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cant you just emulate this and save $100,000 ?
it sounds a software issue... if you were fine using the hdmi cable, the problem is most likely not hardware related
install 331.93
How it could happen is quite simple.. You flashed your card man, automatically, you should have a slight expectancy that something in the custom edited BIOS could lead to either a bricked card or something similar to which you encountered. Flashing your card is ALWAYS a gamble.
My apologies for 3x post but I'm on my phone and cannot edit. Successfully recovered the card. My PC wouldnt even boot if it was in the PCIE slot... The trick is simple: 1. Unplug PSU from wall socket 2. Remove card 3. Wait 20-30 mins to reset pci-e safety switches 4. Replace gpu in second pci-e slot, not the same pci-e slot you bricked it in (DO NOT replace pci-e psu rail back into card, leave it powerless) 5. Plug power back into wall 6. Start PC, should boot into...
And here is why.... Samsung BIOS chips on the older DC2's are not flash-able with the ELPIDA memory on the newer DC2's $250 down the drain
i just bricked my card...... looks like the newer 660's from ASUS are different and not compatible with BIOS's . DO NOT FLASH on the newer Asus DC2's that have windows 8 ready sticker on the box. I cannot even boot my PC with the bricked card in the slot
Lack of a sophisticated vocabulary does not have any impact on credibility.You lose alot more for not knowing what you're talking about bud.
Good to see new title take advantage of Hyper Threading
U r rocking a RIVBE and possibly a hex core CPU/quality RAM...... and you are worried about the wifi adapter's non-existent performance impact?
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