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If you want a straight answer just post your PSU in the Power Supply section. I'm 99% sure your Rosewill 400W will be more than enough. Either way, Phaed should give you a clear yes/no.
If you're gaming you really wouldn't notice a difference between Nehalem i7 and SB i5/i7, just a FYI.
You do not need a new power supply, the unit will be more than sufficient. I'd suggest a HD 6850 for a couple dollars more, the 6790 is low-end.
Brands don't matter but here's one thing to consider, the HD 6850 is only $30 more and is almost as fast as 5770s in CFX.
Yes, but why not buy a new cooler unless you're scrapping the old i7.
The TDP for both chips is 35W according to your links.Fusion is irrelevant to you since it uses a different socket.
99% of users on these forums are gamers or are primarily concerned with gaming performance.The i3-21xx are cheaper and perform much better than the FX-6100 in games, especially CPU-dependent games. The i3-21xx is also faster than any Phenom II in gaming, even CPUs that are priced higher.
Your CPU will slow you down much more than the x4 slot, especially with 460s. You shouldn't have any problems running it.
There's like a 5% difference in performance and a 5% difference in price.
Post of the year.
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