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Well the client isn't very tech "savvy" and I was thinking if I added a sub-domain to their website with a easy to use system of "posting" information I could code AS3 to check the sub-domain, find the info, and then fill the app with the info.
Well, it's for a client who wants a app made but with the ability for them to update information about 4-7 times a week. Since I don't want to be running maintenance on a flash app that many times a week I am trying to find a easy way for a Android/iPhone app to go to a webpage, gather information, then use it to fill the app.
I haven't spent much time with AS3, and I haven't touched HTML since HTML3. But I was wondering if there was a way to use HTML to identify, let's say a textbox. Then using Actionscript, going onto that domain (that the HTMl is on), identifying the textbox, and importing/downloading the textbox for offline use (so that people can still view the information without begin connect it just can't be updated)? Is there a easy way to do this that I am not aware of? Any advice...
I tried that, still didn't work. But I somehow (don't ask me how I just did) get it working...I have decided Samsung doesn't know what the term "user friendly" is (thank god I'm a geek).
So I bought this portable hard drive for college. First week of class it worked like a charm, now though (a couple weeks later), it won't allow me to access the files from any other computer than my own. As far as I know I haven't turned on any security, and I can still look around on my drive (file explorer) on other computers. I just can't access any of the files. I have no idea what to do and I NEED this fixed by Monday night so help is very much appreciated. This...
Rip5, first off I hope I'm not the first to say: WELCOME TO OCN! Using a Antminer U1 with BFGMiner (CGMiner will work fine as well) at the frequency speed of 881 (Mhz) I got a 1.88 GHs average on my PC, I'm slowly upping the core clock from stock again on the raspberry pi (hopefully getting to that on Monday). I will slow and steady (a.k.a. carefully: something new to overclocking (I kid, I kid)) raise my core clock and post ALL of the meaningful and helpful stats/tips I...
I'm now using Minepeon and looking stable at the 24 hour mark...But why would I be saying this on the OCN forums if I am not going to OC it...Time to get to work (I got this great external fan I'm using for airflow so i should be able to hit 2.0 Ghz easy, and stable, maybe beyond...definitely beyond...) NOTE: When I get to clock speed (overclocking) bench-marking I'm going to do it on a different thread I will eventually link to here:
I did on my desktop I just had to install a different version of CGMiner (3.8.5). I now have to get it set up on my raspberry pi...wish me luck...I have had none so far!
Right now I'm running the Antminer U1 with CGminer 3.9.0 and it says I'm only running at .566 Gh/s. Now I am not a math major...but .5 doesn't seem like 1.6 Gh/s...I need help, any suggestions? I am a bit out of my element, any idea's on why it's going so slow?
I have a ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard board (This is the tigerdirect page i got it from years ago Anyways I'm hoping to use it for a media center computer running SteamOS, But the Motherboard needs UEFI Boot! Can I flash the BIOS to UEFI and how?!
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