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Bummer, I was going to suggest hunting down a gtx 465, those could be unlocked to a full blown 470 in software. I still have one running in my brother's rig, it's a legend.
I forget the name of the latest big update, maybe it's the Anniversary update? Not sure, but I am sure that you have to have it to get this.
Modern Warfare 2 won't run on a pentium!
Just when I thought I saw an announcement that could illicit a maximum response of "hey, that's neat." good old is here to get all nuts over it.
Isn't this 1070 the same gpu as the desktop model?
If you want to try some of the better multiplayer as of late, Black Ops III has a multiplayer starter pack for $14.99. I got about 150 hours out of it myself; it's significantly better gameplay than the latest installment.
Only a fraction of the game was made at the point that they released that footage, it's a huge bummer but it's understandable that they had to reign in the visuals to fit consoles. Just understand that it was a concept at that point, not much more. Very different than say, No Man's Sky, which was pushing non-existant features at a month before release.
Oh boy. I'm old. Packard Bell 486 DX2, don't remember much more about it. Pentium Pro 150mhz 24mb RAM 1mb dedicated video (no 3D support) 2GB HD, 28.8k baud modem AMD K6/2 400mhz OC 424mhz 1x Diamond Stealth AGP 4mb base card and 12mb 3DFX VooDoo II add on. 96(!!!)mb memory and 10gb HD. (Half Life 1, Counterstrike) Dell 800mhz celeron, GeForce 400mx, unsure of ram, hd I had a couple of systems in this generation, another AMD K6 350mhz as well. AMD Athlon 3200+ 128mb...
Do we have our very own OCN Flat Earthers!? YESSSSS Dreams really do come true.
I'm sure you aren't wrong, since I and my group are clearly such simpletons that you can't even bother breaking it down. All the same, when my group was assembled on mumble and talking about what we wanted to play, the SP was the reason we just weren't having fun in TF and decided to move on. You might not have the same experience as us and maybe you don't mind it and it's fun for you, but I wasn't asking for anyone's approval of what I like and don't like about the game,...
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