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For the CPU cooler, are we going to see a Noctua NH-L9i? Subbed
That's a good idea. I might just do that when I get some extra cash.
There are tons of cases that have good cable management. Some that I can recommend are the Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, Fractal Design Define R4, Phanteks Enthoo Pro. What kind of case are you looking for, and what is your budget?
I've washed them in the sink before, but I always found it a hassle. I suppose I will have to though, which isn't a big deal now that I think of it.
Hey OCN, I have a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2, and I was wondering if you could help me out. The case has dust filters in the front and top that are made out of foam, and are hard to clean. The bottom dust filter is no problem, because it is just mesh, and a vacuum cleans it right up. The same cannot be said about the foam filters though. Are there any ways I can clean the foam filters thoroughly?TL;DR: How can I thoroughly clean foam dust filters? [[SPOILER]]
Put linux on it!
you should fix your title. i thought I could pick this up for $80
Thanks for the heads up! +REP
why not just take the entire heatsink off if you are going to watercool it?
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