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Keep in mind the platform is so closed down that 1GB of ram goes a LONG way compared to what software is allowed to consume on more open platforms. I'm sure more was tested and they probably arrived at the conclusion that they'd rather not power another piece of silicon unless there was going to be a tangible benefit.
Returned to Frys in Roseville. Even for free, I'd rather play on my u2713hm, definitely not looking for an $800 downgrade. The motion was a big plus, but the IQ was an even bigger minus.
That'd be a much better trade off than this. In fact I'm not even sure this display isn't defective. If you remember those old movies in Command and Conquer in DOS with the black lines through them? It's like that, but horizontal. And not in DOS.
Looks like I'm going to have to return. the IQ on this display is just awful. I'm not down to pay $800 for a trade off. A straight upgrade, sure, but I'm missing a LOT of quality compared to the u2713hm. Looks like I'm going to wait until the 144hz IPS displays come out.
Roommate received his that he ordered from tigerdirect two weeks after my order from B&H. What the actual ****. I'm so livid at this point, I'm about to light up their social media and CS lines. Full blown lie from B&H CS about getting the first batch, just a blatant, in-your-face lie.
I have a very lightly used 290X Sapphire BF4 Edition card. This card was purchased to start mining with a couple others. By the time it got here mining had become a bad idea. It has not actually seen any legitimate mining other than getting a test score. Has been sitting in an unused server. Still have all original packaging as well as the Copy of BF4 that came with it. Here is a link to the card -...
Gsync isn't a panel feature, it's a controller board built into the monitor. It's pretty likely at least some of the monitors using that new panel will have Gsync, adaptive sync, or whatever else is available.
Weird. I ordered on the 18th, no charge.
I don't think OP is objective about this, I detect some serious bias. Is it Apple's fault that people don't take advantage of Apple's 2 step verification and use authentication information that can be socially engineered? At what point is the user responsible for using provided security features? How is it that Apple can be held at fault when there was no security breach? I get that Apple is easy to hate on, but I expect more from an admin.
I believe this is the reason:
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