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Sooo... Attack on Titan?
I don't care who he plays but this series NEEDS Jason Momoa in it.
Just in time for my new job!
I've been gaming on almost anything I could get my hands on for uh... A while. I haven't had a nintendo since the Gamecube but most mainstream consoles with a few obscure ones in the mix too like the Panasonic 3DO, Virtua Boy, and a Jaguar. The PC has always been my first love though, and I've stuck with it since my very first PC game.... 688 Attack Sub! And yeah Desert Combat... I found an old CD case while I was moving a while ago and it had my original copy of BF 1942...
We need Spielberg to make that movie. I'd totally watch it.But what about those of us that have 144hz IPS and are totally happy with it?
Did Asus burn your village and murder your family or something?
There will be a difference, an undetectable, totally minute difference. Go with the cheaper one for sure.
Did we ever get any info on the Ti upgrade program that Nvidia is supposedly going to offer?
That's awesome to hear, thanks!Can't wait for this display to come out, I agree with the poster earlier who said they prefer to get a display and let their system grow into it. Plus, Gsync's heaviest value is ~40-50fps anyways, so it makes perfect sense.
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