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you should fix your title. i thought I could pick this up for $80
Thanks for the heads up! +REP
why not just take the entire heatsink off if you are going to watercool it?
contact Antec support. they can probably send you a replacement.
Thanks for the opportunity. I have a heavy air cooler, which i wouldn't mind swapping out for an H100i! Sorry for the potato quality...
It looks like there is going to be a lot of advertisements...
I think it depends on the operating system. I am not sure how many GPU cores Windows supports.
You can run no more than 4 cards in Crossfire or SLI, but you can run as many individual GPUs as you want. If you could fit 8 GPUs onto the same motherboard, you could run all of them at the same time, they just would not increase performance. You would only want to run more than 4 GPUs if you have tasks that can use them all, such as folding, or mining. Hope this cleared it up for you,
I personally would use the dust filter, just because I hate having a dusty system. I doubt the change in temperature would be anything more than a nominal increase.
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