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How is this clickbait? It's an interesting technology topic that is from a patent that actually exists. There's no "this man dug a whole in his yard and you won't believe what happened next" here...I'm super interested to follow the development of this!
I was just logged into my WMD account today, which was created in 2011. I've been following it that long, I think I'll survive a month. It's already my favorite racing game since GT2.
Interesting. I've used Tinder and had important relationships (8 months), some flings, a current FWB and a good amount of dates. It's been good to me and honestly I wouldn't mind paying, but I do think it's either going to not survive the pay model or they'll have to change it back to free. As popular as it is, if the user base leaves because of the cost, I expect it'll be a mass (and permanent) exodus. RIP Tinder, you worked real, real well.
Easy there, Downer. New Order had a high fun factor, not every game was destined to be original. Plus, I think if ANY game gets a break on originality, it's the gaddern one that created the whole freaking FPS genre.
New Order was a blast, I'll definitely get this. +1 for the Wilhelm Scream at the end there
I'm an idiot, got The Force Unleashed and The Force Awakened mixed up.
So wait... Starkiller was made non-canon, does this mean he's going to be real again!? THAT WE MIGHT GET A STARKILLER MOVIE!?
Levelcap's a nice enough dude to listen to. His videos are easy to watch and usually pretty informative. He is a dedicated Battlefield streamer though, as is Jackfrags and a few others. They're a part of EA's marketing promotions and are paid to make videos about the game. I get that they try to be neutral and all, but Levelcap did say that this was the most fun he'd had in a Battlefield game since BF3. Sure, I can see how that would be the case but it almost sounds like...
You'll be out another $100 in new underwear
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