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Yes basically what I was trying to explain. ASIC Binning was on 980 Ti, two years ago. At that point it being pointless was still up in the air and being debated.
Probably a new version of EVBot is all:
1.8% higher is nothing, it does make sense if you understand math correctly.They are saying 2025 and above, I'm pretty sure the only person not reading what I'm posting is you. 2025 and above they are guaranteeing. You are focused on this 2025 aspect as if it is the guaranteed max oc, it's a baseline minimum guarantee. No reason to get so hung up on it. It has nothing to do with your stats being rusty. It has to do with you thinking 2025 is the max OC for this card. It is...
I'm not sure if I have to get in specifics to explain things to you as you don't seem to understand how things work. In order for a company to provide any variation of video card above rated reference clockspeeds, will require GPUs to be binned to guarantee those newly rated and stated clocks. If a card has a 150MHz clockspeed bump over reference clocks. They had to bin the video cards in order to provide that guaranteed clockspeed. Here they are guaranteeing it will hit...
People don't even realize that as a whole 2100-2200MHz are unicorn clockspeeds for Pascal. They actually claim even above 2025 is more than possible:Price is nuts, but the prices for K|NGP|NS have gotten crazy as soon as they started introducing the ASIC binned 980 Ti's. Card is definitely built nicely, and I'm sure there is going to be BIOS and tweaks available for higher voltage. How much more, not sure.
That's still over $650... not much of an improvement.
There's no way this is correct, that is $856.64 for RX Vega...
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