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Think they'll give me a refund even though my copy came with my graphics card?
But... this is a news thread referencing a news article... and even if it wasn't this specific context it's still tr.... You know what, never mind. You know everything, you're right about everything.
I specifically chose a new user as an example of the design theory contrast between the two and because it's an example of that scales more or less throughout the system. Also, IBM's employees aren't all technicians, only the IT people are, the lack of IT demands are a result of workflows exactly like this one. I highly doubt the reduction in support contacts is due to the guy in logistics having ease of use with unix parity; from my 10 years experience in customer and...
I think you can sum up a lot of the user experience in side by side task comparisons- for example. Creating a new user in windows 10: 1. Type 'New user' into cortana 2. click 'manage other account' 3. click 'add new user in PC settings' 4. click 'Add someone else to this PC' 5. decline online login credentials 6. decline MS account creation 7. go back, because it's forcing me to enter an email again 8. now it work. add new account info 9. account created OS X 1. Open...
*MSRP of 5k display, I guess. got me there, however:
Oh man the butthurt is so strong in this thread. I love my PCs, but not enough to have tunnel vision. These comments are succulent and delicious. Fun fact: You can buy a full 5k iMac for $200 cheaper than a standalone 5k display. Source: All of my work is done on a mac and all of my play is done on a PC. I'm in the support industry for macs and pcs, these numbers are legit.
Exactly. If Facebook is going to be filtering my posts, I don't wish to use it to post. Thankfully FB purity extension takes care of the filtering on the incoming side.
Skylake doesn't have IRIS pro yet, and these Broadwells are only like 4 months old.
So I don't really care what they're using the data for, and at this point it's pretty difficult to actually figure out what it's doing. I just want to know: Is there really a keylogger in W10 sending any portion of my keystrokes to MS? and Is it collecting my files? Any file I placed on the computer that isn't a part of W10?
You do understand that Apple waits until the technology matures enough to implement features without tradeoffs. 12mp is great and all but who wants grainy photos that have a narrow range of lighting to work decently. What good is a 1080p screen at the expense of your battery? Apple's good at the timing and delivery of technology in a way that actually makes sense and and has a meaningful benefit for their users. Whatever manufacturer just released a 4k smartphone could...
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