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this is absolutely hilarious wow
personally i think the Viper would serve you best out of the three:D
this is insane really like what you've done with it
good stuff man. you wont be disappointed!
most likelybut i don't see why, the cable in my experience has been completely fine...i don't see how it could break
i've been using my G400 for about 2 years now. the only thing wrong with it is the paint on the logitech logo has peeled...the cable is flawless the mouse itself is in perfect condition. no problems with the laser. do note i do take it with me quite often
oh my god you just won the internet
i don't have a 400R but a 500R yes i do use the fan controller. a mate of mine has a 400R and uses it, it can be more handy than you think...
OH MY GOD. djkwabKL:JEFBLKWJHFBL i am so excited for this!
you're pretty spot on mate thanks for giving info for the windowed version
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