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Did we ever get any info on the Ti upgrade program that Nvidia is supposedly going to offer?
That's awesome to hear, thanks!Can't wait for this display to come out, I agree with the poster earlier who said they prefer to get a display and let their system grow into it. Plus, Gsync's heaviest value is ~40-50fps anyways, so it makes perfect sense.
oooooh I like that a great deal. It's a bummer it doesn't look like it can be purchased standalone
I would like this to be 30 inch, but even at 27, 4k is not too much. It's a regular occurrence in Squad at 1440p to be firing at a target that's ~5px wide, so this bad boy will be big gains for my marksmanship.
Well, crap. Time to fork out some dough.
Weird, I've got about 150 hours in and the only crashes I've seen were when I was pushing my GPU too hard.
Bummer, I was going to suggest hunting down a gtx 465, those could be unlocked to a full blown 470 in software. I still have one running in my brother's rig, it's a legend.
I forget the name of the latest big update, maybe it's the Anniversary update? Not sure, but I am sure that you have to have it to get this.
Modern Warfare 2 won't run on a pentium!
Just when I thought I saw an announcement that could illicit a maximum response of "hey, that's neat." good old is here to get all nuts over it.
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