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Obviously it's Starkiller base. RIP original Starkiller
Squad is great! I recorded some footage of my very first time loading into the game, and I'm completely clueless here. I only share this because the impressive thing to me is that this squad is made up of complete strangers but is working extremely well together. Be warned, if you watch this- I'm 100% clueless and just beginning to get my bearings. Also it's really dark after encoding, but it was plenty light enough to be playable with a bit of extra challenge in game.
Anyone think the Blops 3 Season Pass will go on sale?
For anyone new to the deal, it's not uncommon to receive your product before you ever even get a shipping notification. That's been the case for me on probably half of the deals bi-yearly since like 2009.
That's me! There are dozens of us! I cannot express how much I hated the PG278Q, I tried it for a week and returned it with much prejudice. If it had been $200 less expensive I would have filmed me smashing it with a hammer, and it would have been worth it. I have the IPS version of the display talked about in this thread, but even so, the best monitor I've ever used was the legendary Dell/Alienware 17" RGBLED from 2010. Nothing has even come close to that since, for me.
This display was the biggest impact I've seen in a single upgrade since my first SSD. Edit: The IPS one. What the heck Asus/newegg... Shady.
Me too! Hope that means something good
I literally looked this up earlier today because I figured it'd be soon but it wasn't posted yet. I think it's deal #2 for me this season.
Think they'll give me a refund even though my copy came with my graphics card?
But... this is a news thread referencing a news article... and even if it wasn't this specific context it's still tr.... You know what, never mind. You know everything, you're right about everything.
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