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I never OCed it, But I hear they can at least do 96hz though. The specs do say OCable but I just didnt want to hurt it so I kept it at 60hz.
No just one input, Dual Link DVI
BIOS U1J is the only BIOS that is modable, I added it for your, Make sure to install Windows in Legacy mode/Non-UEFI. Also make sure to read Gigabytes download section for this BIOS since the previous BIOS's are non UEFI, U1J will make your system UEFI capable.
Hello guys, I bought the newer model PB278Q yesterday and was wondering a couple things. 1. Does anyone notice a -15% contrast level in the bottom left corner ? 2. Does anyone use VividPixel ? My current settings are this below using the DVI port. Standard Mode Brightness: 10 Contrast: 60 Color: Warm Trace Free: 60 VividPixel: 0
Hello, I bought this new from greensum (eBay) about 1 month ago. I used it for 1 week, I since then purchased a PB278Q because I wanted the extra inputs and a OSD Menu. This Monitor has never been OC'ed There is no Dead Pixels, I even checked it with a magnifying glass. There is no light bleed noticeable when on the Windows Desktop, When on a black background in a dark room I do notice a slight possible bleed at the top middle its about 2 inches across and drops down...
Ok excellent
I'm assuming you also got an adapter also ?
That's correct.
When installing Windows you always need to make sure a single disk is hooked up or else it will put the boot partition onto the second drive. Thats why your boot times are slow most likely. With a Windows UEFI install the boot partition is the Windows Boot Manager. If I was you I would unhook all but the single drive and re-install Windows
Awesome, yeah PCIe 2.0 x4 is still plenty fast I think you'll need a 1.5mm thermal pad for that, might even be 2mm heh, No need to take off the sticker on the SM951 just stick the thermal pad on top of it, That's what Plextor does with there new Black Edition M6e's.
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