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To be fair, didn't Q3A have zoom on every gun?
This'll be a day 1 purchase... Just need the G35 to last a little longer... I'm guessing you'll probably have to preorder as soon as they're announced to get one though.
Have they added dynamic weather like DriveClub's? Last I played, rain was just sitting on the fender of cars going 100mph.
I am; details?
Anyone have any ideas for running either OS virtually, easily, and free?
I hear you, I was stoked on building X99 until I saw the price of DDR4 and that there's only one M-ATX x99 board available. Also, not at all looking forward to rebuilding in the most painful case ever. Maybe I'll build an HTPC out of the lower chip.
Awww yeah! About to part out the 4930k system
GLWS dude, if I didn't get employee discounts I'd be all over this. Really solid deal.
They're going to start disappearing soon, I'd make your move.
Just take the USB drive out and reboot.
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