dumping with GPU-Z and video cut and the machine hung..
Just installed my XFX 290 and I have a bit of a buzz, but doesn't change with fan speed.
Just picked up the XFX 290. Pictures and unlock (maybe) to follow.
Just set up a will call order for the XFX 290 because it comes with BF4. Assuming it's ready in the next few hours I'll be getting it today, if not I'll have to cancel because I won't be able to take the 71 mile each way again until after its too late (they only hold for 7 days). Got the 5% off promo which paid for most of the tax.
Well I sure feel dumb. Thanks
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