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Do you even.... lift a mouse?
You must be single joking. All around me going nuts on those 65" or 70" screens and im hanging around wiht a 32" and it fits me. ( it is also a 1920p if i am correct)
If i will go with all RGB gear including pants, will i get a 999 fps on 4K? Time to get a new ITX rig, with all that good stuff, now i really want one.
I also have a budget, that is eaten by all that tattoo machines making process So no new stereo for me, only just to try on loan or for fun. Bigger standmounts are ok, because of the whole structure and volume of box also bigger drivers plays a role. But still, in my whole experience with speakers, those big companies, that makes a whole linup of amps, home cinema amps and other things, does cut a lot on sound quality for speakers. Even if we look at vintage speakers,...
[[SPOILER]] As for a REL subs, they almost havo no need to be run in. They just sound good and also, they are made mostly for a stereo systems to be used in. All that magic, comes from a filter they are making inhouse. And yeah, it is kept in secret.
Im still confused, when someone says, that pioneer and yamaha speakers sound good Tried loads of speakers, bookshelf, floorstanders, etc. All of them was tested with a stereo only amps and none of them sound good for me.
Lenght and print of dong. Just because they need it.
I was asking not about this situation Edit: it sounded, like he was talking about whole retail and cs service on that post. So yeah, my question was not on this topic.
So you are telling, that customer sevice can be hammered down with loads of angry talk, with loads of cursing and they shtill should smile back and be polite to you, because you are giving them money?
And im just sitting here, at my shop and waiting to get a SVS PB16 Ultra, to play with...
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