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Hello guys, I've been using without problem my PC, so after I cleaned everything and replugged all the cables in the PSU, doing some cable managment, the SSD and HDD are not being recognized in BIOS, this already happened before, but just changing the cable made it recognize again, but now I can't understand why isn't detecting, I go in BIOS and there shows nothing about the SSD and HDD, and I tried so many different cables and also new cables sealed from the mobo box,...
The top two fans are pulling air outside, the both four fans in front pulling air inside and the rear fan pulling air outside the case.
I see, I downloaded FurMark and Prime95, let it running for 1 hour both stressing 100% CPU and GPU and the system didn't reboot, I will see if I need to remount the PSU with the fan in bottom, but I would have to organize all the cables again =(
Hello guys, I experienced the PC rebooting like 3 times in like 5 months, yeah it is very rare to happen but it happens, maybe is my PSU getting overheat and then reboot for precaution? I'm using my PSU mounted in bottom of the case with the fan pulling air from top to bottom, like is this picture I took: Do you guys think is it possible the GPU is ''stealing'' the PSU fresh air, since the GPU has a cooler right on the top of the PSU cooler? Both pulling from each side,...
Actually I was looking for new ones, different, better in static pressure and better in airflow if possible, and also silencer than my SP120 ones.I'm using 3 on the mobo, I can control them in BIOS, but the others are full speed.
Hey guys, I have an H105 and been using Corsair SP120 High Performance Edition in push n' pull, they are very loud at max RPM, do you know if is there a better cooler in therms of efficiency and noise? Thanks.
Hey guys, have you experienced bad optimization from the beggining of the game? GPU usage fluctuating a lot from 50~98% and also the framerate? I'm now at the beach level and seems better now, locked at 98% GPU usage and 90+fps
I did that change, I had 2600k and now 4790k and I can say, in games there is NO difference, not even like 5+fps, I only changed because was tired of my 2600k being bad overclocker and for new visual for my mobo and other components.
Which C-States you change or leave activated when overcloking? I'm using an i7 4790k@4.5Ghz and at the moment is set at Auto
Change from H100i to H105, -5ÂșC temps drop
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