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Oh tax time cannot get here soon enough.....
Must be a slow news day. This option has been available for a couple months now. Looks like they recently re-named the option in settings though.
For anyone who is interested, Amazon just got the 400c/400q in stock. Ordered mine last night!
What are the chances that graphics mods for the PC version will bring it up to the E3 2013 level of detail? I'm sure someone is thinking about it.
I gotta say the live action short films for The Division are really good. Definitely makes me exciting to jump in with a squad of friends and play. I'll hold off on judgement of the graphics until the game launches.
Just got my adapter in the mail today. Running it with my LG 43UF6430 that I picked up on Black Friday. Full 4K at 60hz and 4:4:4 Chroma.
Order placed! Thanks!I'll finally be able to utilize my 43in LG 4k with my 290. 30hz has been rough these past two weeks....
I guess I'm a part of the group that just doesn't care lol. Seems to me that there are WAY too many paranoid people out there. Honestly whatever device you are using right now is probably collecting some sort of data. Usually all for the purpose of improving said product/device. So I'm fine with that.Windows 10 has been running fine for me so far, plus I've been a Windows Insider from the beginning.Take the hate/bashing somewhere else people
/ThisI've never understood why we should be afraid of whatever data collection is going on with these OS'es. Are we in danger somehow? Are we at risk of being killed by MS if they know "everything" we're doing? The last time I read something crazy about data collection, the Nazi's were brought up somehow....You can call me a sheep or whatever, but I guess I just don't why we should be afraid.
Wishing I would see the increase up here in central NY. I'm still on 30/5.
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