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give me some of that sexy wc parts :/ want to start new build so much after theese pics
But how the hell should i get some goodies not breaking my bank
Just had a two hour trip over this thread again and i think i need to get some new sexy watercooling parts and also a question why on sale forums there is not so many goodies? :/
want it
was looking at this one yeah a bit picey stuff
I have spare ssd 2.5 inch laying around so i think i could reuse that and do not spend more money
Yeah tried to find something and not so much luck as for this i think im going to get one and try it on old one toshiba laptop i have thank you both, rep'ped
Hey there, its been long since i was last time here. Almost sold my system as i had no usage of it for some time, job and a hobby that requires a lot of work. So im looking for a laptop with two hdd slots. Maybe someone know some models that has this option?
im in, and nice give away
i love the looks of your aquarium, damn i n eed lights like yours and some more time to finish mine
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