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I wouldn't start messing with the FSB just yet. Since your cooling is obviously working great, I would just stick to bumping the multiplier and voltage. You should be able to hit 4.8 with 1.46-1.48V during load. I usually reserve FSB tweaking for the fine tuning of an overclock higher than 4.8 since I've yet to come across PD Chip that wont run reliably at 4.8Ghz with just Voltage and Multiplier.
It seems like you've already made up your mind about the cooler, so I see little reason to share details. I will give you this much though; my comparisons were all conducted within 2 hours at 78 degree F ambients. I used a lian li test bench with an 8350 @ 4.5 Ghz. Coolers (2x each, 4x mounts total) were run back to back for two 10 minute sessions of Prime 95 Blend with their respective fans set to max speed. Each mount was stressed at both the vertical and...
It does. Click on the pics to make em bigger.
Right? That's why I walked away from this cooler, and wont recommend to anyone.
The Zalman Optima will give you as much as 10 degrees worth of thermal headroom when compared to the Hyper Evo, and usually costs less. Its actually $10 right now AMIR at newegg.
It really depends on the cooler. Heat-pipe style coolers like the 212 will theoretically work better when horizontal due to the fact that gravity will help pool the water at its base where it makes contact with the CPU. Of course, the wick would eliminate the need for it to be in that position, but its been my experience that the 212 in particular will benefit from a horizontal position.Made no sense to me either, but I saw as much as a 10 degree difference between both...
Nothing wrong with the cooler, its just not as good compared to the equally priced Zalman Optima. I've seen as much as a 10 degree difference between the two, which is considerable when overclocking. Also, the 212 Evo doesnt respond that well when adding a second fan (2~3 degrees).Take it from a user and abuser of both, the Optima is a far better cooler.
That is a great combination of parts, and I too would agree on the 8320. It would be really hard to argue against the CX-M series of PSU's by corsair. They are very affordable, 80+ Bronze Rated, Modular, and Johnny Guru approved. I wouldn't recomend the 212+ Evo though, instead, look for the Zalman Optima. I've used this cooler twice now to get a pair of 8320's to 4.8Ghz.
It seems like you already have a 6300 and a good GPU. Are you looking for something that will handle the editing a little better? The 8320 is a great CPU and an excellent value for both tasks, however, you will be very limited by any mATX motherboard that will support it in terms of overclocking and features. Are you dead set on the micro atx form factor? What is your budget for a CPU cooler? There doesn't seem to be much space in that case, so your options will be...
I've had similar experiences with the Hyper 212 Evo, and after trying three different units, I came to the conclusion that the problem was the cooler itself. The discrepancy between the standard and horizontal position was as much as 12 degrees Celsius for me. I would try to re-mount first, but if that doesnt work, exchange the cooler for something like the Zalman Optima.
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