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4.9Ghz with only 1.41V???? Holy crap! Good job CSS!
I love your work Flanker! Thanks for sharing!
YesGreat Choice
Whats wrong with a FULL warrantied, effective low-cost solution that will handle any game out today at 1080 res? Would you pass up a good deal on a 4960X because it's on a dead socket? I know I wouldnt
Yeah, unfortunately, generating power requires power.
^ +1
Those temps are great! You generally want to keep FX chips under 61 degrees under heavy loads. 45 is nothing.
Its almost a no brainer
You should stick with what you have and just upgrade the GPU. Any i5, used or new, would be a minor, and un-noticeable upgrade and is definitely not worth the cost if you're looking to get the most for your money. Like someone else mentioned, an R9-280 would make for a really nice upgrade. If you insist on an upgrade but dont have much to spend, a budget-friendly FX-6300 would handle Minecraft like a boss, and with a mere 16 pound cooler, can overclock to 4.7-4.8Ghz for...
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