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Will the 360 Rad fit in a 750D (pretty sure it will but just want to verify). Thanks!
I dont have my windows 7 key, i acrually upgraded from windows 7 to Windows 8 key when windows 8 came out. So i jist have the Windows 8 upgrade key.So, i guess im screwed? I dont kniw when im gonna have my new comp completed. I might just do it and buy a new license when i need it because im still confused by whay seems to be a simple process....herp derp.
I did notice something off about the mic with my XO''s like I could hear myself, idk something sounded weird but I haven't tested it with online or a party chat. I might have to do that quick before the amazon return window is up. I do wish there were more pure wireless options though but I guess next time.
Really? I got that Turtle beach X0 Seven Pro or w/e as a gift (I requested it)...I looked into the xbox one but thought it looked flimsy. I love loud headphones when gaming, glad to hear it has a good Bass.
So, from what I am understanding with this. I can do a fresh install with the Free Win10 Upgrade...but I won't be able to move that license to a new machine with new components because it will be tied to my current setup configuration? I am asking cause I plan on building a new rig soon and from what it seems I am going to have to buy a retail Win10 License? Uggggh! Edit: Idea - what if I bought a windows 7 retail key got the license, use the bootable Win10 install and...
Add me to the group! I'll be upgrading once it allows me to :-/
Cool - Thank you for the tip!
So just to make sure I am on the right track. I will need a G10 mount? What AIO's are compatible with this card? Also - are their any special modifications needed? Will I have to remove the backplate or anything? Appreciate the help!
I suppose you have a point.
Yeah - What I meant to say is that buying the card then the Bracket/AIO cooling might equal to about the same/more so it might be a good idea to wait and see how these turn out if they are coming out Next month which is literally around the corner.If that is the case I have no problem buying the card at 749 or so.
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