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I use iStat Menus but there are a bunch out there, some free, some not. iStat looks the best in my opinion.What Air do you have? I am using a 2010 1.6ghz C2D, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD. I have a 15" 2012 2.3ghz quad with 8GB of RAM and an Intel 330 240GB and even though it's faster by a huge margin, since I've resurrected this machine from liquid damage I've used it exclusively because the size/weight and screen sharpness vs the MBP.
My daily MacBook Air.
Just a tip on those 6970 failures. We've gotten a bunch that have all the symptoms but do not fail the test. I've done the following to get it to covered. I run Heavenbench and record a video of it crashing, show that to TSPS and get a CS or sometimes I get lucky and after a few hot runs of Heaven and crashing and then immediately booting into the tester, it fails.
It's not shady at all. It's not really a recall, it's just a program where they will fix it for free for three years. It's right on their website, available for anyone to see.
The 2010 MBP thing only offers three years of coverage and lately every one we've gotten in is older than 3 years old by now. Xeb, you guys getting hit with a bunch if Air SSDs? We ordered some on the 16th and they finally just shipped last night.
I was kidding.
tldr cliffs plz
It sure looks like he's running Ubuntu off a flash drive on the Air.
Look at the first picture. Sure looks like a MacBook Air to me. Silver bezel. The second photo is labeled "example photo of error", which would lead me to believe it's not his machine, but the first is.
Because the 2012 128GB SSD failure is very common, which is why Apple started and REP for it. When they die they usually show up as 33KB Sandforce or don't show up at all. Xeb is right, you need pro data recovery on that, if it's going to be possible at all. The other bad news is, the part is incredibly constrained but you can get it fixed for free even if it's out of warranty.
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