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from branded watch salesman gone to high end audio equipment for home small shop salesman and also part time fisherman
sweet!!! free copy of win 10! why not
Seriously... Moderators lock this thread because its worthless discussions over and over again. Who cares that they stole non patented design and made it from cheaper steel with minor changes. Both of them did great job.
I donk know why but at one store in lithuania i saw this thing
[[SPOILER]] If that turntable has same direct drive and same feeling as using Technics, ill take two of them!!!I thought that this community looks for a best bang for a buck and is not divided to rich and poor sections where rich comes into poor threads and shows off saying like yo look at this i got and you cant because you are poor
If in some time somewhere would pop up a man with explanation about fanboys talking crap, that man should get a nobel prize!!!! This man made my boring day at work full of hard laugh
No more suggestions?
On this i was thinking also doing a sort of ninja swap
I was looking at this So whats left is a cooler i think, or just use a stock one till they restock a hyper 212
And this happens everytime when summer hits They dont have also that one in warehouse Also was looking at other shops but not so much deals is going now
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