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good luck and good recovery....old trees are solid !
weird thing....same happened to me today on my FX PC/asus mobo +.+ but with no RAM or anything else exchange...suddently after 6 month with no problems it was impossible to wake up the pc.....i had to unplug all HDDs and the SSD + to reset the bios + to install an old KB (the usb g15 wasnt reconized anymore) , the text was: fatal error on wake up" or something like that....all works fine again nowmy sons pc have same symptoms like yours on his 1090t PC/MSI mobo (everything...
thx mate ...still have one to listen to my favs old 33rpm from the good old time on my "modern hiFi" but tbh....MP3 & PC rulz ...and thx for the in fr hifi is used in a more global way with no specific meaning about "time"....i told you "old" because i used it about 15 years......& sorry for my froggy english
i agree with you....but i m "out of money for some time" s a "cheap build" with recycled parts (old pc case and hifi fourniture) ....sure i had prefer to buy some waterblocks or graphic cards more to add them to the loop...rads are EK thick 120 and 360 , fan controler already allow me to get the thing fairly quietlot of room @ the top....initial idea was to test how much i can decrease temperatures by adding "ice blocks" in an inox tray there for short stress...
i decided me to respawn this old hifi fourniture from the 80s......i wasnt able to keep the PC off more than 48 hours...+.+ ...lot of cable sleving & finitions to do now the 360 rad is now breathing better than in my inwin case
i ve used it on many computers too without any problem but for my last W7 install it gave me bsods too with this cpu....i removed it and no more bsods.... it was the first program i installed on the luck shame because i like a lot core temp grapher
yeah that s why i want to build my own case (in that hifi "case") for now my 360 rad is sitting on the 2x 120 mm sort of grid @ the top of my inwin case...not really a grid but lot of lil holes in the metal and imo my rad cant breath correctly + i dont want to ruin the case by cutting in...of course i can add distance between the rad and the case but it already look like a babel tower and will result in too long tubing, which i dont want either....other point is that...
thx for the infos, your settings seems to be very close to mines (except that u use the fsb & RAM timings and me not)about prime i ve stop around 1.54v ( bios setting with LLC on VHigh) because of the temperature....with less prime wasnt stable
lol....just did a try @ 5.3 ghz with CPU bus @ 254....for the fun ....a lil run on 3DM06 without crash and before i was able to log in my futuremark account, windows gadgets & 3DM have crash together .... interessant though as i was in pain to find interressant spots for the fsb... ahhhh.... with that....requires too much volts to my tastes
lol...i ve left rog connect for the same reasons even if i still thinking it s a nice tool, faster to do lot of operations than pushing on buttons + "almost" good monitoring + the fun feeling to command a spaceship @ distance:Djust by curiosity, u think the HWinfo gadget eats lot of ressource ? i didnt notice any gain by cutting it when benching
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