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Best price I've ever seen on a unit of this wattage and quality. Same PSU as the Corsair AX860. It's also 6.3" deep which is rare for a 800+ watt unit, most are 7", which makes this good for small or ITX cases. $30 rebate and code EMCSRECB2
The Asus, Acer, Agon, and Viewsonic you listed all have the same panel, so in the end, your really buying the same monitor no matter which way you go. The only variables are price, aethetics, menus, and warranty support. I don't know where you're located, but if it is in big city, sometimes you can find good deals on Craigslist, and you can see the monitor in person before you buy it.
My bad, I meant 34". The Acer Predator X34, Asus 348Q. They retail around $1000 but you can find them cheaper if you wait long enough. Agon makes a 35" version.
If you have a Costco they may still have the Acer XB271HU for $600. Mine has a few left. I just bought the AOC Agon AG271QG for $580 yesterday. The Asus 279Q, Agon 271QG and XB271HU all have the same panel. I prefer the Asus for the look and better menus, but it's the most expensive of the 3. The Acer has an ugly predator logo. You can also get a 32" IPS 100hz curved Gsync for $900, maybe $800 if you find a deal. Shell shocker. It's almost over but I'll throw it out there. Great since these are normally $700ish. Costco has the Acer XB271 for $599+tax but it has the hideous Predator logo on it. Asus has 599 refurb 279q's but that's still more money for a refurb, so that makes this AOC look pretty good.
I just ordered me from Newegg on the shell shocker deal for $580. I'm going to try and sell my apple Cinema Display for $500 and make an easy transition. But my wife may veto it if it's ugly. Nice price too considering the Acer is $599 at Costco but it has that hideous Predator logo on it. I'm not worried about the BLB, we never use it in a dark room. If no dead pixels I'm good.
I owned an Asus G73 and while asus makes nice laptops, I greatly prefer the much more professional look of the Sagers. I need a laptop that I can game on and go meeting where I have to deliver a PowerPoint. Showing up with an Asus or MSI screams "I play games when I should be working" but most people think a Sager is just an old laptop. Some people like the gamer bling, I just don't. I like g sync. It does help if you game competitively. If a 1050ti meets your needs that...
I'd definitely go with the OPs laptop. I've had two Sagers and they're awesome. They're definitely the best gaming laptops IMHO. The gtx1060 is perfect for that 120hz Gsync 1080p panel. I have the 6820hk and gtx1070 with 4K 60hz g sync and I'd almost rather have this. The 1060/7700 model is slightly thinner which is nice too.
Bumber the case is no good. I was looking to do a ML08 build and buying your whole setup could have saved me some $$.
I've got the 24" version. I love the aesthetics on these. None of gaudy non-sense that's on the Acer and Asus panels. Just pure subtle professionalism.
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