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I don't know too hahaha, if someone reading this and know how to backup a mobo BIOS I would be glad. I only know GPU bios that we use GPU-Z tool to save the current BIOS.Edit.: Maybe you still have the file in your computer downloads folder? When you downloaded from Asus official site, check there please.
Does anyone know why they removed 2401 BIOS from Asus Maximus Hero VII? I flashed to the last one 2601 but I found the 2401 better for my OC, if anyone is using 2401, can you upload the bios file for me?
In this particular screenshot, I was using the same settings of the guy with 970, everything ultra EXCEPT AA, I was using just FXAA and also extremely smooth shadows (not PCSS), and the advanced graphics I didn't change nothing, so everything was off in that section. So all the rest to maximum.I was playing in full screen and without vsync, I always play in full screen and without vsync.
So you have 780Ti SLI and have both of them using 98%? Are you playing in 4k or what? Definitely a very good usage for SLI.I managed to get 98% usage only when I'm forcing everything to max, MSAA, FXAA, TXAA and everything maxed out at 1080p.
I don't think you understood the point, the guy who is having 122fps has a 970 and an i7 4790k, while I have an 980 have the maximum FPS of 99fps and my usage is at 81%, so definitely there is something wrong with my system, I'm having less FPS and I have a more powerful machine. The only difference is the memory amount/speed. The game should be hitting AT LEAST 93% GPU usage, we tested using the same settings, same place in-game, same driver and OS.
Of course I know that, I even said if I had a 750Ti, my usage probably would be 99% all the time, since it is forcing the GPU more than a 980.But what I want to know is why I don't have more FPS than the guy with 970, and why he has much more usage coming from his GPU than me.The other guy said it was RAM, I don't think RAM would do that difference, since 8GB is fine for GTA V
Guys, I just tested mine here, only 60GB left of my full capacity 250GB. Seems everything is fine, right? Edit.: oh btw I didn't use the samsung performance restoration, and my firmware is the EXT0BB6Q
Yes, he has 16GB and I have 8GB, his 16GB is 2400Mhz, mine is 1600MhzNo, I'm not using vsync.
This doesn't make sense, I took another screenshot using 4.5Ghz now and the GPU usage is about the same as 4.8Ghz: 4.5Ghz: 4.8Ghz: Maybe the change from 77% usage to 81% usage was the camera angle or the amount of things on the screen. So again, I don't think the problem is my CPU, it doesn't make sense a friend of mine using same CPU and 970 getting more FPS than my 980 Classified
But if I lowered the clock that much wasn't supose to use 95% like in the 970 screenshot? I mean, a 980 with 1046Mhz and 6000Mhz is weaker than an 970. And the 970 has the same CPU as me and also uses it at 4.5Ghz.I don't think the problem is my CPU, I gained only 4fps changing from 4.5 to 4.8Ghz...
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