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I just ordered from B&H, did I make a mistake? No tax and no shipping is nice, but the rep couldn't provide an estimated time on this. Thoughts?
They really dug the config file to get this in 4k.
Brother bought this exact monitor from Woot about 8 months ago for $349 and it's still running perfectly. Definitely recommended.
Is this still made using the quake 3 engine?
That's awesome, my friend. Always happy to share a fond memory!
Weird, I've never had any bluetooth problems with any of my iPhones and my 2008 G35. It's odd though, because I see a TON of modern networking components, not just BT ones, that really perform poorly. I'm not sure if it's because of poor quality components inside, dirty power distribution, tweaking of hz of certain chips that might not match other components on the board... but in my experience the quality of networking components makes a huge impact on their reliability....
The intro to Lode Runner... step step step. *Whew, SIERRA*
So I'm in the process of buying a house right now, I'm just trying to convince myself that the $650 will get lost in the $25,000 that's going to be evacuating my bank account in the next 30 days.
You'll need to restore a new copy of iOS on it from iTunes, but it does have to download that. You *can* download the .ipsw and move it to your other computer, if it at least has some kind of internet connection (but maybe not enough to download all of ios), but you will need at least some internet to complete the restore in any scenario. What I'm guessing you did before without internet was going into settings and doing an "Erase all content and settings" which does...
The hexus review makes it sound like Gsync is only on up to 60fps, can anyone confirm that Gsync is on up to 144hz?
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