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in for this
Huge event this weekend Big Ten Weekend leading up to a huge patch. Consolidated Advanced Patch Notes Is a user-made post that combines the multiple Dev posts on the forums. Also, due to the sheer amount of changes, Retcons will not be spent on use temporarily, allowing players to mess around with their builds as much as needed for the new mechanics.
I am definitely in. I have never had a HTPC, always had to either move the big tv to my room where the desktop is at, or try streaming to a console (headaches everywhere, especially all the stuttering from HD content) gets aggravating after a while. Have always wanted to have one of these for my own.
4-24 entry
in for the 23rd
4-22 entry
4-21 in
4-20 entry
19th day entry
finally got my wd to be able to (inefficiently) run t1 rifts without dying. using a mix of pets and rush of essence/spirit barrage build. currently using zombie charger with the cold rune since I have +cold on some gear, but hoping to replace that soon just don't know with what yet. btw, if i have +physical on gear, will it give that bonus to the physical damage my pets could deal?
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