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Another FX-8350 review.
"Under Embargo until October 23, 2012 at 12:01AM EDT" - AMDAnother review - HD 7970The missing early reviews which were taken down will be back up shortly.Alatar saved a few results from one of the reviews before it was removed. is much higher than a "lot of people...
FX-8350 Reviews [[SPOILER]] FX-6300 Reviews [[SPOILER]] FX-4300 Reviews [[SPOILER]] +Radeon HD 7970
120mm and 140mm fans.Apart from Ebay, random sellers such as Langton Info would be your only option for PSUs. Here's one example - you decide to try that site, I'd recommend doing your research on them beforehand, to be sure. Be Quiet is currently in the process of expanding their official sales. You should begin seeing North American distribution across 2013-2014 time frame.
Aquatuning USFrozenCPU via AmazonHeatsinkFactory (category)Xoxide
On the subject of pull noise, this video features an NB-eLoop B12-4 mounted to a heatsink in pull position. It shows exactly what happens with the noise generated at upper RPMs and why the eLoop should not be mounted in pull, unless you have at least a 10-15mm shroud, if not more. Even then, it seems best to avoid pull.The NB-eLoop B12-4 in the video spins up to a max of 2,400 RPM, though you'll notice the pull noise ramps up far before that point.noiseblocker eloop b12-4...
OK.Noiseblocker initially stated within the next ~6-8 months or so; 140mm and 180mm. That may or may not have changed.CoolingTechnique - Review: Noiseblocker eLoop S-Series [[SPOILER]] The Thermal Flow Measuring Principle [[SPOILER]] NB-eLoop B12-2 [[SPOILER]] NB-eLoop B12-PS + MO-RA3 [[SPOILER]] Silenthardware - NB-eLoop User - Review compared to Enermax T.B. Silence [[SPOILER]] DVTests - NoiseBlocker Bionic eLoop B12-3, B12-P and B12-4 review [[SPOILER]]
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