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Hello everyone, I just got a new GTX 770, a reference model the one thats made by NVIDIA and has the TITAN cooler on it. (I think these are very rare and hard to find, I got the last one at BestBuy was on clearance price for 299.99) My question is I thought these were made with Samsung VRAM, But my GPU-z says Elpida. Im assuming since its made by NVIDIA it still is just as good as the Samsung ones ? My VBIOS is 80.04.E6.00.01 , I think the date on the VBIOS is November...
No I didn't get the backplate, The promotion ended on November 9th.
I got this new on 11/14/2014, I'm selling it because i'm getting a GTX 980 Reference card. I'm two days past the return date so I cant return it. The card works great ! I'm amazed on how powerful these cards are. -- It came with the latest VBIOS, So that means the card fans don't spin until it reaches 65c -- It has NO coil whine that I can hear. -- I never OC'ed this card, I don't believe in OC'ing Video Cards. -- Max temp, it will never go over 74c -Paypal...
Yes indeed, RAPID is nice and you can sure tell a difference when its enabled like in basic tasks opening programs, web browser etc are all alot faster to load. I think RAPID is awesome.
Ok guys I want some new RAPID results
If your using HDMI thats why, its a driver issue.
Just to add to my previous post, my i5-4690 is also 1.246v in BIOS if I leave Turbo, EIST and all CStates enabled.
Im using BIOS F8 and my i5-4690 at idle is 1.08v and full load it goes to 1.16, I do not OC and all BIOS setting are on AUTO, I also disabled Turbo and EIST and also disabled all the CState modes. Im using a small triple pipe cooler master cooler, temps on all cores is 33-36c at idle and at full load all cores go upto 71c
F8 is the official final version of what was F8d
SuperMicro makes the best boards on this planet.
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