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Awesome, good job
Update: New RAID OROM and Drivers for Intel 8 and 9 Series boards OROM: Driver: WHQL
Ohh ok sorry about that, yeah ive never tried to extract it so I was under the impression that it could be extractable.
I checked, that board only has Killer LAN. Extract the killer package (file), then goto device manager, right click the LAN device then choose update driver for it, Then browse to the folder where the Killer software was extracted to then let it install the drivers.
You can manually install the killer drivers you dont need there software at all. If your board has two NICs and one is Intel I'd definitely use the Intel NIC
Ok great
I added the BIOS for you it contains the TRIM OROM. Make sure to install/boot Windows in Legacy/Non-UEFI mode.
Which OROM did you want ?
Added You welcome i'm glad I can be of some help
I'd use OROM, and yes Id remove the array flash my BIOS then re-create the array and then install Windows fresh. I'f you need a BIOS let me know.
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