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Hey guys, have you experienced bad optimization from the beggining of the game? GPU usage fluctuating a lot from 50~98% and also the framerate? I'm now at the beach level and seems better now, locked at 98% GPU usage and 90+fps
I did that change, I had 2600k and now 4790k and I can say, in games there is NO difference, not even like 5+fps, I only changed because was tired of my 2600k being bad overclocker and for new visual for my mobo and other components.
Which C-States you change or leave activated when overcloking? I'm using an i7 4790k@4.5Ghz and at the moment is set at Auto
Change from H100i to H105, -5ºC temps drop
I saw some ppl using H110 on top in the 350D, but some here said it wasn't possible either on top or in front of the 350D. So does it fit or not?
Oh I see, nah, it's just a way I can do push n' pull and don't need to buy a filter for top and wait 1 month to arrive, since I already bought the bracket all I have to do is move SSD and HDD to optical drive disk area
Sorry, what did you mean? (my english is crap). If I would stick with the top push mount, I would have to buy an top filter for 350D for 14 dollars and pay 11 dollars shipment to Brazil, would also take like 1 month to arrive here, since I couldn't find the filter here in my country. And I would like to do a push n' pull in front with my H100i and in the future I can possible change to H105, I already bought the bracket converter for the HDD and SSD to install on the 5.25...
Yea I know, but I will add in front of my Corsair 350D and the top (where H100i rad is at) I will leave for 2x 120mm fans exhaust. I don't have air filter on top and my fans are pushing fresh air from outside to inside, and that brings a lot of dust to my case, so this way I will fix that problem and won't need to buy the air filter to the top, since the top fans will be pulling hot air from inside to outside.
I don't plan to go over 4.5Ghz 1.226v, today playing Crysis 3 the hottest core hit 70ºC It was during afternoon, ambient temp was at 31ºC, I'm using H100i with 2x 2500RPM SP120 in push, will be changing to push n' pull in the future.
Yea he said 1.10v 4.5Ghz stable, I thought 1.15v was the minimum voltage he found for 4.4Ghz, so I was wrong
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