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There goes my cable tv xD
I use the 32gb Sandisk Extreme and its blazzing fast , i carry it everyday to university and i really like the retractible design, its a sturdy product
great, be sure to have a ssd on the build tho xD its mandatory for new builds!
Go for the Hyper 212 Evo, its a great bang for the buckAny of those PSUs are great, choose the cheapest
Cant u get another psu :/ the gs series isnt that good
Also a good build, but lacks one very imporant thing in nowadays pcs, a SSD.The cpu, the ram, mobo, psu,case are all great options.I only dislike the cooler due to being a bit overkill, and it has the remote chance of leaking, although its rare.I'd go for air cooling, but prebuilt wc like the h100 are all solid options, it just makes alot of noise if it goes to full rpm.And the HDD.. ive heard bad stuff about those ultrastar
Oh, then go for the R9 290. If you want, slap another in there xD The psu will handle it no problems Yea the 4670k is a very capable CPU, especially when overclocked. Theres no point in going x79 for a gaming build, buts thats my 2c. There are still people running i5 2500k and those are 3 years old. If you overclock the CPU it runs like a champ. Plus, since the lga 1150 is a new socket there will be more cpus for it, the x79 is eol
Well I made this: Much better motherboard for ur money, allows for SLI, or triple Crossfire Great Powersupply that will handle any card you put in there + another one for SLI or crossfire The video card is a beast The cpu + cooler willl allow for some nice overclocks The case is one of the best cases in the market And in this build u get a SSD and a HDD for mass-storage
Well its hard for a GPU to play new games at ultra after 2 years of it coming out. For example, the 290 wount play games at ultra in 2016. But it will play at high, medium details for sure. For it to last 6 years we had to be looking at a crossfire setup, because 5-6 years is too much for a single gpu
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