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Did a fresh reload of my OS tonight and after installing the latest driver off AMD's site (First tried 14.12 then Beta 15.3 after performing a complete uninstall) I am still not seeing Crossfire as an option I can enable in CCC. Also only seeing one card in Device Manager. Was working fine before the OS reload. Any thoughts?
Where is the best place to order an H-220X currently? Thought it was $139.99? Last I saw NCIX had it for $169.99.
Count me in.
Do they charge your card immediately or when they ship?
With this, the logo change (yes I care enough about a logo), lack of AIO Cooling solutions that have been asked for. I'm done with Corsair. Still want a 900D at some point but there are other cases that fill that role as well.
Wow seeing complaints about a long, big, full length RPG...what the heck? Do people not remember putting hundreds of hours into games like FF 6-10? Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, etc etc?
With how amazing the graphics are, we just need a mod or DLC with Colonial Marines and more Aliens. This is how Colonial Marines SHOULD have looked.
Definitely a "BF" that I'm not going to buy. Now while I have always loved games like SWAT, this isn't that, it plays like BF3/4 just with "cops & robbers" but no actual tactical elements.
Just applied. Same as on here. Iamthebull.
Green Man Gaming still has a coupon making it 40 bucks. Totally worth it! I'm playing everything maxed out, 1920x1200 with two 7950's. No frameloss, totally smooth. IT'S SO SCARY!
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