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Wow. I remember building my first watercooling case in 2001 with their parts. Always was satisfied. with their product. I even used to sell them a while back. Best of luck to them and I'm sad to see them close.
These blocks are so close in temps that it really comes down to personal preferences. Raystorm is less restrictive. Apogee has probably the best mounting system on the market. They look different. So choose what the one you like better. There's no "bad block".
You should be fine but if you're worried, contact EK now and exchange it for a non nickel version or a refund. If you need someone to contact there let me know.
What a build. The number of hours must be incredible. I won't quit my day job as I don't think I'll be able to attain this level of complexity in a build in my lifetime
Again. Not a must but when you fill your system for the first time of after a flush, bleeding is easier and faster with a res.
Nicely done
Where did you put the second one. At the bottom? Did you have to relocate the PSU?
All new EK block bought at authorized retailers are free of plating defects and will not have the problem. As for what coolant to use, by using their coolant you are protecting yourself if something goes wrong with your block. Clear ekoolant should be fine. All colored coolant can cause stain and gunks. It's a possibility not a certainty. Dyes will stain though that's for sure. As long as you check your system, flush it once or twice a year and put back some new...
That's what I did
I knew I saw it before. Same block you were looking at but without nickel plating: you can also do is sell you cards and upgrade to one that will give you a better choice of blocks for your theme
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