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why can't you rent a VPN and enter it at the router levek, so ALL traffic would go through the VPN. Would solve the Java problem since your IP would be whatever the VPN gives you. Least that's how i would think to do it Don't get mad at the people who try to help, you asked a very weird question that no one understands why you would want it so it's normal for us to question it and you Be happy you got any help at all
#3 i just got a Supermicro X9SRH-7F-B and plan on cooling it with the Noctua NH-D14 so i'll let you know how well the cup block/bracket would work. I've seen reports of it being a tight fit but i'll let you know how it works out for me.
com•plain (kəmˈpleɪn)v.i.1. to express dissatisfaction, resentment, pain, grief, etc.; find fault.This is what i saw as a complaint, if it wasn't then i'm sorry for reading it that way. I took issue with the words ignored and that nobody thought it worthwhile to respond. I reacted to that rather then what you were trying to say.The phone comment is due to i don't live in America so while yes i have a phone and email, calling Caselabs is not always an option. Kinda doesn't...
You get what you pay for. No other case even comes close in size or options so of course you pay a little bit more for it. Look at the size of it, be happy it only costs what it does and not more. To even come close you need to look at a rack mount and good luck finding one cheaper that allows you this many options to cool it or customize it. The pedestal alone can house a 4U rack mount, or 40 HDD's what gaming case can ever claim to do half of that? You pick the biggest,...
I don't see the TX10-H, will that make up there Wait or is that only in my dreams
Yeah that's my problem just making a choice on 1.I've been flipping back and forth between the TX-10 and a TH10 for over a year now while i keep bugging for the TX10-H model.One day i'll pick one, but it's just so hard with every case so amazing and then teasing me with details of the new cases coming out.I wish i could win one but maybe if i keep bugging them enough they will give me one to make me go away That should work right?
Once you go Caselabs you can never go back. CL over anything anyday
all this talk of Horizontal layout makes me wish for the TX-H. That was the first promised Horizontal layout case and i've only been waiting 18 months for it. I want my TX-H
I want my TX-H dammit! You guys make the best cases around by far, every time i see someone making the mistake of picking another case i have to straighten then out and point them towards CL, not a single one has been disipointed and all have thanked me for saving them the regret of finding out about CL to late.Now for all that i want my TX-H. And please stop making new cases i can't afford to buy them all, just make me a TX-H and i'll go away i promise
so I could fit something like this in the chambers or the pedestal?
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