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To get Transparency on the taskbar right click the desktop choose Personalization, Then goto Colors, Turn the last slider to on the one on that says Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent.
To get color on the taskbar right click the desktop choose Personalization, Then goto Colors, Turn the middle one on that says Show Color on Start, Taskbar, and action center.
You should be ok, install it then run ATTO on the drive, this will tell you if its running at full speed or not then we can go from there.
Cool ok, yeah sounds to me also it was those USB drives, at bootup it was trying to initialize them all possibly, thats alot of drives lol
Even the cheapest of SSD's are going to beat any HDD out there, It is a night and day difference between a regular HDD, SSD's are just very fast. M.2 (SATA) vs. 2.5inch SSD your not going to be able to notice the difference between them. M.2 are neat because you don't need to use a SATA cable and power connector. The brand you've chosen is decent, But if I was you I'd get the Samsung 850 EVO
Currently the best are: Intel 750 Samsung SM951 NVMe Samsung SM951 AHCI Samsung 850 Pro SanDisk Extreme Pro
The most recent/latest driver a P67/Z68/Z77 can use is FYI: Targeted RAID OROM and Driver per chipset: P67 / Z68 / Z77 - OROM, Use Driver Z87 / Z97 - OROM, Use Driver Z87 / Z97 / Z100-Series - OROM, Use Driver...
The 14.x OROM isn't compatible with the Z68/Z77 chipsets, As for Windows 10 Z68/Z77's are supposed to use the Default Win10 drivers that are built in. Only Z87/Z97's are listed to use the 14.x driver and OROM.
Yeah it does seem to be running well. I myself clean installed Windows 10 Enterprise N 2015 LTSB version, It has No Store app, No Metro Apps whatsoever, No Cortona, No Edge and no Media Player and Media Apps. I wanted a pure Desktop OS and got it. Of course I never once look at the Start Menu, I install Start10.
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