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Lol I just did a fresh Windows installation, only installed the Windows Updates and the WHQL driver, also the MSI Afterburner and Far Cry 4 from my HD backup directly to my SSD. And I can say now that I have absolutely no stutter at all while running on foot/feet, my GPU usage stays locked at 98~99% and the game flows like butter, pretty happy now and gonna play way more now :thumb:
Thanks for sharing man! This is my rig at the moment with the 780Ti and H105:
I see... Thanks for the answer guys, just one more question, which one is better for SLI considering my motherboard is micro-atx and the two cards gonna be very close like this: What type of dissipation is better? Gigabyte G1, MSI Gaming, EVGA FTW, Asus Strix?
Really? I have only 1 GTX 780Ti, and checking the reviews I saw that the 970 with an OC like 1400/8000Mhz is better than 780Ti, and also I would be doing an SLI.
Guys, I'm planning to change my 780Ti to 970s SLI, worth the upgrade? Also, do you guys think 4GB VRAM is enough for the future? Should I wait 6GB models? I play only in 1080p!
I played like 1h after the 1.5 to check the mouse issue and also the stuttering, the stutter is happening less now, but still is there. You guys also experiencing stuttering even when running and walking? When I get in cars and vehicles it is pretty evident. I thought they would have fix 100% the stuttering. Oh, I tested without that DisableMip option to see if they had fixed it
Where is the patch from 8th December (today)?
Can someone pass me the savegame after finish the campaign? I lost my save when I clicked new game to show to my friend the beggining
Also, do you know what is the other spec? Instead of Assassins or Artificie? I think is Storm something, is that good for archers?
Yea sorry, its the spec from the three trainers, but I managed to load a past savegame without taking it, now I will check the other ones
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