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I'm an idiot, got The Force Unleashed and The Force Awakened mixed up.
So wait... Starkiller was made non-canon, does this mean he's going to be real again!? THAT WE MIGHT GET A STARKILLER MOVIE!?
Levelcap's a nice enough dude to listen to. His videos are easy to watch and usually pretty informative. He is a dedicated Battlefield streamer though, as is Jackfrags and a few others. They're a part of EA's marketing promotions and are paid to make videos about the game. I get that they try to be neutral and all, but Levelcap did say that this was the most fun he'd had in a Battlefield game since BF3. Sure, I can see how that would be the case but it almost sounds like...
You'll be out another $100 in new underwear
To be fair, didn't Q3A have zoom on every gun?
This'll be a day 1 purchase... Just need the G35 to last a little longer... I'm guessing you'll probably have to preorder as soon as they're announced to get one though.
Have they added dynamic weather like DriveClub's? Last I played, rain was just sitting on the fender of cars going 100mph.
I am; details?
Anyone have any ideas for running either OS virtually, easily, and free?
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