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Do the numbers look good? why is the clock only 500 mHz? Also can you guess what card I'm using?
HiThanks for answering, +1 rep. When you mentioned physical game coupons I went back to my mail center and realized that there was one more package left. Seems like they are now shipping it separately.
Might as well call it a small pad for God's sake...Grow up.
Hopefully more Asian developers move their stuff to PC
Hi all I bought an HD 7870 MYST ed. from Newegg with the bonus game coupon. I was wondering if the game coupon was supposed to come in a separate package because I didn't find it in the same box that contained the card.
Yeah tech is finally slowing down. Need to catch my breath for a little longer.
Only one word for this game: beautiful. Even on medium settings. Well worth the price and support
Meh, the HTC One X was good but Galaxy for me was a tad better on performance, battery life, and pretty much everything. I already got my eyes on the next Galaxy but am eager to check this new one out.
Now that's more like it, rep'd +1 HD 7930 it is
Rep +1Welcoming more feedback
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