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thanks guys, and thanks for the freebie!
Logitech ClearChat
feel free to add me, my character list is in my sig. you can check these outfits out, they are active without being zergy, like EXE. they all use VOIP for communications in squad. NC: Devil Dogs TR: Terran Republic Guard VS: The Empyrean Divine the VS isn't as large as the others, but there is usually close to a squad on at most hours I play.
the OCN group has long ago died out. are you a member of an outfit yet?
in for this
well aren't you just a cynical unicorn.
My favorite game is currently Planetside 2 the reason is the large-scale combat, and the persistent world so there is no time spent waiting for a fight. I want Garry's mod because I have heard so much about it over the years. Ticket 14: garry's mod Ticket 15: garry's mod
join an outfit. the pubbie zerg squads ARE terrible, as well as a few of the larger zerg-focused outfits, like EXE or XPIV; but the small focused ones or even the larger platoon-based outfits can make a huge difference in long term enjoyment of the game. sure, you'll always get more certs following around the zerg sheep as a medic and reviving them when they do wat they do (like running into the shield room when it caps, or continuously running into the same meat-grind...
Well, on my main I found a golden after 4 regulars (I was sniping from afar and didn't know it was golden until it popped) then on alt 1 I found a golden as the first (using thermals, also didn't know it was golden until it popped) and then alt 2 I found one regular then the next was golden. I have horrible luck finding them, probably have maybe a dozen total between all 3 characters.
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