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What case is that? It's not the one from your sig. edit: just found it. Rosewill Legacy U2-B-Window for those wondering.
0% X 2 = 0% ...I'm sorry I had to
I ended up picking up a GTX 780 because of this ridiculous price gouging, let it crash is what I have to say to this.
Would sell kidney for surround 4k IPS 27" with razor thin bezels and G-Sync but there's absolutely no possibility of that happening. Probably a 144Hz TN 27" 1080p monitor all dressed up with ROG colors and overpriced to hell and back. No way they made a new panel for this.
Do I really need to hear what I know my dog is thinking about... Squirrels.
...What did you need 6 for?
Anybody know of when some aftermarket coolers will start being available? It's really the only thing stopping me from buying an R9-290.
I have the feeling gold heatsinks were involved in this takeover.
Hello all, I'm building a workstation for a friend who designs kitchens. He uses software like SketchUp, Chief Architect and Cabinet Vision. Budget is around $300-$400. I'm really uneducated in this area so any help at all would be appreciated.
non-reference cooler on an R9-290 and I'm all set with $300 to spare
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