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I have veno set Acid Hydra
So new pumps has higher failure rate?
What new swiftech pump?
And looked now again at marketplace and there is one with mark pending so no good luck for me or get a kit like alphacool 240 with their small pump or try to get a eisberg?
Kinda big shipping costs
Why its so hard to find even used apogge drive ( the first one edition). It looks like they extincted even used ones in europe
wow it looks like on my benq monitor im using on everyday stuff. and i know its broken
Someone maybe up for a trades? Last time i played event match we got rekt for two reasons, all of teammates run 1vs5 and especialy viper, also we had russians
That event is ruined this time i think
Tried all solutions i could find on net, and still get crashes like mad. Mayeb someone could help me out remotely? because was thinking to throw through the windows this piece of bsods
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