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All you have to do is Disable the Windows update service in the ISO using NTLite. Than when you Install windows 10 it will never install any drivers etc. And to update Windows 10 in the future you use DISM and update manually with the .cab update file. Works great
Hello i'm selling my datacolor Spyder5 Express, I used it once and really don't have a need for it anymore. - Free Shipping (FedEx Ground) - PayPal only
Wow a 200MB/s increase just by installing the RST for that 960 Pro, are you using the Samsung NVMe driver 2.2 also ? this is amazing ! Which RST version are you using ?
I'm not sure about number 1 but the 1.76 is the CPU Input voltage, mine reads the exact same as yours.
New in sealed box -- PayPal only -- Free Shipping (FedEx Ground)
Hmm.. strange, It should be fixed shortly there good at fixing things fast.
I just went there seems fine to me. It has me logged in. Maybe registration is down, when there's problems there they seem to fix them fast.
He uses that forum to post his info so i'm pretty sure that link i linked to MSMG is the official page for him.
Yes just one computer, It activates online and sends stardock machine ID's. You have to deactivate it to use it on another machine.
Here you go
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