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Downgrade to theDowngrade the firmware to version. It won't happen anymore.
Same thing happens to me. Lot of 1v1s lost because I use push-to-talk on my middle click.
Trust me, they don't even care about flaws in mice. The "pros" dont really care about angle snappin, IPS, LOD, switches and all of these things that makes a good mouse or a bad mouse. Maybe they can sense a lil bit of acceleration but except that, nothing. You'll be amazed to know that f0rest used the Kinzu v1 for a long time. Now he's using the Kinzu v2. They just play with what they are given by sponsors; but because they play the game for
It has SteelSeries branded switches and they don't feel like any Omron/TTC/Kailh switch out there. The thing is it has them only on LMB and RMB.Mid click has TTC, DPI button has TTC and the side-buttons are Kailh I GUESS.But yes, you can swap them with Omrons, you just have to be careful with the MMB switch because it uses a "raiser" so that the scroll wheel can reach it and the switch pins are a little bit longer than the Omrons one.
Sorry man. Your opinions about this? I find it quite interesting, especially the pattern used on the mousepad.
Actually the new SS Branded switches feel very nice. The problem is they dont use them everywhere. They only use them on left and right clicks. For Mid click they use TTC Red, for the CPI button they use TTC white and they use Kailh for the side buttons... SAD STORY.
The Rival uses TTC switches on MID Click. TTC is well known for switch failure.
Just wanted to point out the Rival Dota 2 Edition. Check out the pic. I dont like Dota either.
Do you guys like DOTA 2?
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