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Do we have our very own OCN Flat Earthers!? YESSSSS Dreams really do come true.
I'm sure you aren't wrong, since I and my group are clearly such simpletons that you can't even bother breaking it down. All the same, when my group was assembled on mumble and talking about what we wanted to play, the SP was the reason we just weren't having fun in TF and decided to move on. You might not have the same experience as us and maybe you don't mind it and it's fun for you, but I wasn't asking for anyone's approval of what I like and don't like about the game,...
Do we know yet if the smart pistol is coming back? That's literally the only deciding factor for my group.
Hope this is the right place for this, I could really use more sets of eyes on this idea. I'm rebuilding a home office for a Stock market trader who's current all x58 build is beginning to show some failed components across the 6 machines in the office. So far I've built and tested an x99 system and put it through it's paces mimicking backups, incremental backups, and failure of components with the backup software and everything's going swell. The actual systems are going...
Bahaha they did the exact same thing with Siege. They just think their games are above being hacked, I guess. Their graphical and art detail quality in the Division is only matched by their vast stupidity and denial on the topic of hackers.
I haven't read every comment in the thread yet, but from the video I took away increased memory speed is really the way to bring the last generations of CPUs up to the 6700k level- can someone confirm or deny? If that is the case I'm going to upgrade from 1866mhz DDR3 to 2400. Thoughts?
This is that super popular wonder ram from 2012 or so... You know the stuff- famous for ultra low timings. I believe it's 28nm How much could I get for my 4x4 kit?
All of the above^^ I'd say the big players are Frame Interpolation and consistent 66.6ms frame timing. Your brain is used to watching content at 30 and even 24fps and it's learned to let you get engrossed with even those low frame rates. The catch is, they need to be consistent. While of course we don't see a bit of frame lag and call out "THAT FRAME WAS 7.24ms OFF, AHHH" but we perceive the hundreds of these imperfections happening every minute as exactly what you're...
Obviously it's Starkiller base. RIP original Starkiller
Squad is great! I recorded some footage of my very first time loading into the game, and I'm completely clueless here. I only share this because the impressive thing to me is that this squad is made up of complete strangers but is working extremely well together. Be warned, if you watch this- I'm 100% clueless and just beginning to get my bearings. Also it's really dark after encoding, but it was plenty light enough to be playable with a bit of extra challenge in game.
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