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Fast flick shots should be rather precise despite the dynamic DPI scaling, because the scaling kicks in just below a certain (slow) movement speed. This is exactly what makes it bad for slow precision movements though.
Well it's pretty easy: it's not that accurate and it has acceleration. On the other hand it might feel more responsive than the Deadhadder 2013 because the latter does have some lag probably caused by its drivers.
Interesting for sure.... adds more choices to ADNS 3090 mice, which is never a bad thing.
Well you can't blame them, maybe (pure speculation on my part) they're waiting for a new sensor first in order not to release their "flagship" as just another mouse that competes with the same old, same old (Avago 9500 and 9800 mice). I mean it's either Razer or Logitech getting the newest products from Avago, Philips etc. and they might wanna take their time first to show what they really have up their sleeve. Lets face it... no matter how good of a product Logitech would...
Yeah we need another mouse with a similar ambidextrous shape that uses the same sensor AGAIN. :-/
Yeah weird at first but it will feel like you haven't used it any other way after giving it a few days time to get accustomed to it. Plus it's really much more comfortable for this kind of shape.
Better than the last one (which really isn't a hard goal to achieve) but still BS especially the reasoning behind it. No not all laser sensors have acceleration and optical sensors for sure aren't more reliable and accurate because of the higher malfunction and perfect control speeds, which in fact is actually lower (comparing to the newer generation 9500, 9800 and PTE sensors of course). Plus Deathadder 2013 > 3.5 > 3.0???
Put your ring finger on the right mouse button (or on the left button if you're a lefty) and keep only the pinky on the side of the mouse. Should fix a few ergonomic problems including yours.
The Abyssus uses as most "gaming-grade" mice the decent Omron D2FC-F-7N for the left and right buttons. So either you had bad luck or you can expect to wear out other mice with the same buttons in about the same amount of time.
Don't just search for G400 and G700 comparisons, that won't get you far. You'll have to search for information on the ADNS 3090 and 9500 sensors themselves because there are so many mice that use those, which will lead you to much more information and will show you the big picture.Or if you have trust issues and won't believe what people are saying, just try it for yourself if that finally convinces you. Get a G400 and G700 and try them both. Now not everyone can "feel"...
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