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I have the game, been playing it since yesterday and the game runs well and looks gorgeous. Not sure where they get hamstring part comes from, yes there are some drops here and there but its not frequent enough to where it takes away from the gameplay experience. Also, the 360 port is done by Nixxies, different stuido. Nixxies has a great track record so no need to worry on that end if anyone plans on getting that version.
I would like to know this as well. I have a 680 gtx and was going to upgrade to a 980ti but think I am going to hold out for pascal or see what AMD will have (but now I am tempted). if Fallout 4 and this runs well on my system config (even if not maxxed out) I think I can wait till next year for a full system rebuild.Guess when I get home I will find out how it runs tonight or tomorrow. When does the Beta end?
Well that was prior - they just started doing this.....
Getting ready to buy a GAMING 980ti that I'm going to sell next year when pascal drop (assuming its a beast). Now should I wait for this? Wonder if it will be worth it....
As much as I like Win10, this is a pretty retarded decision by MS. They should highly reconsider this action and reverse/stop it. The success they are having with Win10 right now can quickly go the other way if they keep making stupid decisions like these.
Will the 360 Rad fit in a 750D (pretty sure it will but just want to verify). Thanks!
I dont have my windows 7 key, i acrually upgraded from windows 7 to Windows 8 key when windows 8 came out. So i jist have the Windows 8 upgrade key.So, i guess im screwed? I dont kniw when im gonna have my new comp completed. I might just do it and buy a new license when i need it because im still confused by whay seems to be a simple process....herp derp.
I did notice something off about the mic with my XO''s like I could hear myself, idk something sounded weird but I haven't tested it with online or a party chat. I might have to do that quick before the amazon return window is up. I do wish there were more pure wireless options though but I guess next time.
Really? I got that Turtle beach X0 Seven Pro or w/e as a gift (I requested it)...I looked into the xbox one but thought it looked flimsy. I love loud headphones when gaming, glad to hear it has a good Bass.
So, from what I am understanding with this. I can do a fresh install with the Free Win10 Upgrade...but I won't be able to move that license to a new machine with new components because it will be tied to my current setup configuration? I am asking cause I plan on building a new rig soon and from what it seems I am going to have to buy a retail Win10 License? Uggggh! Edit: Idea - what if I bought a windows 7 retail key got the license, use the bootable Win10 install and...
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