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Why are "Smart watches" allowed to be a thing? I don't see a legitimate purpose
Surely with all of this hype Zenimax/Bethesda must've noticed a bit, let's hope they don't pull the Level5 and slowly forget about it like Dark Cloud/Chronicle
This is the better machine I reckon, go for this one.
the 570 isn't sufficient? Well anyways i'm sure if you weren't wanting to budge from NVidia then go for the 760, but I would honestly wait it out a month or two for price drops after the R 290X is fully released and not sold out 24/7
I guess the currency difference is a lot more extreme over here, which makes my point a little different, Plus I never said the competition wasn't overpriced. Also iPad in particular is more expensive than my Laptop with the same storage, similar features, and generally better performance across the board.EDIT; i'm fully aware that the markets are almost entirely different, but that's still straying even further from the point. It's bloody expensive, the competition may be...
Take a picture of the results! I'd love to do the same thing
I was talking about phones for some reason. Also the transformer w/keyboard and the upcoming RT w/keyboard will have a larger battery life. Also I don't see why 10" has to be set in stone, and again I don't even have anything against the iPad besides the pricing, as far as I've read into it the 128GB iPad is the most expensive tablet running a "phone" OS on the market.
I'd say the Most of the Lenovo machines are pretty poor when it comes to hardware specifications for what you want, the one I linked at least has modern hardware, and suits most of your requirements, although it's a 17" screen, plus it's still below your price point so I think it's your best option
Well there goes his credibility
There's only one way to find out From experience underpowering a GPU doesn't damage it, just power the machine on and run a full system benchmark with your current configuration and check online, if you're within 5%+/- then you'll be on the right track
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