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Well, I bought the: But received this: Not much of a difference or I need to talk with the seller and change for the one I wanted? Also, last question, I put all around the sides and corners or only in the 4 corners? Thanks!
I will put a little bit around the sides and corners, also will leave a small gap as said to do, all I want is just to hold the IHS without move when I pull down the lever in the socket
But the problem is, only the second one is sold here in Brazil, the first one is from Amazon, so I would have to wait a couple time to arrive here and probably would be more expensive in the end, but if the first one is better I can do that sacrifice
Alright, I just need one last confirmation, I can get this:OR THISWhats the best?
And you did you use Permatex or Loctite Super Glue?
I see, a friend of mine said the glue indicated in Rockit site is better because with the silicone I would create a situation just like Intel did, a small gap between the DIE and IHS and poor dissipation, I showed the video where that guy glued all wrong the IHS, he said just need 4 dots in the corners just like shows in the official site of the tool, but you recommend using the Permatex Ultra Black I showed in the image?Thank you!
Hello guys, I just ordered my Rockit 88, planning to delid my i7 4790k, I'm looking for the super glue to buy here in Brazil, I didn't find the exact same model as the official site recommends, so I would like to know if I can use this one (it is GEL too): Translating the image: ''GEL extra strong and flexible - rubber in formula'' Thanks! Edit.: I saw the last posts saying about the Permatex is better, I found this one for sale in my country (Brazil): Is it...
Well, aparentely my 4.5Ghz 1.185v stable wasn't stable, I just got BSOD while watching Youtube video with like 10 tabs in Google Chrome, so now I will be testing with 1.205v, what stress tests do you guys recommend? I used to use Prime95, but isn't that good for Haswell, now I use Aida64 Edit: Found the x264 Stability Test in Haswell Overclocking Guide, stressing now
I see but that would make me nervous thinking ''Maybe my CLU paste moved a bit when I was trying to centralize the ''borders'' where the lever pull, and I also bought the relid kit together with the delid, and I plan to sell this CPU later for a future upgrade. Bu I will see, when everything is here and if I see I can do that, if it's not that hard, probably I will try without CLU applied first to see how the lever works and how much pressure the IHS is going to suffer...
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