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So I don't really care what they're using the data for, and at this point it's pretty difficult to actually figure out what it's doing. I just want to know: Is there really a keylogger in W10 sending any portion of my keystrokes to MS? and Is it collecting my files? Any file I placed on the computer that isn't a part of W10?
You do understand that Apple waits until the technology matures enough to implement features without tradeoffs. 12mp is great and all but who wants grainy photos that have a narrow range of lighting to work decently. What good is a 1080p screen at the expense of your battery? Apple's good at the timing and delivery of technology in a way that actually makes sense and and has a meaningful benefit for their users. Whatever manufacturer just released a 4k smartphone could...
I want to see Battlefield: Gettysburg. Honestly, you might assume first of all that it's boring, but with the creative elements we've seen in shooters in the past few years, they wouldn't even have to innovate to make it a seriously intense and strategic title.
Awesome. I'm so much happier with my purchase now.
Fantastic for AMD Users. Maybe it's not *everyone's* dream, but I for one am excited to see products like this come to market at this price point. I like where the industry is going
SC+ is installed and running! Any requests?
So getting a refund for Brink is out of the question, dang.
Woo my EVGA SC+ 980ti just shipped from Newegg
OP it sounds like you're applying your personal perspective to a Titan X, but what you're missing out is that Nvidia knows their customer base a lot better than you or I. When I say they know their customer base, I mean they spend millions of dollars to pay people who have dedicated their life to this craft just to do so... If you can afford a moderate GPU and rely on it to last you and get a good value out of it, then yeah this is horrible. But this card isn't for someone...
Kepler optimization driver is live today. I hope these words are delicious
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