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Yeah except if it's simply GPU related, it would crash from Furmark alone.
What makes you think it's PSU? It doesn't happen in Linpack LinX (Same as Prime95 or Intel Burn Test). Just happens in games or Heaven Benchmark 4.0. I also don't like Furmark, not really a safe program to use these days.
EVGA GTX 760 4GB w/ ACX Cooler i5-2500k @ 4.3GHz Corsair H90 ASRock Z77 Extreme4 8GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1600MHz XFX Core Edition PRO650W Windows 8.1 Problem started about three weeks ago. In various games from Day-Z to Gary's Mod to Minecraft. This is my brother's computer so finally today I had a chance to go over to his house and take a look at it. First decided to see if it was the CPU overclock. Ran Linpack LinX for 20 passes @ 80% memory utilization. Passed with no...
Uninstall Ai Suite, and try again. If you want to monitor temps use RealTempGT
No problem, I wouldn't use AI Suite, I would just go into the Bios. It's more efficient and once you learn the terminology it will become second hand nature. Additionally, most people recommend uninstalling Ai Suite to not encounter any problems.
Don't use the auto overclock feature, it can damage your CPU.Learn how to properly overclock by reading through a guide or watching a guide, it shouldn't take more than an hour to learn how to do it assuming you are mildly intelligent:Quick and simple:More in depth:Part 1 : Overclocking your cpu, stress testing and finding stabilityPart 2 : CPU Ring Bus StabilityPart 3 : Memory StabilityPart 4 : Enabling low power features
You're definitely posting on the wrong forum with that ignorant attitude.
I would be weary of those old EVGA motherboards, bios problems all over the place. See if you can find something else.
This might actually be true for this particular game:
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