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The Xeon Platinum 8176 is in first though with more cores/threads, and a much higher score so that wouldn't be an accurate assumption.
Played all of them except Primal, looking forward to this one.
Score isn't bugged after looking at the Skylake Xeon post. Clocks are accurate. IPC increase is still up in the air.
That too, even easier and makes even more sense.
Not fake at all, chip is real and score is real. How the performance increase is achieved is still up for debate though.
This is really a nice case, too bad no 5.25" drive bays, don't understand why manufacturers are eliminating them. I can understand CD+/-RW drives not being needed (although I use mine frequently) but Fan Controllers are very useful in many respects. Don't see why it is so hard to include two 5.25" bays these days. Remove the top 140/120 fan and there is your space. 360 rad support seems less important compared to 5.25" drive bays considering how watercooling is niche...
Cut and full refers to CUDA Core (NVIDIA) counts or StreamProcessor (AMD) counts. As in; cut would mean less cores or SPs, and full would be all cores or SPs in relation to the GPU die.
Reminds me of the olden days with the Thermalright XP-90c and XP-120c when the Athlon 64 reigned supreme. These actually struck my interest, would like to see thermal benchmarks. Going to keep my eyes peeled for them.
That proves criminal as correct. Titan = cut GK110 released first 6GB VRAM, then 780 = further cut GK110 released second 3GB VRAM, 780 Ti = full GK110 3GB VRAM released third, Titan Black = full GK110 released last 6GB VRAM
Something to note, as stated already, and will be added to OP; is that the only other parts that come close to this performance is: while these have way more...
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