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It has vintage dust
Done, second demo room is finally finished. That Exclusive P3 is a painful 47 kilos of fun.
I even made volume go dramaticaly higher than usual
Im not trying even to go all over either
Usually im on the same conflict everyday. people come to a shop where i work and when they start this topic, i just take them to another room and do some simple tests. And then their whole world flips over couple thousands degrees on a scale fom one to five on how south korea they feel a difference.
This will never stop
Still sitting in HiFi industry, playing with new toys and on spare time building tattoo machines and also doing some small tattoos. Got practically no spare time even for a personal life
This Im takin my hat off, this is too funnyYou also made my day Just google it
It is just a waste of time to talk about making a one of a kind and then it throws back to the tolerances, is your palm going to feel that 0.01 difference? I thought that this whole thread was about making a fit to one hand thing, just dont overcomplicate whole process, try to enjoy whole thing.
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