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My experience has been that "too good to be true" is usually just that. I am not sure I would trust this place personnally. Still Trulsrohk's recommendation carries weight given his rep and trader rating. Their website looks legit, and I found a review on engadget showing one of their products. It is worth investigating.
I would expect another price drop when the high watt 900 series comes out. The 980 is only 160 watts. That gives them 90 watts to make a faster card (ie GTX Titan #2 or 980Ti). When those come out the price of the 980 May drop some. Hence trying clear out the 780Tis now.Still this gpu is a great deal.
Good deal but I wouldn't buy a Samsung drive until they fix the 840 Evo. If the 840 Evo is fixed, great no problem, if it isn't, Samsung is going to have a lot of explaining to do. Buying before the fix is available is risky though.
This is very disappointing, I tried to load Skyrim after not having played it in months, and it took forever to load. I have run DiskFresh and that has fixed it, Skyrim now loads very very quickly. Still I am totally let down by Samsung. If the firmware update doesn't fix this issue later this month, then Samsung should offer free 840 Pro upgrades for everyone, otherwise I am going to be done with Samsung for life. Very let down am I.
The only one that looks like a decent deal is the MSI GTX 770 2gb for $235 after rebate. The other cards are still too expensive relative to the 970/980, unless you need a 2nd one for going SLi. I personally think NVIDIA cards have a poor track record of dropping prices after a new release. The older cards are worth less, but the retail prices of them don't accurately reflect it. This makes buying a generation old card new a difficult proposition. You can get better...
It is so refreshing to see quality GPUs at reasonable prices. 780s, 780Ti, & 970s for the masses. Awesome. This is going to give 4k gaming a huge boost since you no longer need over $1k worth of GPUs to play at 4k.
The seasonic SS-760xp2 for $99AR is a better deal, but this is still a decent deal even though it is $20 more, and who knows when the seasonic will be on sale again. The AX760 and the SS-760 are the same PSU anyway. + USD $20 off w/ promo code EMCPAWD55, ends 9/22
It is not a Utility, that is screen shot of the bios itself. Restart your computer, go into the bios, save your settings, then load the factory defaults (this will remove your overclock), then save and reboot. When you reboot, go back into the bios, look at the current VID setting (vcore) and that is your stock VID. If you have to remove any overclocking/overvolting, and go to stock and reset in order to see it.
The odds of your 4770k being able to do 4.6ghz at 1.2v is very slim. You would probably need over 1.3v for that. I would start at 4.2ghz and 1.2v and work up from there. Read the guides, they are your friend. the same as vcore. I've had 2 4770ks. One sucked and had a VID of 1.21v! It wouldn't OC pass 4.0ghz. My current one is 1.05v and it OCs good, 4.5ghz @ 1.25v.VID isn't proof positive a chip is good or that it will suck, but for me it was. It is a quick way to see if a chip is good or not, nothing more or less. Testing is the only real proof.
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