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Hmm so the H100 might fit in, could attach the fans from below inside the case pushing up.
The new cooler master WC kits look great, for the time being from what everyone said I think I'm going to get a D-14, thanks everyone. Any date on the release of Cooler Master's new kits?
Hey so currently I have a Cooler Master V8 on my i5 2500k at 4.8 1.425v load temps on prime95 around 85c, I was planning on going WC but have decided to stay simple. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on a new cooler, currently I'm looking at these|c:493|&Sort=3&Recs=10,,...
Dirt 3 does look pretty good, but in terms of gameplay dirt 2 is better IMO. There is also the Crysis series and Total War Shogon 2 - Fall of the Samurai for RTS.
Gpu-z should work just go to the sensors tab and click on core temp until it shows max.
This, remember when we broke the speed of light
It's because the needed files for unofficial OC are gone check out the 7950/7970 thread, probably get more help there.
Interesting that everyone is having problems with 2d clocks, I had it for a bit when using the Asus bios, that wasn't edited for 2d clocks. 2d is working fine for me now 12.4beta. Might be able to help some of you, or is this a crossfire only issue?
Well I think I know why I can longer find my PSU on the egg. Watching voltages for both my cpu and gpu, both hold steady fine for about 30 secs and then start dropping volts, getting a a drop of .2v on gpu, and .35v on cpu after 30 secs of load, causing amps to go way up... . Luckily next week I'm ordering my first water cooled set up/plus some other things
Could PSU cause random spikes in amps at high overclocks? Cause while watching GPU-Z the other day I noticed some strange spikes, while under load jumping from around 165A-160A constant to 185A-190A randomly.
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