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No, the usage is 95% and 80%, I think the 100% is either fan speed or power
Hello folks, my friends and I are arguing about bottleneck, I told them if the GPU usage is not high like 95~99% there is a bottleneck, if you OC your CPU clock there will be more GPU usage and of course more FPS, but they are saying this only happens in 1080p, but I told then if you are playing at 4k with GTX 1080Ti SLI and over 130fps in Battlefield 1, like the screenshot below, the 3930k is possible bottlenecking the SLI, even in 4k, but they said that is impossible, I...
That's weird, I don't remember touching mine too and it is Manual and Disabled
Can someone tell me if after the Creators update the Superfetch setting in Services.msc is Manual and Disabled by default?
I've clean my PC today and took some pics!
Do you mind sharing all the settings in BIOS you used/changed to 4.9Ghz? I'm planning to OC mine to something like that when my delid tool arrive
Does anyone get a very high CPU usage the moment when you spawn any planet? All my cores keep for like 30 seconds at 96~100% usage, and then if I turn the camera fast it stutters everytime, but after a couple time the CPU usage drops back to normal and game plays fine.
Well, I bought the: But received this: Not much of a difference or I need to talk with the seller and change for the one I wanted? Also, last question, I put all around the sides and corners or only in the 4 corners? Thanks!
I will put a little bit around the sides and corners, also will leave a small gap as said to do, all I want is just to hold the IHS without move when I pull down the lever in the socket
But the problem is, only the second one is sold here in Brazil, the first one is from Amazon, so I would have to wait a couple time to arrive here and probably would be more expensive in the end, but if the first one is better I can do that sacrifice
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