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The chances to get the L4 batch are the same if I buy from Amazon or Tiger Direct? (I can't buy from NCIX, either Newegg)
But you went there and bought it or ordered via internet/website? Because I can't go there I need to order from internet
Hey guys, I want to order from Newegg, TigerDirect, NCIX or other web stores, but I want to buy the L4 batch number, is there a way I can tell them to sell me the L4 and not L3?
So the best batch to buy is L4, right?
Does it support 64 bits like the beta? Edit.: I saw that it supports in the post /\
And I don't have other software to use, the past MSI AB don't support 64bits and the EVGA Precision neither
I used Beta 18 and now Beta 19, same problem. Tested in my friends laptop and the same problem.
Hey guys, I'm suffering from a problem with my mouse ingame freezing and grabbing sometimes, it happens only in Battlefield 4 Multiplayer and the fault is MSI AB, tested with it and without it. Have anyone seen this happen? I don't know how to fix it.
Hey guys, are you using MSI Afterburner to monitor the FPS and GPU usage while playing BF4 multiplayer? Are your mouses freezing time to time? It happens only with MSI Afterburner monitoring, my aim freezes sometimes when I move the cursor, I really want to fix this to be able to use again MSI AB, the curiosity is that this only happens in multiplayer matches, playing campaign is normal
Is there any difference in the new BIOS from this link? I have the and there is one with more TDP like it says in details, because my Classy sucks so much in OC, I can't get even +60Mhz stable on the core...
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