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Ohh ok excellent, Im glad you got it working
Here we go, Everything went fine on my end I just renamed the 11.2.x RAID bin to ICHARAID.bin then i simply replaced the older one. It did put the replaced ICHARAID.bin at the bottom but im assuming CBROM knows what its doing.
You sound like your doing everything correctly but yeah if its altering others ones when placing stuff back thats not a good sign. Gimme a bit ill mess with it see what I can do for you. I'll probably get the same results as you but lets see anyway.
Yeah its very hard to mod those BIOS's, I dont even like to do it since its so sensitive it can brick the board if done wrong, But when I used to do it I would copy all the modules under the ICHRAID.bin then I would remove all of them under it and the ICHRAID.bin, Then I would re-insert the new ICHRAID.bin then add the rest in the correct order under the ICHRAID.bin, so right down the order of each module then remove the old ICHRAID.bin and everything under it then simply...
He could also get the newly released BX100 or spend a few more and get the MX200.
As long as your X99 comes with the Full speed M2 slot your gonna be one happy person ! The SM951 is simply the BEST SSD currently out, hands down !
Updating the firmware is fine on the 850 Pro as long as you use the ISO to do it, And also flash it Un-Allocated. The 850 Pro is the best SSD's out though, My favorite are the Intel 730's and the 240GB is down to 119.99 from 199.99, the 480GB are 219.99 which is killer !
I agree your totally correct, Always use the ISO to update, And always flash a Un-Allocated drive.
Most motherboard manufacturers are having us use for the Z97 boards. So i put two and two together For the Z77's the latest driver for them is since the newer 13.x series dont have device ID's for those chipsets.
Yes just download the .zip file, the AHCI driver is inside it.
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