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This , gonna see if I can't get my 7970 stable at 1275/1750 for this thing, i5 at 5ghz (hopefully).
Alright after reading some info you got me, I'll try to help out.
Cool, do I have to fold 24/7 to get in on that or can I fold as much as I want?
Joining up, donating my i5 2500k and 7970 for some over night folding action
The new Sapphire Trixx/Mod for VRAM voltage seems to work the best as it is allowing up to 1.384v target on stock bios. No hassle with previous ASUS bios which allowed 1.4v target, however had worse performance. However the cards will be different/a hassle sometimes as even my setup has problems from time to time, and I'm only running 1 gpu.Don't know if running that kind of voltage will help, but it might. For me it only causes problems, but I have seen on in this...
Thanks for rockin the benches again, guys. In for the cpu...
Yep, fastest card on the planet for right now so why wouldn't they. Until the 7990 hits retail the price for the 690 probably won't go down either. That's suggested too it might be a bit more depending on stock and what retailer you buy from.
Is the release at midnight or 3am EST?
Done.Intel, I will not spend money on something that is an inferior total package when compared to it's predecessor.
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