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Oh yeah all the SMC and PRAM voodoo didn't fix anything. I think it's just a software issue because as I said, iStatMenus correctly updates even when the system one doesn't, and it's all pulling data from the same place. I haven't screwed around with it much because it hasn't bothered me too much. Either way, I am amazed at how useful this incredibly slow machine (in comparison to a Mid 2012 2.3ghz Ivy Bridge with 8GB of RAM and Intel 330 series 240GB I own). It's my new...
I'd stay far far away from anything like this.
Any of you guys having an issue with Mavericks on laptops where the battery meter in the menu bar stops working? Sometimes if I remove the meter from the menu and put it back it updates it to the current level but then stops again. iStatMenus keeps moving so I know it's not a hardware issue. This is on a 11" 1.6ghz 2010 Air that I'm having this issue on.
Does the spinning loading gear stop or does it spin indefinetly?
You need to get on that, son.
We use Carbon Copy Cloner unless the drive is failing. You don't have to resize partitions and the later versions even handle the recovery partition. Our workflow is this: Install new drive Netboot to our diagnostic boot of whatever OS they had Partition drive Open CCC, go to disk center and copy recovery partition Use the regular function of CCC to clone entire drive Select new start up disk We've yet to have any issues out of the hundreds we've done this way. Apple essentially bought it's multitouch technologies. I rest my case.
Aren't there like a hundred free DVD player applications available? If you have an external USB drive available, that'll be a lot easier and give you massively more space.
I am on AIM all the time, so if you have that PM me your name so I can add you to my list.
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