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This is pretty impressive stuff: It's a step in the right direction, IMO. However, I'd be looking forward to see if with revisions (Zen+) we can get those clockspeeds up and memory speeds higher.
Google is blocked unfortunately because no Email, no Youtube, no Facebook, no Twitter, etc.So all I can do is go directly to websites or click on links directly from those websites.But thanks for the links, looking good. Wondering if Vega counter will be as nice as "Hor-Ry-Zen" ended up. It's March, so I'm guessing that a Vega lineup has to be introduced maybe when I get out of here.Yeah you can imagine mostly everything is blocked including search engines or for at least...
So NVIDIA is about to release a 1080 Ti even though there is no competing product? Can you point me to a link. Because all I saw was on the front page was a leak from Videocardz posted by a user named Crazy Elf and all the specs were entirely bogus. More specifically, the memory amount, and the impossible bus-width.Excuse me for being out of the loop, I'm currently locked up and finally got library privileges so I'm trying my best to catch up to everything that I missed. I...
Yeah, but where is Vega? It's March. All I'm saying is we need a 1080 competitor first, before we can see a reason for NVIDIA to drop a 1080 Ti.
Is there any reason we should believe that it would be necessary for NVIDIA to release this product other than it would be an additional SKU? Does AMD even have anything to compete with the 1080 let alone a 1080 Ti? Or is this another case of inside traders trying to manipulate stocks via leaked news press releases...
How about both work together harmoniously?
Probably are waiting for the right moment for the market to mature.
Love your signature, keep doing God's work.
That's why you have nearly 4000 posts and only 102 rep.
Blueberry or Chocolate Chip?
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