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Guys, the only way to reset the monitor to stock factory default is going in the Menu>Settings and then Reset? The brightness for default is 80 and contrast 50, right? I just want to make sure is reseting to stock.
I mean, the boot is not long (Windows loading), the problem is the time to get to the loading screen and also display image in the monitor.
Guys, anyone have Maximus IX Hero can confirm that the boot time is really long? Whenever I turn on or restart, my PC take a lot of time just to show the image in the monitor, it goes from every kind of debug code to then finally show the display, is it normal? Using latest BIOS.
7.3Ghz at 1.25v? Is this the real vcore measure or bug?
This is the first site that reviewed it side by side in realtime showing statistics from MSI AB, if you guys want to see (it's brazilian portuguese the language):
Definitely, but I still prefer glossy, it sticks better under my hand
Whats the difference in CPI besides that it changes the sensitivity? I mean, I'm using Rival 100 at 500dpi because they said it is the only DPI that works good for this sensor, but in a better mouse like Sensei 310 is it better I use 500dpi or more? I'm testing now Rival 100 vs Sensei 310 both at 500dpi to compare the accuracy and also to adapt to the shape of the mouse to know which one I will choose to use.
The top coating so isn't rubberized? Do you think is more like the Sensei 310 coating (plastic textured)?
You work for SS? Can you tell me if you are planning to release a glossy edition?
Guys, was I suppose to notice a difference between a normal mouse tracking (like Rival 100) to a 1:1 tracking like the Sensei 310? Because it feels the same for me, I wish they had glossy edition for Sensei 310, glues better in my palm hand than the normal one
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