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Unfortunately, this is a very sad reality. It is a crime these days to buy an FX cpu.
Very impressive. Thanks for sharing. +rep
I had an 8350 and was very disappointed when I tried the 4770K. I was expecting a huge difference, but the only time it is actually noticeable/beneficial is when running a high-end graphics card or SLI/crossfire. As if that weren't enough, the i7's temperatures are very difficult to keep under control despite the low TDP. Overclocking is much more difficult compared to AMD too. If you're going to switch platforms, there's no reason to get anything less than an...
4.9Ghz with only 1.41V???? Holy crap! Good job CSS!
I love your work Flanker! Thanks for sharing!
YesGreat Choice
Whats wrong with a FULL warrantied, effective low-cost solution that will handle any game out today at 1080 res? Would you pass up a good deal on a 4960X because it's on a dead socket? I know I wouldnt
Yeah, unfortunately, generating power requires power.
^ +1
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