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Solid deal. I like BHphoto too.
Impressive. I have the prodigy and if you don't mind loosing the handles this case is superior. Better PSU access and more overall space for the same physical footprint. I'm not sellin my Prodigy but I'd recommend this to new ITX builders.
Yeah you definitely need 1000w+ for CF/SLI 250w gpus. On paper it should work but in practice it doesn't. I hate when people tell you you can run 500w of GPU on 750w. You are almost certain to exceed the Amps. Still the 760w should work fine for the 160w SLI 980s or similar.
Awesome deal. I think the Seasonic version was $90 once but that was along time ago. Best deal I've seen on one of these in awhile. Excellent deal IMHO. I've been using 660w/760w PSuS for years and they are all great. Coupon code EMCAVKR45
Scatdied is correct. EVGA will look at the receipt, see that you paid $200ish, and charge you the difference. If you manage to buy one at this price, consider yourself lucky. Step up won't help you and it is a waste of time.
This is totally worth $1. The graphics are ok, but the interface is excellent and the story line is top notch. It was considered on the best games of 2011 easily. Rave reviews, I strongly recommend it.
Actually aesthetically this case is superior to a lot of other designs. It looks like it is meant to be in a visible area like a high rise NY apartment or something. Most cases scream "nerd", this one not so much, if you hid your wires, you could easily mistake it for a speaker which appears to be the whole point. I wouldn't buy it because I am more of an ITX guy, but if you need a large case, and want a subtile approach, this one is VERY nice. Only Lian Li makes... $119 no rebate or coupons needed. This is a great deal. I just bought 2 of the refurbished RT-AC68Rs for the same price on sale last week, so this kinda disappointed me. The P model is 200mhz faster than the U or R model. These routers are awesome and highly reviewed. It is basically one of the top 3 routers you can buy (other 2 being the Netgear R7000...
Wow, this PSU is 5.9" x 5.9" THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME! What a great PSU for small case builds. $60 is a steal!
This is pretty awesome IMHO. Most users don't do Sli. I don't since I've switched to itx. I've got a Z87 rig and my only con is being limited to 4 cores on CPU bound games. I just helped a friend build an Asrock Z97e-itx. Asrock makes good boards. For a video editor or some other person who doesn't need SLi this is a great option.
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