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Stock Temps are around 63 degrees. So I'll be taking the side off my case and putting a desk fan blowing directly on it, hopefully that will tied me over till I get a loop. Just sad to see it already that hot
Delete I found it
After owning a Caselabs case I can never buy anything else ever again. So easy to work, such great workmanship. Sure it's expensive I'm theirs for life now. I've got a TH10A and a M8,well worth the cost I'd also like to add I owned a Thermaltake case many years ago, was a overpriced peice of crap. Cheap design, cheap parts. BTW What's the best driver to use atm?
No real benefit to dual loops ethier.Just more work and effort
Check out Caselabs and their accessory mounting options. They have like a bar that can go across your case, least their cases might have to check if it'll work on yours, can then connect a fan mount and use that to cool them.Not sure if that would work for you but it's my suggestion
Frozencpu is no more, the site isn't taking orders anymore. Performance-PC is the only main site left that sells everything. I'll miss Frozencpu they had some great stuff. Hopefully they can get their issue sorted out and reopen the online store.
If Temps get to be a problem I'm just going to take the side off my case, plug in a desk fan and blow that directly into the side of the case. That should hopefully cool it enough.
How much cooling does one of these need for water? Am thinking low RPM fans, 800 RPM at most for quiet. What size rad should i be looking at for a normal loop? I'll end up going completely overkill of course but it helps to get a starting point. Got a Caselab M8 so lots of options, already thinking dual 360's up top, another 2 in a pedestal on the bottom, should be more then enough for 2 Titan X's and the CPU. I'm really looking forward getting back into water cooling, and...
Damn that's a big ass cooler. That thing is massive, is it even possible to run more then 2 cards with that. Makes me very thankful I'll be staying stock till I get a custom loop.
So how much of a benefit would I see with a 2nd Titan X on an Asus Swift. 144hz and 1440p do I really need the 2nd?
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