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Hey guys, does the GTX 780 Classified backplate fits on the GTX 780Ti Classified? They look pretty the same in these photos:
Yea everything was correctly plugged. I gave up trying, gonna test with my new rig i7 4790k and Asus Z97 mobo in about 3 weeks, if I don't get able to start up I will see if I can get my money back or something
And for the update, I tested in another PC, an Intel E6500 + 1 HD and it started up normally. I really don't know what is happening
I'm not using the AX850 cables on the AX860, I am not that stupid haha, the cables aren't dirt, they are brand new from AX860, also the 24 pin and a lot other are different connections, even if I wanted to use I couldn't use because they don't connect correctly...
But hey recorded a video showing the same PSU working in their test system, playing games and heavy load stuff
No, but I doubt is that because I just changed the PSU, I don't think CMOS would need to be clean for just changing the PSU... But I can try but not now
Ok I did the gramp test just to make sure isn't PSU problem, and the fan started to spin normally.Yes I tried all the CPU ports...
Also they say to connect a gramp on green cable and black cable, but my Corsair's AX860 is all black, how am I suppose to know which cable is green or black? Can I connect on 4 and 6? Like in the image?
Yep, the AX850 works fine, and the PSU isn't dead, I sent it to the ''RMA store'' from where I bought it, they recorded 1h video showing the PSU working without problems, also let the system 20h ON with the PSU and everything went fine, so I don't think is a faulty or defective PSU. But I can try on my friend's PC...I'm using the same power cord just because Corsair doesn't send power cord inside the bag of cables in Brazil, don't know why, the PSU came sealed and new but...
Yea I tried without GPU, and with SSD instead of SSD and HD, only the coolers from H100i, also the CPU_FAN plugged and everything.My PSU use 2 connector converting to a 24 pin, never saw other PSU like that:
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