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Wishing I would see the increase up here in central NY. I'm still on 30/5.
You have to upgrade your existing OS first using either an ISO of Windows 10 or through Windows Update. If off of an ISO, just run setup.exe and follow the prompts. DO NOT at any time enter a product key if it asks for one. After the upgrade is complete and you are activated, you can then go back and do a clean install and wipe the entire drive. Upon re installation, you will still be activated. This is done by your HWID being stored with Microsoft for that specific...
The overall stability of the preview/insider builds is what impressed me. What bugs did show were quickly fixed. I'm liking the "New" Microsoft. I have no problem continuing to be an Insider tester either if it means having an activated copy of Windows 10. But then again I'm the type of person who likes testing the latest and greatest to begin with.
I had similar issues in an earlier insider build, minus headset issues. The audio on my board has been perfect. Windows Updates even grabbed some new Realtek drivers automatically. I recommend taking a second look at Windows 10 in it's current state if you haven't already. I've been an insider tester since the end of last year, and I've seen the ups and downs of the various builds both official and leaked. I'd say that Build 10166, and the current 10240(RTM) are rock...
Well looks like I was banned from posting on their Facebook page since I asked if it is under new management, and that it will be really hard to gain anyone's trust after what happened. FrozenCPU was my go to since I live in Syracuse, but not anymore sadly :/ Plus it looks like they delete mine and others posts regarding this same issue.
Looks like you beat me to it OP! I posted this under the watercooling section.
I'm glad to see this comment in here. This IMO was mantles purpose from the start. It forced the industry to optimize their API's. I'm glad to see that Mantle lives on as the backbone of Vulkan. AMD may not be as competitive as we would like, but they do bring about change and innovation here and there.
I figured this had to due with the "Ok Google" detection. Yet again people will be blowing this out of proportion without having all the proper information on the matter.
They can be toggled off during the first time account setup after Windows has been installed/upgraded. Instead of clicking that express settings button you can manually configure different reporting options. I'm not sure if there are options after the fact to turn these off though.
I'm guessing you yourself have had some bad experiences with gaming on Windows 10? I can't say that I've had any significant issues here. The only time I had any problems was last fall with the first few technical previews. Since then gaming has improved with every build and new driver. I can't speak for Nvidia drivers, but so far the AMD drivers through Windows Updates have been pretty good so far.And a short answer as to why to upgrade. Progress.You don't have to upgrade...
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