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something strange happened, i laughed my butt off at this thing. We were stuck in a forest with a car and after 3 hours of hard work i noticed that mine screen on 820 does not respond to touch. And then suddenly i see that one side of black strip where glue goes when screen is mounted is off, half screen just pops off like it was mounted there with a hot glue That day was really hot and my phone was in a shirt pocket so yeah in in a search for a new Windows mobile phone
I have explanation. This is a really good lithuanian prices
Thanks but i knew about it its just a kinda strange to see something made like that, when allways in making mostly cables on sepparate strands and etc
This lithuanian website posts allways something new, but they have a huge disadvantage... They always cant tell how much time it will take to restock items or get them
[[SPOILER]] This biwiring seems kinda strange
mine was like maybe 6-7 hours, even when not i am using it still drains like our taxpayers money just got back to win 8.1
Am i the only one who gets a really bad battery life on my 820 with a win 10 on it? It really sucks because battery drops hella fast even with a battery saver mode on
Laughed at this Oh man this is the job that i wanted to have!! also my room is going to transform in some kind of cinema- stereo system mix i think soon
This is the view i see everyday
had some things done with retro amps and other stuff and most common problem is caps this is the reason why i do not have any of interest in retro amps
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