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i know spanish, i guess your name+world+hacker? i know spanish if you can post a picture i can let you know the meaning
Any news on the 600T replacement?
I envy you guys really happy to see people getting this beastly card, if i had the money
just go and type BF4 competitive scene... you go to youtube and type 5v5 ESL, 5v5 CEVO, 5v5 BF, 5v5 GO4BF there are plenty of tournaments with money involved... dont speak aobut things you really dont know.
i wouldnt recommend that PSU to anyone with far better optios on the marketCoolerMaster V1000 is a better choiceThere are some Seasonic ones too...those psu from corsair are just that NAME.
contributed in what? whinning? being mad at the game you love?making videos and benchmarks that the internet is full off? please..!!i will consider that if you were managin a large torunament base on BF4... and you dont even play competitive or scrims.
very well said... my question to dubbed is... why he still posting here and why he still playing the game he whinining all the long about?
thnig is a live thread is that, they should allow people to blame and whining all they want on those threads because even though you make a thread only to do t hat it will be closed in a matter of seconds.
nothing just what you see there.
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