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Up for appraisal a MSI 660Ti 2GB Model bought back in 2012. Has box and accessories. Additionally an eVGA 760 non-Ti 2GB bought in 2013. Has box and accessories. Thanks!
My Galactics order came in today. Shipped fast!
My Galactics shipment is still preparing for shipment.
Would like to have my brothers Coolermaster 690-II Advanced Case. It was "damaged" being shipped but honestly I can't see any signs of damage. This is the first generation version which has the USB 2.0, not 3.0 ports on it. It does not have the GPU retention bracket as I believe that may have been the only thing along with the HSF that was banged up. No external or internal signs of damage that I could find, no bowing/bends, etc. Little dusty but easy to clean up. Would...
[Appraisal] 2-3 Year Old ABS M1 Mechanical Keyboard Black Switches Bought this a few years ago and has been a great keyboard, just saw another on sale today that I'm tempted to get, wondering how much I could get for this. I don't think I have the box anymore but I'll check. All keys work fine, no signs of wear minus normal dirt/hair which I'd give it a good cleaning. Thanks
Yea and I need to be more patient.
Steam ID: Boob
Can I get some help beating the Bad"a$$"asaurus Rex on TVHM??? My weapons just can't cut it and I keep dying from his reflect and I get overeager. This is on PC Steam name is Boob (Yea...I know)
Just my own personal fyi I got a box in the mail today (thinking what did I order?) and it was through USPS and it was the I'm getting ahold of the seller and Amazon.
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