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"Rayman creator Michel Ancel created a stir today when he unearthed and posted to Instagram images of the EPROM cartridge and screen (above) for the Super Nintendo version of the original Rayman — which was never released on that console." Source: I wonder if we will ever get a release to run on an emulator....
buy a keyboard with raised keycaps and you can just use compressed air to clean under them (like the corsair mechanicals) and clean your mousepad daily with soap and warm water.
This looks amazing, I am impressed each time I see news about this game. I rarely pre-order games but I've been more than willing to gamble on this becoming a full release for quite awhile now. I wish I would have gotten in even earlier for one of them lifetime insurance ships.
yeah, probably. Figured I might as well put a preorder in anyways, just in case
I don't know if they will stay like that, but the pre-order for all 3 on Amazon say FREE.
They could have given it a much better name. Asking someone for their 'BlizzTech ID' sounds terrible IMO. More like a place of employment than a gaming service.
Bout to grab that season pass while its 50% off. Does OCN have a group or anything for this game?
I tried to reinstall, and then going back a driver version, same result (clean install). Strangest thing though.... I swear it worked properly for a second when I was testing, and then started the lag a moment later.
Yes, I have never noticed it any other time.
After exiting a game using DSR from the NV control panel, my keyboard has a noticeable lag to it. It will accept everything I type, but it will pause about a second between letters appearing on my screen. RAM and CPU usage are normal (less than 40 and 20 percent) and my mouse functions fine. I have tried turning off programs like MSI afterburner and the Corsair KB control panel, but neither fixed it. Switching around resolution/refresh rates did not help either. Nothing...
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