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here is my current homescreen aaand here is my girlfriend's current homescreen
give it a few weeks mate. it'll be too hot to even use your PC with the air con on
Ak1200 is a beast for going this long. he is a true Drum and Bass legend
i need help. send help. sennheiser HD 800's next by the wayastoundingly impressive. if you're into bass heavy music these will absolutely blow you away. very clear across all ranges. i measured it not too long ago. 50hz was in my opinion the nicest range they produce.i made the comment that Worlds was the best album (in my opinion) since Discovery. that made alot of people angry hahahaha. i don't really listen to "EDM" mostly because now days that just means recycled 2...
setup in my Sig
yooo welcome to OCN dude!
[[SPOILER]] beautiful
sorry didn't see it hahaha
may as well post your studio ahahaha
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