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Some just like to have big toys in their hands
How so?
I'm pretty sure he meant that Samsung is one of the world's top electronics firms --> has more weight on influencing technological innovation (among other things).
Makes sense. Their products are the best electronics I've ever used.. plus gotta applaud them for enduring that whiny Apple's endless patent rage gruesome and promising. Shinji's talent truly shows in the trailer
Regardless of what the marketing director said (note that he's a marketer), I'm still betting my money on FO4
You make no sense. A bigger screen shouldn't give you any more headaches than smaller screens since it doesn't need to compact information into one small screen. By your logic you'd get more headaches using a larger laptop than a small netbook?Obviously an Apple fanboy..
Why would you need more than 4 cores? Ridiculous.
Yeah, all of my games. Even when I'm not playing and does weird stuff on my desktop but only occasionally. I'll try the beta driver tomorrow
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