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Hello guys, I'm in need of some serious help. I recently sold my R9 390 and got myself a GTX 1080. Not having played BF1 since April I decided to try it out and the game is filled with stutters and performance with my 390 seemed better. I can't get anywhere near 144fps to match my refresh rate either. I have a i5 4690k @ 4.5ghz, and it's always at 100% Here's a picture ingame: My GPU usage is way low, max I've seen was 55% (playing at 1080p) I know this seems like a...
I just bought a R9 390 Nitro! But there's an issue! I read in some reviews that fans turn off at light load, the thing is my PC is at 0% load, and my GPU clocks are at 300mhz and the fans are at 1200rpm! Even in MSI afterburner I cant turn them off EDIT: Looks like they're off, i just took the side panel out. It seems that my Hyper 212 Evo fan is ramping up more than usual!
Tomorrow my R9 390 will arrive, are these the best drivers to install?
I bought the 390, hope I made the right choice
Is that a right angle 24pin plug?
I pulled the triger on the R9 390 Nitro from Sapphire
I was going to buy the G1 gaming And it does fit in my case. Why would the 390 be a better long term? Due to the VRAM?
I'm also on the same boat as OP... But aren't AMD drivers very slow to launch? I never had a NVIDIA gpu and I didnt like my R9 270MX on my laptop :/
Sorry for thread hijacking but.. I built my pc 4 days ago, its a 4690k but I'm buying the GPU today/tomorrow on this website I don't want to go over the 400€ mark, can you recommend me my best option? Its 1080p 60Hz. I never modded games due to not having a desktop but I might try it. I didnt wanna go AMD because my laptop had a R9...
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