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My Galactics order came in today. Shipped fast!
My Galactics shipment is still preparing for shipment.
Would like to have my brothers Coolermaster 690-II Advanced Case. It was "damaged" being shipped but honestly I can't see any signs of damage. This is the first generation version which has the USB 2.0, not 3.0 ports on it. It does not have the GPU retention bracket as I believe that may have been the only thing along with the HSF that was banged up. No external or internal signs of damage that I could find, no bowing/bends, etc. Little dusty but easy to clean up. Would...
[Appraisal] 2-3 Year Old ABS M1 Mechanical Keyboard Black Switches Bought this a few years ago and has been a great keyboard, just saw another on sale today that I'm tempted to get, wondering how much I could get for this. I don't think I have the box anymore but I'll check. All keys work fine, no signs of wear minus normal dirt/hair which I'd give it a good cleaning. Thanks
Yea and I need to be more patient.
Steam ID: Boob
Can I get some help beating the Bad"a$$"asaurus Rex on TVHM??? My weapons just can't cut it and I keep dying from his reflect and I get overeager. This is on PC Steam name is Boob (Yea...I know)
Just my own personal fyi I got a box in the mail today (thinking what did I order?) and it was through USPS and it was the I'm getting ahold of the seller and Amazon.
Have had this kit for a couple years in a friends system I built for him but we upgraded. Link to the item is here: Thanks
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