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I smell you getting a $5 check in the mail and that's about it. Oh, and the lawyers making millions.
The first one is going to be significantly faster and upgradable. It's also a lot cheaper. You could spend the same as the Pixel by the time you upgrade the first one, but you'll have a much better machine other than the display pixel density.
It is. The screw that holes that wheel on kept ramming into the bracket where the PCI card screws into, which made things kind of a pain.
Just finished my PC-Q07B
Just finished my PC-Q07B: i5 2400S @ 2.6ghz 0.94v (undervolted on stock cooler) AsRock H77M-ITX 2x 4GB GSKill RipJaws X 1600mhz @ 1333 8-8-8-24 OCZ Agility 3 60GB Toshiba 750GB 2.5" Dynex 400w PSU with all unneeded cables cut off, others shortened EVGA 650 Ti 1GB I cut the hole for the second PCI bracket a little too big, but whatever, it's on the back.
The only issue with Windows 8/8.1 that I found was fixed with $3.
We only do iPad service through GSX, full unit replacements. Much easier, no worrying about breaking anything, customer is happy because out of warranty pricing isn't insane, and 5 minutes of paperwork. We did a test run of doing glass replacements and we stopped because no one wanted to do it and the amount of time it took for the money we made wasn't worth it. We also did glass replacements on unibody laptops for about two years with no issues, and then all of the...
Nope. I'm good. I don't do iPads.
The 77 was one I did on my lunch break really quick with no studying. I think it was the first one that had a bunch of Exchange related questions that I wasn't expecting. I have to take a couple of current ones like the new MBA and Mac Pro, been kind of lazy on getting to it. My personal go to utility for finding out why someone's hard drive is full.
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