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Awesome. I'm so much happier with my purchase now.
Fantastic for AMD Users. Maybe it's not *everyone's* dream, but I for one am excited to see products like this come to market at this price point. I like where the industry is going
SC+ is installed and running! Any requests?
So getting a refund for Brink is out of the question, dang.
Woo my EVGA SC+ 980ti just shipped from Newegg
OP it sounds like you're applying your personal perspective to a Titan X, but what you're missing out is that Nvidia knows their customer base a lot better than you or I. When I say they know their customer base, I mean they spend millions of dollars to pay people who have dedicated their life to this craft just to do so... If you can afford a moderate GPU and rely on it to last you and get a good value out of it, then yeah this is horrible. But this card isn't for someone...
Kepler optimization driver is live today. I hope these words are delicious
I was cautioned earlier in the thread about EVGA, I know their mobo division suffered, but can someone elaborate on what's wrong with their graphics cards?
Order in! Do you think my CPU will bottleneck it?
How confirmed is this?
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