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Absolutely amazing give away!!! *FINGERS CROSSED* CPU i7 3930K Graphics ASUS GTX680-DC2-4GD5 Hard Drive Samsung 840 capacity: 256 GBytes Power CORSAIR AXSeries AX850 Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-X79-UP4 RAM CORSAIR Vengeance 16GB size: 16 GBytes Case CM Storm Stryker Hard Drive WD Black capacity: 1 TBytes Cooling Corsair h100i Thanks again for the opportunity!
Heck yeah! Awesome give away and I would love to sport me some OCN branded gear
I think I am finally ready to get my feet wet and try water cooling. However, I am not experienced enough nor do I feel confident to build / operate a custom loop on my own. So with that in mind I'm looking at some of the all-in-one coolers to start with. I have been looking at some reviews and benchmarks of a few different coolers. I know I want to stay away from the Corsair H series coolers as I have heard horror stories from friends and from different reviews on a...
I love the build so far man. I cannot say I am too crazy about the paint color but everything else looks great. I love the 600t it is a great case.
Very cool thread. Thank you for the info and for the reference to the page Cykososhull. I read through some of that and plan on giving it another go as soon as I get home. Quick question for you, I've read and heard that if I have all my RAM slots full then OC'ing can be harder. I currently have 12GB of RAM for no other reason than I like to have all of the slots full lol. 1st question - Would it make it easier to OC this chip and get it stable if I removed 6 GB of...
^ I believe this is just the product I have been looking for...especially after the bad experiences I have seen others have with less quality products of this nature.
Thanks for all the help guys. After 10 hours it was still stable so I let it run through the night on IBT. I get up this morning and my computer has restarted but I get no message about Window's having recovered or being restarted or anything. Also, I got no message on the results.log from IBT about the test being a success or failure. Do you guys think I should keep it where I am or run another 24 hours of IBT?
Very nice, get rid of the stock cooler tho
I have one of those, awesome mouse
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