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Hello Prodigy M owners (after reading a million posts it doesn't seem like there are many of you. I am considering going for a Prodigy M with Gigabyte Z77MX board, 4770k, and SLi 770 4GB powered by a Seasonic 760w or a XFX 850 (both 160mm PSUs). Anyone have any luck with dual GPUs in the prodigy M? I am currently running my Sig rig, SLi Titans with H20 cooling, but I need something that is portable, and my current rig weighs at least 40 pounds and is huge, an air cooled...
I thought about that but I can sell a Titan with a block for $700, and I have $100 in EVGA bucks so I can get SLi 770 4GB for $700, and they would be more powerful than a single Titan.
Hello 770 owners. I currently own 2 Gtx Titans in SLi under water, but I want a rig that is more portable. My current rig weights a ton, so I'm considering selling my stuff and getting a Prodigy MATX build with SlI 770 4gb. Does anyone have an experience with the difference. Between these 2 gpu setups? I game at 1440p, and as far as my math can figure, I'd loose about 35%, but the Titans are so over powered, I should still be over 60fps in every game I play, and I'll be...
Bumber, my frys is out of them, and it have a $30 coupon at Best Buy. Too bad because I want to build a cheap itx gaming rig.
I look forward to seeing how this turns out. I am considering switching to the Prodigy M, and psu clearance is a prime concern since I also want SLi.
Keep waiting. Something will come on sale. I got my 1000w G2 for $140 after rebate (which was paid quickly), roughly 6 weeks ago. The G2 seems to go on sale frequently.
I am trying to get into MWO. Any advice on mech builds for a newbie?
This is a shame. Even if newegg is going to take advantage of the market and sell over MSRP, it is insult to themselves to call a "ShellShocker" something being sold at 33% mark-up. ShellShockers used to be cool, now 95% of them are rubbish.
I am running this kind of setup. I have a 240mm rad in the top and a 280 rad in the front. Both set to intake with a single 140mm exhaust fan. This positive pressure in the case and should help reduce dust. [[SPOILER]]
When I played with my SLi Titans I got 60 fps all the time and my 2nd Titan never went above idle clocks (324mhz). So you are correct, they game is not taking advantage of SLi/Xfire yet.
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