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You'll need to restore a new copy of iOS on it from iTunes, but it does have to download that. You *can* download the .ipsw and move it to your other computer, if it at least has some kind of internet connection (but maybe not enough to download all of ios), but you will need at least some internet to complete the restore in any scenario. What I'm guessing you did before without internet was going into settings and doing an "Erase all content and settings" which does...
The hexus review makes it sound like Gsync is only on up to 60fps, can anyone confirm that Gsync is on up to 144hz?
Genital Men! In other news, CapitalOne just massively raised my credit limit. I think they saw the ship leave.
The only issue that I have with this whole discussion is that I'm going to need a new desk to fit the SWIFT any my U2711HM on. First world problems, right?
Asus you said I could preorder this monitor in July. JULYIED TO ME!
Just to round out the different usage scenarios, I'll be using the monitor to play Counter-Strike and League of Legends with other games thrown in occasionally as an afterthought or time waster. I can appreciate uber high resolution and stunning color, but I've never been in a game wishing I had more of either.
Wait... Preorders are available?
Also keep in mind the samsung wonder ram is manufactured at a smaller nm size which was pretty much the reason why its so unique. Pretty sure it's 20nm?
This is the card - I found someone who built the most ballistic mining rig a few months ago but couldn't figure out how to mine, and ended up giving up when the price of coins went down. He paid $599 each for these cards, I'm looking to see what they're worth now. They're basically unused, he never actually got the system successfully mining.
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