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Just gave that one a shot, and it's still crashing almost immediately. Voltage held steady at 1.274V. Im beginning to think that maybe I just got a ****ty overclocker You think I should stick to something a little more conservative?
Here ya go. This is best I could do since the mini stress test in GPU-Z also causes the driver to crash.
It sure is good on the weekends I'll gladly donate to you if you're accepting.Going back to the bios, I loaded the one you prep'd for me, but my score in Heaven didnt change any from my previous score. I confirmed clock speeds with GPU-Z, and they were spot on. I tried removing (DDU) and re-installing drivers but I began experiencing artifacts, and eventually driver crashes. Any ideas?Below are the files I sent and received.  Thanks for your help.
Thanks Bruh,Ill give this a go and report back. If you have Paypal or Google Wallet, I'd like to buy you a beer...
It's been an awfully long time since we've heard from him....
What up Mr. Dark, Memory on my new MSI Gaming 980ti seems to be stable at 3.9Ghz, and the core at 1200. Asic Quality is at 75.0% I'd like to see what you can come up with...   Also, is there a way to make Core speed displayed on Afterburner match actual core speed? Thanks
Unfortunately, this is a very sad reality. It is a crime these days to buy an FX cpu.
Very impressive. Thanks for sharing. +rep
I had an 8350 and was very disappointed when I tried the 4770K. I was expecting a huge difference, but the only time it is actually noticeable/beneficial is when running a high-end graphics card or SLI/crossfire. As if that weren't enough, the i7's temperatures are very difficult to keep under control despite the low TDP. Overclocking is much more difficult compared to AMD too. If you're going to switch platforms, there's no reason to get anything less than an...
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