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I'm not sure why this myth gets thrown around that the extra vram is pointless and the GPU isn't capable of of handling it. If a game uses more memory than 2GB, automatically the memory will be utilized. I have a nicely overclocked 670 and it struggles with zero games. Absolutely zero from today to the past two years. On Ultra settings for any game. I'm playing BF4 on Ultra with no AA Post or Deferred and am averaging 80-115 frames sometimes even higher with these new...
Aside from the cut scenes explain to me where the graphics are better than Sleeping Dogs. Assuming you actually played Sleeping Dogs on the PC.
If you actually played any of last years triple A titles like Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon, Metro Last Light, Crysis 3, Tomb Raider, Hitman Absolution on Max Settings you would instantly know that Second Son looks nothing comparative to those titles. It looks like Sleeping Dogs at best and I wasn't even that impressed with Sleeping Dogs. And you claim you were playing these titles at 1440p.Either two things.1) You're trolling2) You're trolling.
have no expierence with topre, so cant comment on them but browns are pretty quiet and a lot less clicky.could be psu or something in the computer is not plugged in all the way
Look for a mechanical with MX Brown switches. A lot quieter.
I'm speaking as if they put a reasonable amount of VRAM on the card from the get go instead of later making us pay an extra premium to have a more future proof card. AMD does it, why can't nVidia do it. We have to pay extra for something that can be done from the factory. They have been doing this before the Titan, releasing cards with more VRAM for more money.I'm not denying that $550 is a bad deal or not, but for a non-reference 6GB variant of a 780 it's probably going...
What would they have to redesign? When they released the 780 all it was, was a gimped Titan with less VRAM. They could have easily nerfed it while maintaining 6GB of VRAM if they wanted to.
NVDIA offered cards later on with 4GB (for 600 series) or 3GB (for 500 series). So it can be done easily. They just charge a price premium for it. Usually $100 more. Later on you saw 4GB 670/680's and 3GB 580's. So it can be done ahead of time.
It's not that 3GB is dead. It's that not too far from now having only 3GB of memory is going to become a limiting factor. It's not really rocket science here. Companies (particularly nVidia, as AMD is usally a Gigabyte of memory ahead) put a specific amount of VRAM on their current generation of cards and as a consequence eventually they become a limitation to the card (even when the card still has more than enough power to play games of the current time). Not even going...
What version drivers you are using, I hear that 13.2 are the most stable
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