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Interesting, I tried searching for SLight but didn't come up with anything. This might be something I would like to do with this case. Thanks for the info and pics!
How did you install that divider at the bottom of your case? I see a white plastic shroud or something there. How did you do that? Do you have more pics that show that off better?
Just got this case tonight at Microcenter for $129.99 was close to getting the 760T but with the cheaper price tag and the good reviews this case got couldn't resist. How do I get added to the club?
It is laughable, and I am not sure what people get out of derailing the other platform that is not their choice...but it is what it is. What I am sure about is that I will be playing and enjoying what both systems have to offer at some point, while everyone are in forums all over comparing Teraflops and memory bandwidth specs.
OK, I don't get this thread...Xbox Live has been a subscription based service since it was launched with the original Xbox, why would they all of a sudden change that? Does not take much common sense to know that they were still gonna keep gold around as a paid subscription, so for anyone being surprised must have been living under a rock or just wants to stir up more noise. Just another pointless thread for people to complain, if you don't like how a particular company...
^ Right? LOL Lets look at it this way, if previous rumors about next Xbox blocking use games is true (with the activation code that becomes useless after 1st use). How can you get BANNED for playing a use game if you can't even play it? At this point, it just seems that these rumors are being pulled out from someone's ass so websites can generate lots of hits and purposely cause internet noise. I'm calling it - This and previous rumor = False.
Lol, I am sitting here lmao...I mean c'mon how can anyone take any of these rumors serious anymore? I don't even................LOL!
Sorry if I came off as verbally attacking you, wasn't my intentions if you are referring to what I said above. I was just stating that based on the link as to what IGN was talking about I just don't see it happening. For all I know I can be completely wrong, but would be blown away if that ended up being the case.
@Fate: I don't think Microsoft is that dumb to release a "high-end" & "low-end" SKU for the next Xbox. Meaning, I doubt there will be different SKU's with different system specifications, that would be a nightmare for developers (though development maybe streamlined) to downgrade a game to run on different SKU' just doesn't make any sense. I can see MS releasing a Xbox branded Apple TV like set-top box and the actual gaming console though, that can cause confusion...
Nothing has been confirmed, so this is still considered to be a rumor. If the rumors are true then it's actually 1.2TFLOPS (Xbox) & 1.8TFLOPS (PS4).
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