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I got a X99 Taichi six weeks ago and haven't had any problems with it yet
Yeah its weird I'm not sure why they don't list the 1.50 BIOS, its dated one day after the 1.40 BIOS. I'm sticking with 1.40 since its the latest on the website.
ROFL, Raisin, i'm laughing so hard over here, lol
Rcosse: what's the batch number of your CPU ?, it's listed on your retail box
Did you enable XMP Profile 1 ?
Put everything back to AUTO, Enable and set XMP profile 1, than try the Load Optimized OC setting profile for 4ghz
Those cores are probably by the IMC, I have two cores like that too..
It's all probably true but even if it is I will always stay with Intel, I think you're fine.
Yeah Win7 is still pretty good.
I would still stick with Intel even though Ryzen is coming out. I think you should get a HEDT system. I recommend these below. ASRock X99 Taichi Intel i7-6800K 4x4GB G.SKILL DDR4 2400MHz F4-2400C15Q-16GNT That above is around $700.00
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