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I'm still not convinced that footage that looked like GTA Vice City was even the PS4.And similar like Thief looks similar. That's my scope. Thief PS4 looks pretty much identical to the PC.
I'm pretty sure there's a version of Dosbox on Linux? Most of these games should work ok. Also, I'm not buying them again. If I bought them once, I want them on Linux too.
Nah, the PS4 version will look similar to the PC version. I know someone working at Reflections, on this game.
And proof it was PS4?
Wait, weren't people moaning about the graphics in this game? It looks great.
I'm all out of feels for console gamers.
Hangouts is ok. but the UI is terrible.
So long as these aren't £300, I'll get one.
This news is bull. You have to be running a hacked RIL created by the people who discovered this "exploit" for this to work. Ergo, no-one is affected.
I'm in the "My friend is working production on this title at Reflections, and it's going to be great." camp
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