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Yes I did tried, and IT IS TRUE, at VERY HIGH textures, my VRAM exceeds 3.5GB and stuttering appears, which doesn't happen if I run with them on MEDIUM.After the patch, my CPU usage is normal and also the game doesn't stutter at all, specially if I change the process priority to high. I've played like 2h straight and the game didn't stutter. Why I would be telling lies?
I'm gonna send my 970 SLI to the store where I bought, and gonna buy now a 980. The rest of the money I will keep
Can't run with textura quality on HIGH, it exceeds 3.5GB VRAM limit of GTX 970 and stutters like hell
Guys I think my GTX 970 have only 3.5GB VRAM, because I tried to reach 4GB VRAM in Far Cry 4 using 4K resolution and 8xMSAA, it stays at 3.8GB but with a lot of stuttering and the GPU usage dropping a lot whenever I walk in the game or turn the camera, exactly what happen when the GPU is reaching the max GPU VRAM, like trying to run a setting in game but you don't have enough VRAM, and then it freezes and slowdown a lot. Also, in Shadow of Mordor the max I can reach in the...
Right now is downloading 508MB on Steam, is it the new patch? 1.6?
I' m gonna buy a new motherboard and I need to know the difference between these two motherboards, they have the same price range. Which one is more ''updated''?
Guys, does the Kraken G10 fits on 970 G1 Gaming without problem?
Got my second GTX 970 G1 Gaming, and it's unplayable with those temps, the upper card is hitting 88~90ÂșC with the fan 100%. Also the upper card fan is scratching on the down card backplate, is that normal? I had to do a little ''foot'' to let the fans completely free to spin:
When I use manual voltage and all the C-States Enabled my frequency drops but my vcore stays at the full load vcore, I checked with HWMonitor, I don't think you can use manual voltage and have the vcore to drop in use or not.
Guys, is 12.6k physics score normal for a i7 4790k@4.5Ghz?
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