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Hmm.. strange, It should be fixed shortly there good at fixing things fast.
I just went there seems fine to me. It has me logged in. Maybe registration is down, when there's problems there they seem to fix them fast.
He uses that forum to post his info so i'm pretty sure that link i linked to MSMG is the official page for him.
Yes just one computer, It activates online and sends stardock machine ID's. You have to deactivate it to use it on another machine.
Here you go
You're welcome
Grab the Final ISO below Now use rufus to put the ISO onto a USB Stick, Make sure its a 8GB stick at the least, and if your installing Windows onto a UEFI system, load ISO image then change it to "Use MBR partition scheme for UEFI"
What you're looking for is a program called MSMG Toolkit
I installed the new 2.2 driver just fine on a clean install i did yesterday.
I only play Eve online I know I'm weird lol, does your colormunki software run at startup like mine than like one min after windows loads you can see calibration kick in ?
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