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[[SPOILER]] One word: ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney if it fits a 240 ill come to uk!
So at this time im thinking to stay with my itx build but improve it on case and cooling, so was thinking about notso big but kinda spacy case for later upgrades such as a watercooling (240 and(or) 120 rads), bigger gpu's, also im not a huge fan of 3.5 inch drives so using a pair of ssd and one mechanical 2.5 inch drive. so basicaly arc mini, node806? and prodigy would be the good choice for a some watercooling with 240 rad's and not sacrificing lots of space but on thoose...
Ok wht case would you suggest: node 304 node80x? prodigy ( also matx) colossus 250d arc mini ( r2?) elite 130 Im asking because its a time to change my core1000 to something smaller or something that could fit later if i choose to get a matx board and a bit of watercooling
so many new c1k's i stilll use mine a bit modded
Send me one of thoose beauties subbed this!
Favourite moment on OCN was when i first time saw some neat systems and started droling all over Thank you so much for this awesome Giveaway! Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit(Steam)
And i pay for this a $12 maybe a month
give me some of that sexy wc parts :/ want to start new build so much after theese pics
But how the hell should i get some goodies not breaking my bank
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