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iOS7 is incredibly slow on a 4. It's nearly unusable unless you constantly close applications. Also, something important to note on these is they are probably Asurion refurbs because that's what most Verizon refurbs are. I work for an AASP and people come in all the time with these Asurion refurbs and they are basically hack job phones which appear to be built from frankensteining iPhones. People get them from their insurance claims and they are DOA all the time. You can...
Quadfire = a lot of runt/dropped frames if you game on it.
Seriously, it's more than enough. I pretty much only play TDM.
Cancelled my subscription a few months back and I don't regret it. I just watched the same stuff over and over on it and for the amount of months I paid for it, I could have actually bought all that stuff. It's neat what they are doing, but the selection for streaming is still awful.
I have two Hive 550s that have been chugging along just great since December 2011. One runs my main rig with big overclock on a 7950 an 3570k, bunch of drives and a Phenom X4 960T server with 6 hard drives (all WD Blacks) and a 8800GT that runs 24/7. Can't speak for the rest, but these have been great.
Come on man! It's not that bad. Maybe that's because I had project to replace 100 of them last summer. I did 24 in one day! I'd rather do unibody top cases all day than work on the new iMacs.GermanyChris, congrats on the home repair.
The color of the box a product comes in always affects my buying decision.
I'd very much like to win. Thanks
I want it!
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