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OMG HACKS. anyway, I think I play on the same server as you often. It would be nice if I could even play at all right now. I keep getting the "you've been disconnected from ea" message. I normally play as "pwnedyourm0m"
I have the AG version and it looks fine to me.
Can you use a Triptcc fan bracket with a H60 on a MSI 7950 TF3 boost and keep the factory VRM heatsink (the front plate jobby)? Am I right that I need a copper shim for 7xxx installation? Edit: Found someone put it on the 8+6pin version with the plate on it, so I am thinking it should work.
2500+ was in my first build... it was awesome. I ran that puppy at 2.5ghz with EASE surprisingly. I don't know it was prime stable but it was stable enough for everything I used it for with no crashes.
I would seriously advise against going any higher on the voltage on a board like that unless you want it to blow up.
My luck this isn't going to work in my Optiplex 960.. but if it did it would sure be awesome. Shame I don't have any Xeons around to try with.
If it's a G3 it's regular SDRAM. If it's a G4 it uses DDR1. You can look it up with the serial number, it's under the keyboard if it's a dual USB G3 and I think under the battery for the toilet seat model. $2,398.20 from Newegg as of this post
You won't get full resolution without a dual link adapter.
I doubt that very, very much. Mostly for the fact that the inside is completely different and the V1000 came out after the first G5s were released. They are completely different besides a obviously copied exterior design.
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