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Have they added dynamic weather like DriveClub's? Last I played, rain was just sitting on the fender of cars going 100mph.
I am; details?
Anyone have any ideas for running either OS virtually, easily, and free?
I hear you, I was stoked on building X99 until I saw the price of DDR4 and that there's only one M-ATX x99 board available. Also, not at all looking forward to rebuilding in the most painful case ever. Maybe I'll build an HTPC out of the lower chip.
Awww yeah! About to part out the 4930k system
GLWS dude, if I didn't get employee discounts I'd be all over this. Really solid deal.
They're going to start disappearing soon, I'd make your move.
Just take the USB drive out and reboot.
I agree, I've yet to see a well-informed discussion on anything involving Apple since I've been here. Which is odd, other topics are discussed so well.
I think this should be titled "Apple don't give a flip about either of the two people that think that using emulation is worth the bother, and is routinely fixing security" This is as stupid as being upset that the 2015 Ferrari 430 gets 13mpg instead of 14mpg. There's literally nothing Ferrari could care about less, and if you're driving it for the eco factor, you're doing it wrong. They're in the game of making the fastest cars they can, and if you seriously drive a...
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