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They deserve it. Retail sales is hard work if it's commision based and generally you don't make great money unless you are a store manager or something. It's nice of Intel to offer these to sales professionals.
How is the Rosewill Proton 1050w Gold fully modular. It's a Sirtec, but this particular psu looks just like the seasonic 1050w gold.
I think the "continuous" label on your PSU is advertising. The Seasonic X series are top of the line PSU, there probably isn't a better 850w PSU than this one.
Absolutely NUTS. Best deal on a PSU I've EVER seen! And I've seen a lot of deals.
That sucks. Sorry. Another thing to note is that the psu pictured on the NCIX website is NOT the psu you will get. XFX had the horrible idea of redoing this model psu and kept the same part number even though the psu changed. The one pictured is the old model, which was identical to the seasonic x750/corsair ax750. Those PSUs were 160mm, the new one is based on the new gold Seasonic units (km3 I think but I'm not sure) but it has a different housing that is 170mm. That...
Awesomeness! I got it for $80 with the gift card but went back today and go the $60 price. I sold the gift card To a friend for $40 so my net cost on the g502 was $25 after tax. Sweet. +rep all around.
I owned this headset once. The USB soundcard with it is rubish, but the headphones themselves are decent. They are comfortable and sound fairly good. The retractable mic is also a nice feature. Unfortunately I wouldn't jump on them at this price, I have seen them for less without the USB soundcard. A better deal is the Logitech G930 wireless headset which newegg had for $69.99, but is now back to retail.
Great deal, best I've seen on it.
You can edit the title, select "edit thread" not "edit post" It happened to me once too, that's how I know.
We all have different opinions apparently. I can only comment on what I've experienced and what I've read from other experiences. DrNilly you were on the Titan thread so I think you know what I am talking about. I ran SLi Titan on an X750 and an SS660XP2 and got crashes due to pulling too many amps. I could run single card all day long with either GPU. Upgrading to a 1000w PSU fixed the problem. This problem was not isolated to me. If you read the Titan thread,...
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