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Please give us performance ITX boards with Zen! I want to build an awesome SFF rig, but not with Intel parts.
I hope they do this soon. Chrome eats up all my RAM on my Surface Pro 3. Granted I only have the 4GB model, but still!
I'm sure I've owned an older AMD 500mhz or slower CPU in random HP towers; but my first AMD CPU I bought was an AMD Athlon 3000+ Venice core. Man that thing was amazing! Overclocking it was a breeze in my DFI nforce 4 Ultra board. This would of been around the time I joined OCN. 2006 I believe. I had a lot of help from many members back then with all my noobie questions!
I've always been a long time Western Digital fan when it comes to hard drives, although I do have 2 Hitachi 2TB Deskstars from 2010 still running like champs in my storage pool. After some searching around on Newegg I noticed these HGST 4TB NAS drives that has a 5 star rating among users! I understand HGST used to be Hitachi, but is now owned by Western Digital; so what drive would you recommend more? Based on the feedback alone on Newegg, I'd jump at the HGST right now!...
One L5640 would be a 6 core with HT, so 12 threads total for one chip. I've been able to support up to 3 concurrent users just fine with my dual E5530's which gives me 16 threads total. Like I said though, Plex will use all cores to 100% no matter how many you give it. I think it will work fine though.
Just looking to see what this kit is worth now a days. I know they were going for quite a bit since Samsung stop production of them. Not to mention they overclock up to 2133 and beyond for some! I'm currently running mine at 1866.
I'm almost in the same situation as you are with Plex, except I only really have 1-3 users at any given time. My setup is currently dual Xeon E5530's. You can find these chips for cheap on ebay ($15). The E5530's are 4 core/8 thread 80watt chips. Alternatively you can get L5520/30 which are low power 40watt chips, or an L5640 which is a low power 6 core/12 thread. I'll eventually be upgrading my server to the L5640's to cut down on power draw and boost available threads...
I haven't read much up on HDD replacements for the PS4, but I'd always recommend a 7200rpm over a 5400rpm. I can't speak for SSHD's though.
Sounds like this whole system is made for people who shouldn't be driving in the first place...
Self-aware cars!
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