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That was the plan, and also one of the things I worried about. Should I just sell it now just to avoid the potential mess later down the road?
I have a brand new H100i that I got from RMA after I already bought a new one, so I have no use for this one. I figured I might hang on to it to have as a spare. Does anyone think there could have any problems if this sits for lets say two years without use? It's been kept in a closet at about 70 degrees fahrenheit.
Sounds about right with some onboard audio. My Z77 mpower has a different audio chip but I had the same issues, it was just never loud enough. I tried all the stuff you find online but nothing made any difference, and I used the green port. I bought a Soundblaster Z and now I can make it so loud it would probably make my headphones explode. Solution: buy an external DAC and headphone amp, or buy a sound card with headphone amp if you aren't a complete audio snob.
If you only want to use it as a NAS, use FreeNAS. It's awesome.
I'd try to install a firmware update on it.
5 runs isn't stable. I've had over clocks that aren't fully stable that manage to get through 50 loops.
There isn't much of a difference between those two. If they were both at the same timings then maybe it would be worth it, but as you increase clock you usually have to increase the timings, which negates some of the clock increase. The cheaper set would probably hit the same clocks and timings as the more expensive set. My 2133mhz Ripjaws hit 2400 with slightly increased timings.
I don't know what firmware I have on mine because I am not on that box right now, but it was whatever I had to upgrade it to so it would work in the version of Corsair Link for Windows 8. It worked fine for a while. Sometime later I upgraded to Windows 8.1. I can't remember how long after I upgraded to Windows 8.1 it started, but it wasn't immediate. I haven't touched the firmware since that initial upgrade out of the box. I am not 100% convinced it's the firmware because...
I forget which beta I am using, but it's one of them that'll work with Windows 8. For a while it worked fine. I set the LED to red, but now since last week, it's pink. I can sometimes fiddle with the color settings and get it back to red, but it never sticks after a shutdown and goes back to pink even with the profile saved. I tried other colors too, they all seem to have white added to them. My settings also reflect the correct color in Corsair Link, but don't match the...
The stock cooler (assuming it comes with one) is more than enough even with the fan set all the way to low, unless you plan on putting a lot of load on by running things in jails.
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