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Agreed. 760w is a better PSU but the 850w is still excellent if you need that many watts. I'd go 850w if you ever consider running 180w GPUs in SLi. For single gpu 760w is better. I've got this PSU. It's awesome. For this price it's a steal. Seasonic PSUs are on sale on the time in the last week or so. I've owned the 750w and 660w versions and they are great also. Nice thing is they are 160mm long so they fit small builds. + USD $10 off w/ promo code EMCFEGF35,...
^^^ This. I still haven't had time to finish my modded Skyrim LoL. Mechwarrior online takes up all my free gaming time. 1st world problems. Sick deal here. Excellent PSU. + USD $10 off w/ promo code EMCFEFM67, ends 10/24
These are actually decent for the price. Don't buy the USB version because the USB sound card they offer is rubbish, but the headphones are decent for the price. I used Ausio Technical ATH-AD700s and they honestly are not 3x better than these even though they cost 3x as much. Not that I'd want to downgrade but if you need cheap sound these work well. Built in mic is convenient too.
All valid points. I've had 2 Dell IPS displays and an Apple Cinema display, all are flawless. I personally think refurbished can have better product control because they have been inspected, at least that is what I've found with Apple, but we aren't talking about Apple so I guess it isn't a fair comparison.
Where did you find bad reviews? The ones I read were good. I was going to order it but I hesitated too long and it went OOS.
Tempted to do this. Anyone know how aver refurbs are? Only 90 day warranty it appears.
Most of the reviews state they do ship directly from the manufacturer which is good. It's the delays and the fact that they don't allow you to easily cancel the order that is the problem. If it was on a credit card, that would be ok, since you could dispute the charges, but if you pay by debit card, that is much harder, they've already taken the money out of your account. Without the Debit card discount, it's really just MSRP for a stock card. It's a fair price, but not...
I almost jumped on this but the reviews on Jet are abysmal. I don't need my new GPU until late October (work obligations), and I'm hoping 1070 price should be down to MSRP by then.
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