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Fist, there was a signal, and then wifi, drink my speed wine and eat my local area connection body. It is actualy a great idea, you dont need to build towers and such constructions
Todays, feels like a some sort of sausage slapping from all over to face, with all those 1080 threads
Jus pay me and i will fish them out In our country, people actually, made this species kinda rare thing, as a guy, who loves fishing, had fun catching some speciments up to 14 kg. They also taste good, when they coocked properly.
Dont you think, that comparing electric car and a car that uses a different type of engine, is kinda dumb? Even argue about all that, this does that and this does this is kinda not professional looking.And to stay on topic, it looks good
Same, but im tired of all that VR hype
When something comes to mind, on something, that has lots of practical use and looks kinda different, than usual items, my mind explodes This time no spare time till sunday some clients will take more time than thought
I see. Ill try later to draw some of ideas down, when i finish with all sketches of tattoos for customers and also couple of them on skin
I was thinking about a centred PSU mount, but width would also increase of whole thing, if stick to double, centered psu mount and some room for a thicker radsHad to edit, my fingers are too big for my phone screen
Keep it going subbed to look forward to this.Also secretly willing to get a testbench for a nuc
Mounting holes for a NUC motherboard? If yes, im sold Ok joking. Do you thought about a fan mounting brackets? Something like dimastech did with that flexible one, but this time it just screws on top of top panel.
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