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As for headphones, where to get BA drivers at costs that doesnt leaves you with one hand and kidney?
Why you had to bring this now i remember as a some sort of PTSD fullfilled with all that hype on colours
I still dont get the point of looking a science friction on audio, just test it out and youll see there is no need to try to ask people scientific explanation, not all are going balls deep on science stuff
I dont need to buy anything, at work i can choose a lots of random combinations to listen calmly in a room and know the difference on a products. And i dont do any of specific scientific tests or such things, thats why i said to go to the shop that has a good amount of a products and ask them to try out how they sounds, some of guys working on a hi end stuff may also tell some deeper tech specs even for a cables. Stop being ignorant and just go ahead and try them, you'll...
Im not going to prowe that im right, and i thought that in this forum is a smaller number of small minded people that scream they need a scientific proof because of many reasons they dont feel comfortable knowing on small things giving a small impact on audio
I wish to see their reactions if they saw my nu*es sent to the ex
Im not a scientist so try for yourself i have only a practical proof through all the trying and playing with some toys for big boys
i can say only one thing, try it if there is a some sort shop ner you. I still look at this kinda sceptical, but when you switch a cable with a high grade copper to a silver plated ones the instrumentals becomes very clear, not so much bass and not spacious as with a copper ones. As for power cords, some of them uses ferrite cores on in end plug, and yeah it gives more punchy sound on mids and some more bass, still you are rellying on a amp a lot but this is like a small...
This man deserves a REp from me There are cables that can SOUND with little more sparkles and unicorns, and there are cables that has a price, which SOUND impressive in front of coleagues Through my career on hi-fi i was lots of times impressed on how can even a power cable make a difference on sound but still sometimes some products is just a bs
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