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Yes, I have never noticed it any other time.
After exiting a game using DSR from the NV control panel, my keyboard has a noticeable lag to it. It will accept everything I type, but it will pause about a second between letters appearing on my screen. RAM and CPU usage are normal (less than 40 and 20 percent) and my mouse functions fine. I have tried turning off programs like MSI afterburner and the Corsair KB control panel, but neither fixed it. Switching around resolution/refresh rates did not help either. Nothing...
count me in, I like free stuff.
Definitely in.
in for either... preferably the pro
In, would like to use this for a media center
re-enter shipped
Congrats and best of luck for the future! I am in, would like this to replace my 560ti who has had to be brought back to life twice now via oven baking it would go in my rig in my sig
I am in for this... I would use it as a light gaming/emulator machine for my kids. What I like most about OCN is learning and seeing what awesome things other users put together.
I am in, would like to get this so my kids can have something to play on (they're currently on laptops and older tablets)
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