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Source: previous game by Techland, they were very welcoming to mods, specifically Dead Island. Now there has been a sudden turn around, and it seems to be the change in publishers. Now with Warner Bros. they have strict policy on modifications to the game with unauthorized usage. I don't know what's happening to the PC gaming world, but if there are more instances like this it will easily start to get out of...
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Source: is Quantum Entanglement? Of course it took a group of Italians to figure out something like this.
Source:, I find leaks regarding the 380, 370, etc. to be more realistic because I don't think the 390(x) is anywhere close to being released.
Yeah exactly, while ASRock does have many, there are others too.
I wouldn't go by the picture, but what it actually says in the literature.
No Firestrike doesn't do that, for example:
Also if it's supposed to be on HBM, doesn't that make it impossible for it to have 16GB of VRAM? HBM should only allow 4GB and then HBM2 could allow 8GB. But 16GB?
For Comparison (The current Firestrike Extreme Record):Source 1: Source: the question is can this one be debunked too?
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