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I upgraded from a 7950 to 290 and I'd say it was worth it, but that was because I bought it when it they were $399. I wouldn't at these current prices.
Unless you use headphones. 100% on my 290 and I still can't hear a damn thing with headphones on. Though I typically run it at 60-65% with my overclock to not wear out the fan too quickly.
I'll take my launch R9 290 Jet Engine edition for $399 over this or any non-reference at these insane prices. and Looking for a value to sell here. Both are quad core 65w TDP.
Look mom no hard drives! Just SSD (which is behind the 5.25" bay) and ODD.
Not completely related to the Retina, but I know with my Mid 2012 15" with the 650M, games like BF3 would make it get so hot it would cause a thermal shut down unless I manually set the fan speed to the maximum, and this is even with a properly (unlike the factory) application of thermal compound and clean fans.
The most ugly color scheme I've seen in a long time. Seriously, it's horrible looking.
Strange because I am pretty sure my friend at work has his hooked up to a 7850 on the MDP with no issues.
Ha! Glad I bought mine at $399 with a 5% off code which paid for most of my tax a week after launch, and it came with BF4.
I am pretty happy with my two Quickfire Rapids. I have a Blue and a Black. Got both for around $50 each and have been well worth it.
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