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Awesomeness! I got it for $80 with the gift card but went back today and go the $60 price. I sold the gift card To a friend for $40 so my net cost on the g502 was $25 after tax. Sweet. +rep all around.
I owned this headset once. The USB soundcard with it is rubish, but the headphones themselves are decent. They are comfortable and sound fairly good. The retractable mic is also a nice feature. Unfortunately I wouldn't jump on them at this price, I have seen them for less without the USB soundcard. A better deal is the Logitech G930 wireless headset which newegg had for $69.99, but is now back to retail.
Great deal, best I've seen on it.
You can edit the title, select "edit thread" not "edit post" It happened to me once too, that's how I know.
We all have different opinions apparently. I can only comment on what I've experienced and what I've read from other experiences. DrNilly you were on the Titan thread so I think you know what I am talking about. I ran SLi Titan on an X750 and an SS660XP2 and got crashes due to pulling too many amps. I could run single card all day long with either GPU. Upgrading to a 1000w PSU fixed the problem. This problem was not isolated to me. If you read the Titan thread,...
It depends on the GPU but AK-47 is correct. With regard to SLi 780s, 780Ti, & Titans, 850w will NOT cut it, even at stock clock speeds. Yes the cards are rated below that and it should work on paper, but for me it didn't and I had a top shelf PSU. This experience has been documented by others many times.For SLi 250w cards, the recommended minimum on this forum seems to be 1000w with most recommending more, so this 1250w would be ideal. I was successful with a 1000w EVGA...
Amazing deal. Great if you need to power SLi 780Ti, Titans, 290x etc.
Already posted my bad. One of the more shocking shell shockers I've ever seen. Great deal for a lot of watts. Slightly older model but an excellent deal non-the less on a great psu. ´┐╝
You must be trolling, and if so I've fallen for it. You are making huge statements and offering no facts to back it up. The 780Ti is a fine GPU, especially for this price. It outperforms the 970, which is slightly cheaper, and it nearly equals the 980 which is $200 more. As for game settings, I run a single 780Ti SC, which is slightly slower than this model. It runs most games at 2560x1440 Ultra settings at 60+ FPS. Not every game ofcourse, but most games, BF4, Skyrim...
2gb vs 4gb also. All those people who said 2gb is enough were wrong. I reguarly max out my 3GB GTX780Ti, but it can at last handle my modded Skyrim game, Skyrim crushed my SLi 760s. The 4gb on the 970/980 is well worth the price premium. Still a single 760 is fine for a budget build or to SLi if you already have a 760.
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