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psu: 1080p,big enough to enjoy all my games does RAM speed matter? it's a corsair vengeance 8gb.
Hi I have a pc that I use for gaming, but it's getting old and the motherboard is slowly becoming obsolete. It has a 1155 socket. Anyway, I'm deciding to buy new parts/pc or upgrade existing one. My current PC is: HD 7870 i3-2100 650w PSU 8GB RAM The gpu's card is bent a little, so it's hard to take it out/slot in. My options are: Upgrade existing PC with a used i5-2600k or 2700k, and GTX 970. OR buy a new pc: New full-tower case New 16GB RAM Mobo i7-4000k...
that minimum gpu tho..
exactly what i'm looking for.
how do i know you all are being biased with intel? anyone have raw data?
Even at stock settings?
I want to buy R9 290 or 780 Ti. should i upgrade my cpu too? (i want to prevent bottlencking)
main job: LAPD officer side job - software dev. consultant
yeah i just found it. ughhhh why was that so hard lol shouldn't be that difficult.
cant find the rules link me somebody
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