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When Cinebench runs of Zen leak out this Fall, the internet is going to explode. If these Blender runs are anything to go by, we should be pleasantly surprised in Cinebench.
So considering you think its a crime and a lie, I'm not sure if you are trolling or just confused. Lithography will play a role in what these chips are able to clock to. Obviously the manufacturing process is not the only factor to consider, but it does play an important part. I do not see how you can think this is a lie or a crime.Perfect example 5960x to 6900k = 22nm to 14nm.Average overclock for the 6900k decreased compared to the 5960x. Broadwell-E is known for...
That's why personally I would like to see this benchmark ran on this chip. Should give us a great idea of its actual performance.I understand that there are other variables to consider in regards to clockspeed however I feel like saying around 4.2GHz for a true 8 core CPU (about 200MHz less than a 5960X average) is better than people expecting Zen to do "5GHz OC on Air!" We know in November we are going to start seeing leaked overclocking results for Zen and I can...
I think a lot of these synthetics are pretty good at showing overall performance though and allowing different chips to be easily compared.We do, it's an 8 core, it's not going to clock that well to begin with. This is not Intel's 14nm man this is GloFo. So again, we have an idea.You believe this means nothing, it means nothing to you because you don't understand it. Plain and simple.
You are trying to propagate that there is some funny business going on with Cinebench. Cinebench is a reliable and well-rounded benchmark. If it fails in Cinebench you can be sure it will fail elsewhere.
AMD used Cinebench as an example in one of their most recent leaked slides, I doubt we have anything to worry about when using Cinebench:
Because its not the GPU, but the process technology. In this case we are talking about GlobalFoundries 14nm LPP which is being used in both Zen and Polaris as well as other products from AMD:
Let's wait until we see some Cinebench runs and possible pricing leaks before we draw any immediate conclusions from these benchmarks.
5960x boosts to 3.5GHz stock. This Zen ES CPU boosts to 3.2GHz. Not to mention we know average overclocking results for the 5960x bring it to about 4.4GHz.6900k boosts to 3.7GHz stock. Average overclock is around 4.3GHz.I have already posted 5960x results for another member as a comparison and you can see that this chip WILL NOT be competing with a 5960x or a 6900k because the 5960X scores around 90fps stock in this benchmark whereas even with a 4.0GHz overclock on the Zen...
First is most likely close to stock maybe mild OC, second is definitely after OC, and third is probably a much higher overclock (focusing on CPU score and CPU overclock ignoring possible GPU overclocks and scores).
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