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Hi there guys. Got last week a Intel NUC, for like something 30 euros, yah dirt cheap and brand new So my question is do it going to work with an asus ee pc ssd? I could get them for ouple of euros from salvaged pc's.
Im getting sick of those spam invites. Lots and lots pops up up everyday. And i still have no friends
I was kinda surprised how even AIO liquid coolers on fleabay goes fast up in prices on some auctions, why we dont have someone in sale spot from europe who wants to get rid of something like h100 my windmill is making me nuts and i miss when i had a cpu loop :/
I have veno set Acid Hydra
So new pumps has higher failure rate?
What new swiftech pump?
And looked now again at marketplace and there is one with mark pending so no good luck for me or get a kit like alphacool 240 with their small pump or try to get a eisberg?
Kinda big shipping costs
Why its so hard to find even used apogge drive ( the first one edition). It looks like they extincted even used ones in europe
wow it looks like on my benq monitor im using on everyday stuff. and i know its broken
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