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Well since the 960 Pro hasn't been released yet no one can answer that question, but I'm assuming it will work the same as the 950 Pro.
You're missing my point and you've missed it three times now. Yes you can boot from it using IDE as you know. BUT you do NOT have NVMe support its simply not in your BIOS. The NVMe support has to be added into the BIOS for Z77 and below. I modify BIOS's here for the forum. I've seen inside these BIOS's the modules are simply not there to support the NVMe protocol. These drives are all about NVMe, using NVMe you'd get the most out of these drives.
I think you're wrong here you do need a modded BIOS for NVMe support for Z77 and below. I'm NOT talking about your IDE boot support which most people wouldn't use this drive for, I mean full NVMe support.
That's very odd I didn't think Samsung put a IDE Legacy option in the 950 Pro that's news to me. You're missing the important thing here though is that you don't have NVMe support which is what these drives are all about.
Yeah it would work for Z77 and below but you'd need a modded BIOS for the NVMe support.
The 950 Pro and 960 Pro will only boot from a UEFI BIOS that supports booting from the NVMe protocol i.e: Z97 chipsets and above.
Samsung is the preferred choice yes.
GPU-Z can tell you what brand RAM you have on the card.
It does this because you're using HDMI, always use DVI for stability.
Don't use HDMI, always use DVI for stability.
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