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Thank you, I'll update the first post with it. Note: Its
That's really weird it seems like you stuck at SATA II, I'm stumped.
Yeah its weird some of there older boards did get a final UEFI BIOS update, But yours didn't receive one.
Yeah I would just get the AHCI version, I'm almost certain you wont have any problems with it.
I would just get the AHCI version, I've been using one for 4 months with no problems.
That F10 BIOS isn't a UEFI BIOS so I wont be able to mod it, Sorry about that.
Yes get a new PSU, grab a Coolermaster V650
Any luck yet ? Haven't heard from you.
Seems to be only affecting the Z170 chipsets, Anyone with a SM951 NVMe and a Z97 still experiencing these horrible slow downs ?
Yeah its about normal price for over here since its a new item, once Amazon gets them it will drop to about 125 dollars.
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