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Yeah I'll take just one please!
It's mostly going to be used for Mortgage banking programs that are connected to the internet, and of course daily emails back and forth. Nothing too intense. Just it seems the system has begun to show its age and thus needs replacement along with a speed upgrade from the ISP.Nothing special, 50 mb/s
Yeah wasn't in Rumors, always get sniped from the opposite section.
Thanks looks like it's between the two ASUS models.
As the title suggests, I'm looking for a wireless router that costs under or up to $400 that is really good. I was looking at the: Asus AC2400 RT-AC87U Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band Wireless-AC1900 Linksys WRT1900AC Not sure which one to pick out of these three, this will be for an office environment.
It's a bullcrap article: 1) There is at no point in the article where AMD says they are limited to 4GB of VRAM with HBM 2) In the slide itself it doesn't say anything about being limited to 4GB of HBM. 3) The article they link using that as an example for their reasoning claiming it will be limited to 4GB contains information that has been presented by Hynix multiple times already. They even use a phone call with the CTO who says outright, "You're not limited in this...
It will be Hawaii, the 380 is a Tonga rebrand (therefore 380X will be full Tonga). 390 and 390X is Hawaii rebrand and Fiji (the card with HBM) will be AMD's new Titan-like card. Using common sense tells you this. There's no room for Fiji to be a 390X since they are using Hawaii as rebrands. Right now the 280X and 290X cover that gap, so obviously that will be perfectly fine to be a repeat.What you aren't understanding here is what was thought to be the 390X is now actually...
It will be as stated in the OP numerous times with links, what do you expect them just to abandon Hawaii silicon altogether?
Source: SourceSo the other day somebody made a post about Hawaii making a re-entrance into the 300 series (seen here). The interesting part about this article was they included a chart that detailed all the cards that would be available for the 300 series in which many of them were re-brands. The interesting part was, now they had confirmed that Hawaii would make...
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