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He's using a different version than you are. Maybe that's the reason why it doesn't work?
Unfortunately this is not mine, I plan on getting a 1070 or see if AMD's $300 Polaris 980 Ti is real.Just posting it because I don't believe I've ever seen a score that high before. Doesn't looked Photoshopped either.
Do you believe their implementation will offer at least 20% performance improvement like HT does, or do you believe it will be less than that? Although from what you are explaining to me it appears like it would actually offer more than 20% in some scenarios.
You are misunderstanding my point clearly, in that AMD's implementation will scale in CB just as well as Intel's HT. Their own implementation will most likely be very similar to Intel's (because of how good it is), and I would say they do need to replicate it because Intel HT offers a 20-30% performance increase and any implementation under that increase would not be a good one.Anyway, they started their business by reverse engineering Intel, that's what got them to their...
AMD basically started their business by reverse engineering Intel, I'm sure now they would be able to replicate Intel's HT implementation as well. Judging by how they are actually using Cinebench as an example in their slides, it would only make sense that they vastly improved their performance in that particular benchmark, otherwise, why use it as an example at all?
Okay found the original source and PDF (it was in the AMD Q2 Investor Presentation): AMD Website: PDF: (it's on Page 11 / 31)
Please note that the chart I made was nothing more than a quick reference comparing Zen to other CPUs on the market. It is by no means official, and I assumed that was understood as I posted it earlier on in the thread saying that I made it for comparing Zen based on the alleged performance increases to other CPUs.Anyway, Guru3D seems to also agree that the AMD chart itself shows 2x the performance over the...
Made this while the site was down, really puts into contrast how powerful this chip would be, which also makes me think that it's not going to be cheap.
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