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What do you think of this? I've been running Ice Dragon with Mayhems blue dye for less than two weeks:
you're a jerk
I have one arriving today.
Thank you. Here are the paints I've used:Paint penBlackWhite
One or two are posted vertically in my first post. Not sure what I did differently. I'll look into it the next time I post pictures.
My 680 just shipped! Looks like I'm going to need to be more patient than I want to be with the water block. EK releases them on April 2nd. Lame.
I guess I'll find out for sure in two days. Either way, the performance and $ savings is worth the swap.
Purchased an eVGA GTX 680 today. My 7970 whines and the 680 is significantly better...and $60 cheaper. Water block will come ASAP.
Just ordered my 680. Goodbye 7970 and coil whine (hopefully).
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