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It already does. 32GB 64GB
Just got a beast mode upgrade. i5 3450. FREEEEEE. Got a scrapped Dell XPS with it in there, which also has a Radeon HD 7570 1GB GDDR5, 8GB of 1600mhz RAM, which will make a great HTPC card. It's complete except hard drive. I tossed the 2400s in the Dell and it'll be my new bedroom HTPC.
They're back to $900.
nVidia is loving this. People who are buying video cards to buy games pretty much have no option except to buy their cards. You'd have to be absolutely insane to buy a high end, or even mid range AMD card at these prices. People who are buying nVidia cards are now part of the nVidia club and get to use all the great features their cards come with, and will be hooked and they'll probably win over a lot of long term customers. If nVidia cards had the same performance, they'd...
I didn't read the entire thread so this may have already been posted.. Seriously? If i wasn't too lazy to deal with eBay I'd be selling my launch R9 290 and buying a 780 ti.
That was the plan, and also one of the things I worried about. Should I just sell it now just to avoid the potential mess later down the road?
I have a brand new H100i that I got from RMA after I already bought a new one, so I have no use for this one. I figured I might hang on to it to have as a spare. Does anyone think there could have any problems if this sits for lets say two years without use? It's been kept in a closet at about 70 degrees fahrenheit.
Sounds about right with some onboard audio. My Z77 mpower has a different audio chip but I had the same issues, it was just never loud enough. I tried all the stuff you find online but nothing made any difference, and I used the green port. I bought a Soundblaster Z and now I can make it so loud it would probably make my headphones explode. Solution: buy an external DAC and headphone amp, or buy a sound card with headphone amp if you aren't a complete audio snob.
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