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Guys I think my GTX 970 have only 3.5GB VRAM, because I tried to reach 4GB VRAM in Far Cry 4 using 4K resolution and 8xMSAA, it stays at 3.8GB but with a lot of stuttering and the GPU usage dropping a lot whenever I walk in the game or turn the camera, exactly what happen when the GPU is reaching the max GPU VRAM, like trying to run a setting in game but you don't have enough VRAM, and then it freezes and slowdown a lot. Also, in Shadow of Mordor the max I can reach in the...
Right now is downloading 508MB on Steam, is it the new patch? 1.6?
I' m gonna buy a new motherboard and I need to know the difference between these two motherboards, they have the same price range. Which one is more ''updated''?
Guys, does the Kraken G10 fits on 970 G1 Gaming without problem?
Got my second GTX 970 G1 Gaming, and it's unplayable with those temps, the upper card is hitting 88~90ÂșC with the fan 100%. Also the upper card fan is scratching on the down card backplate, is that normal? I had to do a little ''foot'' to let the fans completely free to spin:
When I use manual voltage and all the C-States Enabled my frequency drops but my vcore stays at the full load vcore, I checked with HWMonitor, I don't think you can use manual voltage and have the vcore to drop in use or not.
Guys, is 12.6k physics score normal for a i7 4790k@4.5Ghz?
That case on the screen is not mine, but mine is very close look to that one:Also, I think the cooling efficiency with the G1s are better than the Gaming 4G, isn't it? I mean, in therms os aestethic, of course the MSIs would match better my case, but I'm looking for the coolest GPU and also one of the best in OC.
Guys, which card would be the best in therms of temperature when using SLI like this (very close GPUs): The MSI Gaming 4G or the Gigabyte G1?
And my stuttering is all back, I don't know if the 1.6 patch made it worse, but it already have back while I was in 1.5 patch, I don't know if the stuttering is related to some areas of the game, some parts of the map I have more stuttering than the others, also it was perfect when I did a Windows fresh installation, and installed only the main softwares and the game, I played like 30 minutes all around the map and my GPU usage always at 98% and no stutter at all. Well, I...
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