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Masked can sell them at 1k he still sells them like hotcakes
and people still believe this Nvidia seller? who at this point is buying Titans? if Titan is selling that well then why people would need a 3k TITAN? when they can get just 3with same money? i really dont believe you in any ways unless you show a picture like anyone else proving its true... you talk like a politician... and at the end is all pure speculations and lies sorry for my english.
lol they talk like that a lot... i would like to understand korean tho... they do more in-depth analysis.
Code S... Group E right now...
pretty much this...but i stopped playing it... however i still watch streams and keep following news and tournaments, i think im gonna make a come back on LEGACY OF VOID.
just look at the benchmark... the card its using boost and still behind the stock 295x2
it is bad, since the card is already on the limit in terms on memory clock and heatout put.
my internet is pretty much bad to do any testing on that at home, i have just 2mb of download lol
i have been following your post and you always claim IT WILL SELL OUT... like if you are trying to put this in peoples heads lol... it wont sell... as much as you think it will... no one is really interested on that.
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