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Any idea how I can flash/dump the BIOS on this card in Windows like I was able to with my 7950? I tried dumping with GPU-Z and video cut and the machine hung..
Just installed my XFX 290 and I have a bit of a buzz, but doesn't change with fan speed.
Just picked up the XFX 290. Pictures and unlock (maybe) to follow.
Just set up a will call order for the XFX 290 because it comes with BF4. Assuming it's ready in the next few hours I'll be getting it today, if not I'll have to cancel because I won't be able to take the 71 mile each way again until after its too late (they only hold for 7 days). Got the 5% off promo which paid for most of the tax.
Well I sure feel dumb. Thanks
Maybe someone already answered this but I can't read 439 pages to find out, but does the reference cooler cut it if you are willing to run the fan at 90% or higher? I am not talking about a crazy over clock, but being able to hold 1ghz. I don't care about the noise as I only use the machine for gaming and I always use headphones.
The adhesive strips I am talking about are on the new bezel and housing. There are like 150 pieces to take off!! I just rip the bezel off with brute force because it doesn't get reused anyway.
Yes.As for the hackintosh question, it should work except sensors may be wrong or not work at all.
I have no idea why but many of us at work call it a "roggy-bow". Completely unrelated, but I thought everyone did this when replacing top cases on unibody MacBooks (2009-2010), but you can move the display, Airport/speaker assembly and optical drive all in one piece when transplanting to the new case. Apparently none of the other techs in my company realized this. It saves time and avoids having to deal with disconnecting the antenna connectors and that annoying tiny...
I use iStat Menus but there are a bunch out there, some free, some not. iStat looks the best in my opinion.What Air do you have? I am using a 2010 1.6ghz C2D, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD. I have a 15" 2012 2.3ghz quad with 8GB of RAM and an Intel 330 240GB and even though it's faster by a huge margin, since I've resurrected this machine from liquid damage I've used it exclusively because the size/weight and screen sharpness vs the MBP.
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