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Source 1: 2: know this monitor will make a lot of people happy considering the pixel density. As long as it's not a TN Panel like it's currently listed as.EDIT, According to a member on [H]ard Forum it is actually an IPS panel and was mislabeled:
So based on SanDisk's larger drives, these can probably come in anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000, maybe even more if they are selling them as an enterprise product.Source:
So sad that people cant wrap their heads around how difficult this actually is to execute.
Source: 2: is some real nice work done here.
R9 290 costs $270, you can max out pretty much any game @ 1080p with an R9 290. So you clearly don't need a $500-1000 card anymore to have a good experience.
If the computer can utilize the extra cores and threads then by all means go with X99. The only time you don't need the extra cores and threads and a 4790k will suffice is when you are only doing light to moderate editing or rendering. If you are doing heavy rendering and modeling then you can benefit from the 5820k.
Does this only happen when you start up games?
But we aren't talking about workstation parts, they are workstation parts because they made it through the binning process. The downgraded versions don't pass inspection.I'm not really sure how it contradicts basic electronics, you can see degradation of components from just daily usage. Now you're taking out the factor of daily usage, and saying let's put it at full load 24/7. If it's degrading from daily usage, why wouldn't it degrade from 24/7 usage? That contradicts...
If you run a GPU at full load 24/7 for 6 months to a year it is going to fail inevitably. If it doesn't fully fail, it will have a slew of problems. Like all the second hand mining GPU's that were sold to gamers and had problems shortly after.
GPU's aren't meant to run at full load for overly extended periods of time (24/7).
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