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Update: New Intel RAID OROM and Intel RST Driver WHQL released for 8, 9-Series chipsets, Driver Download is in the first post
You're welcome
Ohh wow that's interesting.
Yes there are dumb people on the Internet that's why I had to say that, you are correct. I'll edit the post to better represent smarter reading.
Ok now were talking !, This is now the best SSD list
Oops i forgot Kingston. OCZ is alot better now though after Toshiba bought them.
I guess we'll call them "My" Facts hehee
My sources are my own opinion and are very reliable Actually 4 and 5 are pretty much equal.
I only post the facts Of course im referring to the new OCZ not the old OCZ
Best SSD Brands. 1. Intel 2. Samsung 3. SanDisk 4. Crucial 5. OCZ 6. AData 7. Kingston 8. PNY 9. Corsair
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