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I have no hope after BF4.
Wow, I love this case. If I cared enough to: Do the retail edge trainings to upgrade from a 4930k to 5xxxk... Build and maintain water cooling... Buy a new monster desk... Finally refinish/paint + install new floors in my bedroom before I install said monster desk... THEN I'd buy it. But I won't have a proper environment for this badboy to live in for a couple years, c'est la vie.
Well, switched the PCIE port and it works perfectly. What's the meaning of this!?
After I quit out of the choking games, the desktop will be rendering at about 45fps I'd guess. Shortly after, it'll return to 144 and be perfectly smooth. Also it's had no display on reboot about 7-8 times throughout my troubleshooting for the last few days. I'm worried my graphics card might be dying.
Here's the results of a quick CPU burn-in. 4.3ghz reporting a max of 137w. Seems normal enough? GPU-Z Perfcap is enabled and set to 'util'. Is that the correct setting and how should I adjust it? Update- Nvidia control panel power management mode was set to adaptive. Changed to Prefer maximum performance. Got the GPU to show 100% usage, and while gaming, GPU-Z shows VRel VOp for the 'perfcap' field. The performance is better, but cs:go is still dipping to a really...
I'll take a look this afternoon, thanks!This suggestion sent a chill down my spine. Totally plausible, but the FT03 is such a heinous case to work inside of. I really hope this isn't it, but I'll check it out.
Booted up the machine today, the only thing that I changed was I installed the latest version of Flash. Every game that I play has awful framerates, but I can tell that it's not standard choppiness because my machine is taxed, but something artificial. I took a look at my GPU usage and sure enough it's garbage. Temperature isn't going above about 61c. I used Driver cleaner to completely uninstall nvidia drivers and then reinstalled but that didn't help resolve the issue....
Oh my dreamy goodness. Mine has three lazy pixels, I reckon I'll try to give them a bit of exercise, but it's not a big deal. THIS is the monitor I've been waiting for. Sweet baby Jesus. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said, just wow.
Asked the ladyfriend to stick around and do her homework at my house so someone will be there to sign for it. It's out for delivery!
Ordered Wednesday afternoon, just received shipping information. Not a bad wait at all!
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