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If I have a buyer for both, $100 shipped for the case $40 shipped for the odd and cable
Price now includes shipping to the lower 48. My gf is giving me a hard time about this just sitting around guys, somebody help me out
The subs were driven quite well with around 100 watts but are rated for 150 RMS. As for the Altec Lansings, they still sound pretty darn good, and are more than capable of getting loud when called upon.
So I've finally had time to test all the various theories here. And sadly after trying them all, none of them have worked. Now I did manage to isolate the issue down to something to do with the AMD VGA drivers (failure to boot occurs directly after their installation). That makes it either a motherboard or, since this is an apu, a processor problem. Am I missing anything?
Bump, all prices are negotiable now. Otherwise I am going to liquidate it next friday. I would rather this stuff go to ocn'ers than sit in a pawn shop, so offer up guys!
Bump, pictures are uploaded now.
Newegg Description I bought this case for an htpc build I'm working on. Unfortunately I can't leave well enough alone and switched to a different larger case. This case was in use for about two weeks and thats it. I also purchased a slim Bluray Drive ($70) and the necessary slim connector to interface with standard sata ($10) neither which I have a use for so both will be included with the case. The case also came with a decent 300 watt psu which is also included. All...
Hey guys, I've been putting the finishing touches on my AMD APU build and I've been having issues getting the system to boot stably. I go through the Windows install process, boot into windows and install my network driver. I then proceed to update windows. After installation and reboot, I can't boot back into windows without repairing the installation and it just keeps getting worse until you can't repair it anymore. I thought it was a bad hard drive so I swapped to a...
Hey guys, working on a new build and was wondering what gpu I should pair my new apu with. Current stuff in hand: 3870K AsRock A-75 m-itx G.SKILL Ares 16GB (2 x 8GB) (1866) Powered by a 560 watt Seasonic PSU and nestled into a LianLi PC-V355A GPU size and power requirements do not matter and price should be $500 or less I'm pretty open but I don't want something thats going to be bottle necked by the rest of the setup. The alternative is to stick my 5850 in this build...
I received the same set in my email. They are usually only for those who have recently spent some $ on newegg.
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