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CorsairGeorge already got back to me and they want the unit for eval. We'll see what happens from here.
I wanted to see more myself so I just cracked it open more.. here it is. Most of the crap in the block/pump fell out during disassembly, it but there is clearly a ton of build up in there. I am sure the rest of the loop is just as covered. I guess I can really kiss my chance of RMA good bye now unless Corsair is feeling very generous, because I dropped a few screws down the sink! I sent CorsairGeorge a message to show him these pictures and we'll see if I hear...
It's put back together now but I'll take it apart sometime soon and post pictures. I thought the same thing, but there was some kind of build up in it. It was like flakes of grime. I am guessing it's clogged up in there somewhere in the loop because the pump works fine, I connected it to 3 pin power when removed and it spun up no issues, but I am guessing it wasn't moving any or much water hence the insane temps. Also, when the pump was in the waterblock I'd get no reading...
As it sits today
I took the top off and took the four screws out. I didn't feel like waiting for the RMA and suspected they'd reject it anyway because the fan controller top clips broke like a year ago. What I mean about ripping it apart I meant take off the block (all the screws on the bottom) and clean that and try to get all the crap out of the rad and lines.
My H100 crapped the bed, I think it's clogged because I took the pump out and it was full of gunk and my CPU was hitting 105c under IBT. Didn't want to rip it apart and try to clear the clog and refill and wanted to go back to air cooling but also didn't want to wait a week to get the cooler I wanted so I settled for a H100i from Micro Center. Build quality seems a lot better than the H100 and no longer having to open the case to change fan speed is nice.
I upgraded from a 7950 to 290 and I'd say it was worth it, but that was because I bought it when it they were $399. I wouldn't at these current prices.
Unless you use headphones. 100% on my 290 and I still can't hear a damn thing with headphones on. Though I typically run it at 60-65% with my overclock to not wear out the fan too quickly.
I'll take my launch R9 290 Jet Engine edition for $399 over this or any non-reference at these insane prices. and Looking for a value to sell here. Both are quad core 65w TDP.
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