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OEM means it comes in Dell PC or a custom desktop like Sidewinder computers or something. Intel doesn't warranty those because the PC builder should warranty the computer. Intel should still cover these though because they are sold individually and not as PC. I think it is a safe purchase. Just MHO. Update, maybe Roaches is correct. Do your own research based on his link.
Are you sure that it's the motherboard and not the PSU? I run a 780Ti SC on my Z87N-wifi, and it runs without problems. I can run 1.212v at 1254mhz without issues. The 780Ti draws more watts than a 680 does. I have a seasonic 760w platinum psu though so that helps. For a 295x you would probably need a 1000w psu for stability. I needed a 1000w psu to make my sli titans stable.I agree itx boards aren't too great for CPU overclocking though. My CPU seems to have more...
The XP2 series is physically smaller than the evga PSUs. If you have a small case, they are the only choice if you want platinum. The evgas though offer a longer warranty and are more commonly available at lower prices, so they are the better deal IMHO if you don't care about physical dimensions. I've owned the evga 1000w G2, the 660xp2, and the 760xp2. All are excellent so you can't go wrong. If it was down to the 750w G2 for $99AR, or the 760xp2 for $99 AR, I would only...
Good deal, use the $15 off Google Wallet mobile and you get this PSU for $45AR. Pretty amazing deal for 750w gold. Only issue is isn't modular.
I hope I am wrong, but I am pretty sure you can't give away the codes. You basically loose them if you already own the games in question.
I've got one on my Mac Mini. I am very happy with it so far. I merged with a 500gb seagate hybrid to make a 1TB fusion drive.
Excellent deal. The nice thing about these are is they are only 160mm deep, perfect for small systems. The evga 1000w G2 gets down to $140 from time to time, but it is too big to fit into anything remotely small.
I still think it is "10% off" of the "difference". If they are really offering to beat anyone by 10% under the other stores price, that would be impressive indeed. Until someone actually does it though, we will not know for sure. 10% off of the difference is not an uncommon offer though.
These threads read kinda like they are providing 10%From my reading of the terms, it is 10% off of the "difference", not an additional 10% off. That means if staples has the laptop for $1200, and newegg has is for $1000, they will give it to you for $980. The difference is $200, and they will give you an "additional" 10% off the difference. Someone correct me if I am wrong.EDIT: changed $100 to $1000, typo.
I just read a review, you can disable the led through the software. Not sure if the colors change.
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