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I'll go for this, just for safety , i might overclock my GPU
I'll be gaming on it and doing programming and stuff. Not much else to be honest
Believe me or not but I read your thread before doing the math and I followed everything.Still under 430w, it was like 343w with 2 140mm fans
I might ditch that Seasonic PSU since money is short and buy this one, do you think 430W will be enough? I did some PSU calculating and it never got over 350W total system
You saw my last image?I think that'll be my final setup
I did. I might go with the Strix. I dont mind being 10c hotter! I'd prefer a quieter machine tbh. And its shorter as well I just dont know if i really need to replace the stock heatsink. I'll see some reviews
Is the stock loud?Everything needs to be bought at that store, if you can find a better 970 I'll change it
Thanks alot once again. What do you think of this build?
I wanted to use the new XFX TS 550W , its 65€ on my country (Portugal) but its cheaper improting from Spain (the website u have is spanish). I'm already spending alot on the PSU due to my case.. I didnt want to spend alot. I dont need modular PSU, but it would make life easier i guess.
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