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Which OROM did you want ?
The two problem updates for Win8.1 were pulled on Friday the 15th in the afternoon hours.
Yes it is
Update: Intel RST Driver WHQL released Intel RST Driver
Added Note: Before you flash my BIOS check to see what version of OROM is already on the board it might contain the same OROM version, unlikely but possible.
Speed and performance of Windows loading applications/programs etc. To me my 850 Pro 256GB feels about 20-30% faster, better performance then my older 840 Pro 128GB. And I do know my older drive was slower at write speeds but I can care less about write speeds I only care about read speeds, snappiness of Windows etc. But with all that said the 850 Pro was designed to be faster then the 840 Pro, The 850 Pro is better in three different ways. First is faster and better...
If your switching from the 830 to the 850 Pro yes you would feel the performance/speed increase for sure. I switched from a 840 Pro and I can tell a difference, I LOVE my 850 Pro
Very odd, wonder what is causing this, hmmm.....
Were you in AHCI mode in BIOS ?
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