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12.9, 13.x is for Z97 mainly
When I update these BIOS theres two OROM's I replace a Legacy OROM and a UEFI OROM (SataDriver module) The Legacy OROM is used when you dont use UEFI to boot Windows 8/8.1 or Win7 too for that matter. (the Ctl-I RAID setup at boot) The UEFI OROM is used when you do boot in UEFI mode and also is used for AHCI UEFI installs/boot. (RAID setup is inside the BIOS config screen) Now take note that P67/Z68 BIOS's do not contain the second UEFI OROM, Being said Im not sure how...
Yeah there isnt a UEFI_SataDriver module in your BIOS and im the one that would say if its not there in the first place I wouldnt add it. But thats my opinion. I'f I was you I would just install windows in Legacy mode then youll be for sure youd be using the updated OROM on my BIOS's for that board.
Do you boot/have windows installed in UEFI mode ? It might be that your BIOS doesnt contain an updated UEFI_SataDriver module to correspond to a newer driver, which board do you have I'll look into this.
Actually im noticing now the G3220 feels faster def in single threaded stuff, In multithreaded the 6300 kicks butt, also down side with this 6300 now is it creates ALOT of heat and power draw. This might sound funny but the G3220 feels faster to me in a weird way, also the Intel SATAIII is WAY better then AMD's.
I got these on Mar 10th, and used them for about 1 week, I decided to get a FX-6300 instead so I'll be selling these two items. --Free Shipping (UPS Ground) --PayPal only
Yes and Yes
Its saying that because your USB stick isnt formatted FAT32
Your welcome
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