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It's bak in my bedroom due to extreme cold temperatures:
So for the most part, I have the machine done. I've been using it a lot to make parts, and recently I moved all my hardware from my Arctic Rain build into an original Alienware Case, and I needed a new reservoir. I came up with this waterfall concept, and the result should be pretty cool: An earlier version being machined (skip to 1:30 for the close up): And now it exists:
It has certainly been fun, but at a little over 8000 lines of code for the post processor, I spend most of my time making sure it isn't going to slam the router into the vise etc. And that can get extremely boring/+frustrating at times. I think I'm getting to a point though where it's pretty reliable. I'm on my fourth revision of the software and the trajectory generator now has the ability to plan about 25 points ahead of its current position. This is giving me really...
Well the reason I was using a straight plunge vs a helical plunge is that MeshCAM doesn't support it. I have been using mastercam but I recently re wrote the post processor and I'm still making it compatible with mastercam's g-code. Otherwise I usually do use helical plunge.
Was able to get a lot of work done this weekend: Got the valve bank set up for automated control of the pneumatic control system: I also decided to make my own coolant system. It uses a venturi vacuum generator usually used for picking up light parts with a suction cup. The vacuum port is connected to a coolant reservoir (currently a water bottle lol) and gets sent to the nozzle inside the dust shroud: I realized I didn't have any pictures of the back of the...
It's that stuff used on the bottom of garage doors/front lip of your car lol. I have some of the brush on order, I just wanted something temporary.I decided I needed better lighting inside the dust shroud. I had some white LED stripping left over from the Arctic Rain build so I hooked up two equal length strips in series (Industrial tech for the most part all uses 24V):Lights On!I forgot to mention a key point with the router sub-assembly. I guess spending so much time...
Will do. Thanks!Did some work cleaning up the tool head:
Started working with aluminum. Already gummed up the end mill twice, but I think I've got a nice setting now. The cut looks not too shabby for dry milling. I think the first thing I need to make now is an aluminum spindle mount. There seems to be markings on the wall of the pocket that looks like the end mill is rattling.
Yup! Nice to get some publicity. Raised the robot up to allow for better clearance:
Rapid Positioning Test using the split axis feature. The video shakes due to the fact that the robot is in a wooden shed, on the second floor, and the Y+Z axis weigh over 100lbs.
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