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How does a benefit on draw calls translate into a realworld scenario like UE4 or Frostbite?
What the? Why is my 780Ti performing so poorly?
Exactly the same miserable boat
Screw both AMD and Nvidia, I'm going back to my Matrox Millenium.
There's a really great solution for someone in your position called the AntLion ModMic. You can attach it to any set of cans you've got and still have excellent audio quality on the Mic. Then just pick whatever headphones you like. The closest match would be the ATH-A700X, but I'd recommend the M50x. It's got a very similar sound, but really excels in bassier notes- great for games. If you...
This display is all it's cracked up to be. Source: I have one.
If you'd been interacting with the developers since 2011, you'd know that it's definitely not laziness. I agree that most of the responsibility here lies with Slightly Mad, and who knows if their challenges were in lack of collaboration with AMD for optimization, lack of funding, or whatever... But I assure you, it's anything but laziness or carelessness.That said, this is so bad they're going to have to focus all of their efforts into fixing it. I'm sure 290x will slay...
Fudzilla is editorialized trash. I understand the want to contribute, but this is not good content.
god yes. This is literally my only complaint. Rain pools when moved with wipers and it doesn't stay stationary at 120mph.
If anyone's wondering if this game's going to be good. It's fantastic. My WMD account was created in 2011 at the first developer release of the game and it's come so far since then. It's been a crazy ride watching this game be developed from the fresh out of concept stage. It's extremely good, and WMD deserves all the support we can give them for building a game of this caliber in the way that they did. Anyone who gets this game, I promise you won't be disappointed. Now...
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