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I just got my Taichi hooked up last night, and I'm wondering if anyone else here who has there's have had issues or not with RAM and NVME drives? I've updated the bios to the latest beta, and I've tried every combination I can think of for components. However I cannot get my Samsung 960 NVME to show up at all. Let alone get my RAM (Trident Z' 3200) to run at anything but 2133. Also this board has a very slow boot time, and initially when I had both my video cards...
Looks like Newegg got their stock of Taichi's in! Just got an order verification email that it should be shipping within 24hrs. Finally! Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
Yea I did notice after the fact that the price was raised. I was able to snag it for $189 + the rebate, but I think you can get an additional rebate through Asrock as well. I'll have to double check.
Well I checked in with Newegg again this morning about the Taichi, and all they could tell me is they are expecting stock this month. They don't know exactly when, but they said they are going to have over 350 units. Hopefully this board is worth the wait....
So temping....but I think I'm still going to wait for my back-ordered Taichi.
I'm with everyone else on this (Although I bought a 1700 for my work/gaming needs). I think you need to wait for the R3/R5 Ryze's to really compare them to the 7600K and 7700K for gaming. Everything is still too early to make a proper assessment with just the three SKU's available. I think the sweet spot is going to be the 1600x for a lot of people though. In the end, just do what fits your budget best. This isn't like the FX series.
Is there any other place besides Newegg that is selling the X370 Taichi board? I've got a 1700 pre-ordered, and my Trident Z 3200 showed up earlier this week. Just waiting on a board!
Pretty sure AMD didn't put any hours into the case design as it looks like an NZXT S340 with a Ryzen sticker on the front.
This, supposedly, can be fix with Active Hours. If you set it up so that your non active time is late at night or early am, then it should install between that time and auto reboot as well. Assuming that you leave the PC turned on during that time period. Now I can't be certain that it wakes machines from sleep state to install updates, but I know I've seen group policy options that will do that exact thing(windows 7 and 10). I believe there are extended Active Hour time...
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