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you guys should throw your IGNs in a post so I can add you to the OP.also, hawkeye isnt terrible at high levels (especially with the Kate Bishop costume)
I am in, it will go in my current K7 Dreadnought rig, replacing the H100 currently in it, that is way too loud and makes grinding noises about 30% of the time.
1.Say I'm In or something like that. I'm In 2.What state do you live in ? Indiana 3.What is your Current CPU / APU ? 2600k 4.What GPU would you like to have ? something better than my old 560ti looking to get something like this for living room usage.
'SummerReward' for a free NS-11-P
wait, so you don't actually get to play AS a rock? booooo!!!!
that looks like some sort of foreign electric socket
are you referring to in the 'black' area it instead looks like little light rings in a semi-circle? or is there something else i do not see?
maybe someone here can help a bit. I have had the HDs hooked up for a while now, and today they started making crackling noises when in game (muted from windows) and listening to music (various media players). They have been plugged into the same slot, and are in the same basic area as they have been for weeks, no hardware changes either. It was working fine, played MarvelHeroes this morning with music on, then played PlanetSide 2 with no music. Came back to Marvel Heroes...
ha! i am pretty sure that each person gets 365 items. as far as character inventory space, I wanna say they have more than Diablo3 does, and the teamup (whether you actually even have one or not) inventory adds another 3 rows to that. The chest can become full quickly though, especially if one is a hoarder
Marvel Heroes will celebrate it's one year anniversary from June 4th-12th. They will be giving away 365 items if you log in during those days, including a STASH tab, punisher costume, etc. Also, BuyOneGetOneRandom sale for heroes/costumes in the store. Omega system and the first raids should be coming also.
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