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Exactly, when did a game become a Hit or Miss based on only one aspect of the game? People aren't even paying attention to gameplay/story/fun elements of games it seems anymore, only after it's been confirmed to have THE DOPEST GRAPHICS EVER MAN!!!! Then do people talk about that other stuff, on this forum anyway. Honestly no mass consumer company would ever put out a product that is only usable by the extremely few. I will buy this game, probably even pre-order, COD is...
Nope it should be unlocked on it's own, at the bottom of the overclocking panel.
LOL, finally...
Good, it would have been a gross injustice if nothing had happened to him. Even if it's true that he had know knowledge of the hacking, no business owner should be that out-of-touch with there employees to allow them to break the law.
Save money, get 3770K, buy a better GPU/go CFX/SLI. Honestly I would rather upgrade GPU's/Water Cooling, before jumping on a 3930K.
Already on Sandy, its great no reason to upgrade. There is no single card that can bottleneck a i5 2500k. PCI 3.0 doesn't make a difference until your running more than 2 gpus, at super high resolutions, if that's you than do it, but if you are on Sandy already, why? It's like buying a 2012 Civic, because your 2011 Civic is old and slow...
It's just that the die for sandy/ivy has the cores all lined up beside each other. Switching to 22nm just made it that much harder for the heat to release into the IHS. Yes switching to 22nm did end up in lower power and voltage, but the heat is much more concentrated in the cores and has less surface area to release said heat into the IHS.
Alright, thanks for the all info + Rep, gonna get my account up and going for bonus points for OCN. CC should be good though, hopefully I figure out how to max my comp before that.
Ok well I'll set it to SMP 3 after it's finished currently it's saying about 17000k with GPU vs 6500k CPU only SMP 4. I don't have bonus points yet as I just started when do they start kicking in? I'm at 4.2ghz right now, currently waiting on a better cooler, should be here tomorrow.
I'll get more points if I don't? I thought gpu helped a lot?
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