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Hello, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, I don't have much experience in OC, all I do is set manual voltage and then set the Core Ratio to 44 or 47, but I can't understand why my chip does 1.165v for 4.4Ghz and needs 1.30v for 4.7Ghz, is there anything I can tweak instead of voltage? I tried to bring up LLC to Level 9 and CurrentCapability to 140% but nothing changed. Any help is apreciated.
This one:And this with same processor as mine:
Hello, I would like to ask for help about this situation, there is a problem happening in The Witcher 3 where my GPU usage near the city, specially Novigrad is very low, like 70~80% most of the time in the middle of NPCs, I didn't have this problem with my previous GTX 980, do you guys think is bottleneck or something wrong with my system? By the way is a fresh Windows 10 Pro installation, only installed the game and Windows Updates, of course the newest driver 368.95 and...
Oh my bad I forgot to update my sig, I have 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600Mhz now.
Hey, can someone tell me what's wrong with my build for running The Witcher 3 with the GPU usage variation like this: If you guys want to compare, there is a video in the description showing the same pass in the game but with an i7 5960X, and the GPU usage is solid 98~99%. Any help is welcome, thank you!
Hello folks, there is been a long time I'm seeing my CPU usage acting pretty high considering it's an i7 4790k@4.4Ghz, almost every game I have huge CPU utilization spikes, there some games in which it goes to 90~100% in all cores, specially The Witcher 3 and The Division, it happens only when gaming, idleing at desktop usually CPU stays between 0~2% usage, here is a video I recorded, the parts where I slowdown is to show the spikes to 90~98% in all cores, and then it goes...
I'm gonna buy one as soon as them are available, jumping from a 980, I need more FPS in The Division @1080p, and I'm not even playing with everything maxed out (including HBAO+ and PCSS), sometimes it drops to 35fps.
Simply because this model doesn't exist in my country, so I have to decide between Asus VG248QE, BenQ XL2430T or XL2720Z
Yeah but I forgot to mention mine is starting to get defective, when I change for example Contrast from 50 to 100, there are some of these values between in which make my screen pixelated and pink.
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