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what is this screw-up you speak of? or are you just referring to the time frame to redeem your key for the additional wings?
perfect! i went ahead and went with the Sennheiser plug, should be here this week.
thanks a bunch, I think I will end up trying something like that. the jack isn't 'bad' on the case, other headphones are fine.... the lil card reader slot is too small, and makes the case not close snugly like it should. the small amount of overlap is normally not an issue, but the extra size/weight of the jack makes it not stay all the way in.
looking for a pre-solution here the front port of my tower doesn't like the plugin on the HD518s, only playing sound through my left ear unless I hold it farther in (sometimes it'll get in just the right spot, but it usually takes 10+ minutes of messing to get it right) the soundcard's main analog jacks in the back of the tower will be used by my speakers, there is not a dedicated headphone jack. there is a headphopne jack on the speakers themselves, however, I actually...
Hey! how goes it?
had to check out this patch a lil bit today, even though I am on terrible internet ATM. ran through t2 in DO+DS and it was pretty easy in my pre-patch gear+CoB build with all the lag. didn't find anything of note, but did like some of the new monster affixes. Don't much care for the BS of having all the RoS stuff you're 'missing' basically shoved in your face everywhere you look, like all the locked skills and passives showing up. I don't remember if they did the same...
oh yes! thanks a bunch!
just received the Sennheiser HD518s I won from the HEC giveaway and am ready to join the club! These are my first quality headphones; I have been using mostly Logitech headsets for my PC and whatever headphones come with any audioplayers I have used before. I have them connected to a Creative Titanium HD. These things are great! Instead of hearing music in my ear as normal, the sound is more like being surrounded by the music. They also are a bit more loud than my other...
thanks guys, and thanks for the freebie!
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