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would love the infinite
will be shipped out tomorrow
Hey guys, I have a sapphire 7950 dual-x boost and was wondering if I could use this heatsink for it, along with a mcw-82?
just got myself a sapphire dual-x oc 7950. Can't wait to plug it in and fire it up
thanks everyone!
I am sorry to derail the thread but it seems like you have found an answer, you need the female molex pins ( they are cheap on ebay).WiSK, any idea why my mdpc crimpers break the wings off of my crimps?
I have used this for about 6months but no longer need it as I bought a new heatkiller block. I have original box, and parts, with all the mounts. There is one tiny scuff on the block as shown in the second picture near one of the barbs. $30 shipped
thanks guys
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