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Some old watercolling gear looking to clear out, can I get some appraisals in £ please? Two EK 7950 waterblocks (pre CSQ) Alphacool CPU block XSPC 360 radiator 25mm thick 360 radiator 35mm thick 10 XSPC 1/2,3/4 compression fittings D5 pump with alphacool pump top on it Alphacool DDC pump top Broken DDC 3.25 pump EK 250 resovior
I continued to play it for 70hrs because I wanted to give it a fair chance to grasp me but it really didn't. Every thing in it seams half-assed, one example the collision on objects post levelution is just messed up, being blocked by something that is completely insignificant and small when in reality you should be able to walk over it. I could go on for long periods of time but I really couldn't be bothered.
I've got 70+ hrs on BF4 and i'm disgusted, i'm surprised they haven't faced any serious repercussions yet. Some people may not experience all the problems, some may be completely oblivious to them either way it is nowhere near playable in my eyes, i just don't enjoy it.
I played BF4 yesterday for the first time in a month, it's even worse than when it was first released. They really need to up their game if the entirety of DICE is working on fixes.
Just try it and thank me later.
You don't need to upgrade to win8.1, just launch BF4 in 32bit mode if you're on Windows 7.
Incase anyone in here doesn't know, if you are running Windows 7, go into origin and set it to launch in 32 bit mode. This really improves frame rates and reduces the frame drops.
So it was upgrade time again, got myself a gigabyte x79 up4 and 3820, everything was glorious after transferring all my kit excluding one GPU. Today I slap in the second 7950 and boom black screen and no post beep. To clarify, everything was working well in last system thus meaning both GPU's are good, all the RAM is good, PSU should still be good since it was used in the last system with both GPU's. Chip and board should be good since I've used them for the past week. To...
I had this while only using one 7950, went away after a few windows updates.usually restarting joining a game fixes it for me.
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