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I've been pretty rough on processors over the years, they can take a good beating before they end up dieing.^ This
This is actually very interesting if this holds up to be true, but I'm going to hold off on a mobo/cpu upgrade until Skylake or Excavator. I understand the excitement because there hasn't been much competition between AMD/Intel in quite awhile, it looks promising with these leaked benchmarks but I'll believe it when I see it. Not taking this to seriously until Steamroller is released and there are actual benchmarks showing these improvements. I really do hope these are...
Thanks for the replies guys. I kinda got out of the gaming world/benchmarks for a few months, with these new cards who seems to be on top and are there any cards now that offer a good increase in FPS at a decent price? Not biased on either company btw, I just buy whats good.
Well like most people on here I have gotten an itch to upgrade, the only part I would see upgrading is the RAM to a higher frequency or my GPU. First, if I were to upgrade from my 7950 what would be the best route to go or should I wait till next gen cards? I haven't been on for awhile just graduated high school and was job hunting for months after I graduated finally got a job and some income coming, so I'll become active as of now. Also, I remember reading that Ivy...
You wont outperform him in every aspect unless you are doing something that uses lots of cores. Gaming the difference between the two will be very small.
Of course it says 3900mhz because the multiplier is set at 39. Try actually typing the number if you want it at 4.3ghz, make sure you highlight each tubro core, and type in the number 43 manually from the keyboard(keypad doesn't work I believe). Use the arrow keys to navigate to each turbo core.
I'd hold onto your 3770K and wait till maybe Skylake when DDR4 is going to be mainstream.
This is 100% awesome, OP you must of been seriously bored I mean seriously bored.
I noticed this awhile ago, awful songs getting tons of views that nobody really talked about. If you aren't familiar with a 17 year old rapper named Chief Keef, hes from the worse part of Chicago. His song "I Don't Like" has the worse lyrics over and over again. And it somehow has 21million views, and you have the greatest rapper of all time 2Pac being swept under the bus with measly 3million view videos. Quite sad. Humanity now a days listens to the beats not the...
>$240 >2500K I hope that is a mistake. Spending $240 on a 2500K is a bad idea. To answer your question you can get a 3570K to 4.5GHZ with a Hyper 212 Evo, Ivy is a bit better than Sandy clock for clock Ivy just runs hotter. So yes your buy was good.
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