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Hello to everyone! I love the looks and functionality of the enthoo Primo (White) but made a fateful decision about a month ago based on price instead of value. I had been on the fence between the Primo and the Corsair 760T and the InWin GRone went on sale for like 100 bucks and I pulled the trigger .... it's okay but not satisied. I have been reading the thread trying to get more insight into the functionality of the case and do have one question that hopefully one of...
sorry- net freezing. thanks for the advice!
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Hey there Kraken guru's! I have just purchased one and am incorporating it into the final component installations in my White rig... Currently have a GRone but since I bought it on sale while secretly wanting the White 760T Corsair, I am planning what finishing touches that I will make when making the case swap. Currently have an AMD FX-9370 (960T installed), Sapphire R9 270X 4GB ( Sapphire 7850 2gb installed), Swiftech H320 cpu cooler (Arctic A11 installed), White Recon,...
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Is the seidon the one that can be added to?
Where do i send the $ for nzxt video card kraken? thx
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PM'd 1/15/14
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