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I second the "avoid samsung SSD" notion. I got Newegg to refund me for my 840 Evo and I used the credit to buy a Crucial MX200. I should have gotten the BX100 though, it is almost as fast and over 10% cheaper. The only Samsung drives I would trust are the Pro versions, and they are so expensive.
Fleshwound is correct. The 840 Evo is still broken and there is not yet a fix.
Check if your version of GPU-Z is old.
Can any 380T owners measure the EXACT maximum amount of GPU you can fit into the 380T itx? I have a friend who wants to put a Gigabyte GTX970 G1 in there, it measures 12.28" long (311mm). The specs state it won't but fit but a review on Amazon states that it fits just by moving the USB wires from the button console (I also found a user on reddit who stated it works). Can anyone please confirm this? +Rep for any and all help. Here is the amazon...
The real issue is the TDP. That is a 300w gpu. Total waste of power in this day and age. That was the bomb card in 2009/2010
Sorry it didn't work. They may have been nice to me since they can see on my account history that I spend a ton of money with them.
I called Newegg, whom I bought my Evo from last June, and told them about the problems with the 840 Evo. I told newegg I knew it wasn't thier fault but I requested they RMA the drive & make Samsung give them a refund (which they can do as a large retailer with leverage). With almost zero difficulty they said yes and emailed me a self paid return label. I got a full refund and used it to buy a Crucial MX200. I've owned 4 other crucial SSDs so I'm confident the MX200 will...
Newegg has it for $180 now with a coupon code. 48 HOURS ONLY. 10% OFF SELECT SOLID STATE DRIVES* Enter promo code EMCAPNA22 at checkout. 48 HOURS ONLY. 10% OFF SELECT SOLID STATE DRIVES* 10% OFF SELECT CORSAIR POWER SUPPLIES* Enter promo code EMCAPNA23 at checkout. 10% OFF SELECT CORSAIR POWER SUPPLIES* I personally wouldn't buy a Samsung drive now. The 840 Evo old data bug still isn't fixed. Who knows if the 850 Evo may be affected. It probably isn't, but I wouldn't...
I'd go for the MX200 hands down. Samsung has major problems with the 840 Evo. Granted you are talking about an 850 Evo, but I wouldn't trust Samsung with anything right now. In my opinion they are the new OCZ.
I'm going to sign the petition. This is totally disappointing. Today my EVO started taking forever to open things, it's like it just hit all at once or something. I've never even filled the drive up a single time, I doubt I've used an entire write cycle in almost a year. I used the repair software back when it came out. Looks like it's time to run it again. NEVER buying a Samsung product again. Good thing I'm an iPhone fanboy.
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