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Hello folks, there is been a long time I'm seeing my CPU usage acting pretty high considering it's an i7 4790k@4.4Ghz, almost every game I have huge CPU utilization spikes, there some games in which it goes to 90~100% in all cores, specially The Witcher 3 and The Division, it happens only when gaming, idleing at desktop usually CPU stays between 0~2% usage, here is a video I recorded, the parts where I slowdown is to show the spikes to 90~98% in all cores, and then it goes...
I'm gonna buy one as soon as them are available, jumping from a 980, I need more FPS in The Division @1080p, and I'm not even playing with everything maxed out (including HBAO+ and PCSS), sometimes it drops to 35fps.
Simply because this model doesn't exist in my country, so I have to decide between Asus VG248QE, BenQ XL2430T or XL2720Z
Yeah but I forgot to mention mine is starting to get defective, when I change for example Contrast from 50 to 100, there are some of these values between in which make my screen pixelated and pink.
I see... the problem is that my XL2420T is 5 years old and is starting to have some problems, the colors are a little pinkish now, and there is some settings I set that make my screen go pixelated and weird, so I really need a new one, and what about the XL2720Z comparing to XL2430T?
Alright, nice to know that from someone who had both Ok, but which settings do you recommend in User Color Temperature? Currently I have one XL2420T and I really don't like the colors, using 100% R G B.
But do you recommend the Asus over the Benq? Unfortunately these are the only options for me here in Brazil
Which model would be the G-Sync variant?
Hello guys, my options at the moment are only those two, I want to know which one is better, I mean, I know both are TN panel, 144hz, 1ms, 24'' 1080p, but is there any other differences between these two that makes one better than the other?
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