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IF sound did not changed a bit, then impendance of cable is right.
What lenght of a cord ant maybe you have photo of old one and a new?
Had couple turntables, that owners did the rca cord replacements, and they kinda made sound worse. RCA replacement rewuires a somewhat calculated capacity and resistance so kinda be aware when buying used turntable.
yeap, and im still waiting ehen pair of them will be delivered. At that time, will try a tannoy turnberry speakers. The build quality of those is astonishing
Yeap, they work as intended. Imagine a small room, maybe 10 square meters and two 13ultra's, both sealed.
No measurements, just fun watching movies and etc.
Same, movies, music. But mostly focused on music, had hands on a REL Gibraltar.
Waiting for that one at this time.
Kind of good still they have a tendency to overlap too much with speakers tested pretty much them all
Save some more and get a REL sub for stereo setup.Same goes for a home cinema subs and those, that are made for music
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