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Hey guys, I'm kinda lost here, can you tell me or show in the image where is my main objective? For the main quest? I can't find it
Two prints I took with MSI AB, everything maxed out and also 4k resolution, look those frames per second lol [[SPOILER]]
What seems to almost fix 100% stuttering for me was changing everything to HIGH and Textures to MEDIUM, now my framerate is better (80~100fps) and stutters only when I go fast on driving vehicles, way better to play now, they just need to fix the mouse and the stuttering for higher texture graphics. Oh and I also did that DisableMip thing that helped too
I change from ULTRA to HIGH and the stuttering still happens
My game is a stuttering fest, driving vehicles or just walking I got stuttering
What does that do?
Anyone experiencing stuttering while driving the quadricicle or even running on foot randomly in the map? I'm playing at 1080p all Ultra and SMAA, I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers and got some stuttering, my VRAM is not reaching 3GB, it stays at 2500~2800.
Anyone experiencing stuttering on the second mission? My VRAM usage keeps at 2.9~3.0GB and that using just FXAA and SSAA off, I don't know but some areas my GPU usage doesn't stay 99% and sometimes it stutters a bit... Anyway, running it at 100~150fps all on EXTRA quality
I uploaded a little scene from Ryse and Crysis 3 at 60fps recorded via Shadowplay:
Hello guys, I've been using without problem my PC, so after I cleaned everything and replugged all the cables in the PSU, doing some cable managment, the SSD and HDD are not being recognized in BIOS, this already happened before, but just changing the cable made it recognize again, but now I can't understand why isn't detecting, I go in BIOS and there shows nothing about the SSD and HDD, and I tried so many different cables and also new cables sealed from the mobo box,...
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