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Thats a Dual core, just throw a SSD in there, install Windows 8 + start is back and and get 4gb of ram and you're back in business
Hello guys, I just bought the Legendary edition and I wanted to install some mods. Im a complete noob to skyrim modding and I'd like to know what I should mod?
Mod please close. My friend hdmi input on the monitor was dead. The dvi works fine
My friend has a XFX R9 280 DD
And sadly I don't own a desktop to test his gpu. We're running out of ideas. The gpu has dvi out, should I try it?
My friend said the most strange thing. He said that if he starts the gpu hooked up to a TV and switches to the monitor that it works. But if it starts plugged in the monitor it won't work
I have to use the gpu outputs in order to use the dedicated gpu right? otherwise it will use the onboard gpu
Once i open furmark it detects the GPU
So, me and my friend and I put together a build It has a i5 4690, MSI z97 gaming 5 and a R9 280 and 8gb of ram. The gpu fans spin but theres no video output via the GPU Hdmi out, so we are using the VGA out from the motherboard. Then we set the bios to PEG and igp disabled. When we did this we lost all video signals including the VGA signal so we cleared the CMOS. We then tried PEG + igp enabled and still nothing ( we need to use the VGA, the GPU Hdmi didnt work) The...
Why do people still buy these? If u ran this 24/7 for a month u'd make 10$ :s
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