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I am pretty happy with my two Quickfire Rapids. I have a Blue and a Black. Got both for around $50 each and have been well worth it.
One won't cut it for 1440p with high/ultra if you like AA or constant 60+ FPS. If you can get a second for a good price, I'd do that over spending $500+ on a single card. Another option is a R9 290 for $400 if you aren't a "it's too loud" whiner.
Already part of the club but my link is wrong.
I'm more than happy with my 290 at 1440p. I had a solution for the noise long before I bought the card. All I hear is the game.
Anyone think the VRMs will survive with just airflow and no heatsink?
I use a Rosewill Hive 550w with my sig rig. Works fine with the GPU and CPU overclocked. It has the same max wattage on the +12v rail, but instead of 4 it's a single. Not sure how much of a difference that'll make.
Perhaps someone already mentioned this, but is Aux voltage in AB for memory? If I change it, VDDCI changes in GPU-Z.
I can run my 290 at 1150mhz +75mv no problem with no throttling, stock cooler. I have the stock 200mm fan in the front of my 600t on the highest speed the built in fan controller allows and no hard drive cages. I run the fan at 60% on the card. BF3 @ 1440p ultra and it never throttles and rarely hits 80c, usually mid 70's.
XFX 290 - Tried a few 290x ROMs but got black screen at boot. This result is with the stock ROM. Compatible adapters detected: 1 PCI ID: 1002:67B1 - 1682:9295 Memory config: 0x5A0013A9 Elpida R1: F8010005 R2: 00000000
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