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count me in too
Count me in plz
add me SE7EN#1236
Go ahead and add me with my Shimian to the club [ QH270 with a Zotac GTX980 AMP! Omega Edition ]
count me in. trying to get parts for the kids to have a desktop PC.
count me in
NO. You are only allowed to do that with EA/Ubi games. What exactly would you have them do to not be copypaste in a war-based non-sim FPS? I am no EA fan, but there isn't a lot of room for growth except for graphics in that genre. I kinda feel like they''re trying though, with BF1 set in a different time period that hasn't quite been ran into the ground yet.Someone else doing it worse does not make this better.
"Rayman creator Michel Ancel created a stir today when he unearthed and posted to Instagram images of the EPROM cartridge and screen (above) for the Super Nintendo version of the original Rayman — which was never released on that console." Source: I wonder if we will ever get a release to run on an emulator....
buy a keyboard with raised keycaps and you can just use compressed air to clean under them (like the corsair mechanicals) and clean your mousepad daily with soap and warm water.
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