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im in, and nice give away
i love the looks of your aquarium, damn i n eed lights like yours and some more time to finish mine
VW Golf MK2? as i see this one is 5 doors version yes? put there a vw vr6 engine, they fit kinda nicely there
this summer had a hard time with job and getting another one so had chance improve a bit skills on drawing
HEy guys, SG05 fit only SFX psu's yeah?
ohhh i would love to use it for gaming and start maybe again folding
Yeah i found a white one and i think that i want it here on my desk
Ohh i think im gonna pull a triger on this case, its a lot better than my core 1k that i use now
Wow this fits so much goodies inside, it has a removable mobo tray?
i saw so many reviews, and basically its better i think to hear some of the users opinion thanks it could fit 240 ek rad in push pull?
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