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in for day 5
I am not referring to the small portion of people who legitimately tried and disliked the new Screen, I am referring to the pages upon pages of people who cried every time they could, disrupting every windows discussion thread, ones that were not at all about the Screen, with their rampant cries of how the menu was the most terrible idea ever and that MS should pay for their audacity to even make it a feature. I don't expect every one to like it, I hated it at first; I...
in for day 4
in for day3
this looks plain silly. all the crybabies about the start screen and now they take a step backwards.
does this prevent you from being frozen as well? If so, I would find this more useful than the other elemental nullifiers
Welcome Back!!!
played a lil bit more today on my pre-2.0 gear WD. The lag was terrible (my end, not bnet's fault) but I managed to clear sands+oasis on t2 with a couple lag deaths. Got a few legendary drops, seems like they buffed main stats but dropped secondaries alot. Nothing I can use yet, but it is nice to see some of those high rolls.
For SCII, I preordered a physical CE copy for pickup with Gamestop. There was a key on the receipt, that gave beta access and was able to play at launch, hours before I woke back up and got the box. HOTS and D3 were not that way though, preordered CEs and I had to wait til I went and picked them up.
received my new adapter tonight! while it does still not quite fit in all the way normally, if I push it in firmly it seems to not have the issues the larger plug had with only one-sided audio. thanks for the suggestions guys. still am amazed everytime I put these awesome headphones.
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