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maybe this new patch can pull me away from Marvel Heroes for a few hours.
I am in for this.
in for this, would like it for Star Citizen and PlanetSide 2; don't currently own a joystick.
you guys should throw your IGNs in a post so I can add you to the OP.also, hawkeye isnt terrible at high levels (especially with the Kate Bishop costume)
I am in, it will go in my current K7 Dreadnought rig, replacing the H100 currently in it, that is way too loud and makes grinding noises about 30% of the time.
1.Say I'm In or something like that. I'm In 2.What state do you live in ? Indiana 3.What is your Current CPU / APU ? 2600k 4.What GPU would you like to have ? something better than my old 560ti looking to get something like this for living room usage.
'SummerReward' for a free NS-11-P
wait, so you don't actually get to play AS a rock? booooo!!!!
that looks like some sort of foreign electric socket
are you referring to in the 'black' area it instead looks like little light rings in a semi-circle? or is there something else i do not see?
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