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This is pretty awesome IMHO. Most users don't do Sli. I don't since I've switched to itx. I've got a Z87 rig and my only con is being limited to 4 cores on CPU bound games. I just helped a friend build an Asrock Z97e-itx. Asrock makes good boards. For a video editor or some other person who doesn't need SLi this is a great option.
Rebates typically take 6-8 weeks. If you get your rebate in a months then that is pretty fast.
Well said. I got newegg to let me return my 9 month old 840 Evo, I used the credit to buy a mx200. I've had 5 crucial ssds. Never had a problem with one of them (the M4s had the time bug but they fixed it).I'm done with Samsung SSDs. Very bad management of whole thing on Samsungs part.
I don't see this rumor being valid at all. Nvidia has no reason to release a 980Ti right now. They will repeat the 680/780/780Ti scheme because it maximizes their profits. Why release a 980Ti when the Titan X just came out? It would take away from your Titan X sales. Also the 980 kills AMDs competition, so no reason release anything new there either. Nvidia will wait until the 390 is out, and then maybe release, but even then I doubt they will. The Titan X will still be...
For $250 that's pretty awesome. Dell U2412s 1920x1200 cost around this much. This monitor looks like a steal to me. 25" is a nice size too, big but not huge. Reddit user review
I second the "avoid samsung SSD" notion. I got Newegg to refund me for my 840 Evo and I used the credit to buy a Crucial MX200. I should have gotten the BX100 though, it is almost as fast and over 10% cheaper. The only Samsung drives I would trust are the Pro versions, and they are so expensive.
Fleshwound is correct. The 840 Evo is still broken and there is not yet a fix.
Check if your version of GPU-Z is old.
Can any 380T owners measure the EXACT maximum amount of GPU you can fit into the 380T itx? I have a friend who wants to put a Gigabyte GTX970 G1 in there, it measures 12.28" long (311mm). The specs state it won't but fit but a review on Amazon states that it fits just by moving the USB wires from the button console (I also found a user on reddit who stated it works). Can anyone please confirm this? +Rep for any and all help. Here is the amazon...
The real issue is the TDP. That is a 300w gpu. Total waste of power in this day and age. That was the bomb card in 2009/2010
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