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Get a GT 740, the GT 740 has a 128bit bus, the 730 is a little cheaper but runs at 64-bit bus. Here's one below that is the cheapest I've found.
I found a link to your original VBIOS here.
I really suggest to never flash a VBIOS and to never OC a GPU. But putting that aside I would re-flash the VBIOS that came with it if you can find it and to possibly reinstalling windows. If you can't flash it back see if you can put that VBIOS to stock values.
Yeah i saw that poor Moto G4 lol
I got the OTA update today on my 5X, working great
If you just play games no its not worth it since the games only run at upto 1080p.
Supposedly better memory management so it will be less likely the driver will fail.
Yes you need to be running Win10 AU to use WDDM 2.1 and yes its worth using. You'll also need to use driver 369.09 or the new 372.54 nvidia driver.
I'm not to sure, I don't think it does though.
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