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Nope. I'm good. I don't do iPads.
The 77 was one I did on my lunch break really quick with no studying. I think it was the first one that had a bunch of Exchange related questions that I wasn't expecting. I have to take a couple of current ones like the new MBA and Mac Pro, been kind of lazy on getting to it. My personal go to utility for finding out why someone's hard drive is full.
This would be great for my ITX rig. I'm in.
650ti sold to me.
1600mhz memory. I had a feeling that was the case. Oh well, I can run tighter timings at 1333mhz and it'll be good enough.
Anyone have any ideas why XMP does not show up on a H77M-ITX board with an i5-2400S? The RAM has XMP profiles that work fine on a z77 board with a 3570k. According to AsRock the board supports XMP 1.2 and 1.3, and these models are 1.2. Is it likely this board just won't let you select higher than 1333mhz memory with a SB CPU?
I started working on a PC-Q07B box last night, pictures and more to come. For now, i5 2400S (stock cooler, working on lowest possible under volt) 8GB GSkill 1600mhz RAM (which this board will only let me run at 1333mhz max) AsRock H77M-ITX OCZ Agility 3 60GB Toshiba 5200 RPM 750GB 2.5" Dynex 520w PSU (with all but 2 SATA, 24 pin, CPU 4 pin and PCI-E 6 pin cut off and all cables shortened) Coming soon, EVGA 650 Ti 1GB.
This is getting stupid.
What games?
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