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man you got rep button hit made my day
Ill steal your idea... To put it on a..... CPU and FANNNNSSS!!!!!!!
Or get a maelstorm, dagon, etheral blade and some stuff for regen or same maelstorm, mkb, bkb and aghs
CM is a.... just a killer CM i allways make her from support to carry
My pain is even more huge now when i found that i am invited to an army and a friend which lives with me and has no job at all is not im working a lot adn do not have much time for even a enjoy my hobies and then this comes like you must leave your job and all stuff you've been hard working on to put some camo on yourself while other that has not moving even a single brain cell and just sits at home and plays games all day long and night so far still going to do same...
I was workin on one company and all the time i had to spend with customers, yeah i liked it but main goal that i had to make is force sell stuff alongside to that stuff they came to buy managed to find lots of new friends and lots of useful contacts ( that was my goal ). Now i dont like to work with people because at that place where my shop is we kinda restricted with only a dry information about what consumer needs to know and not so much room to lay down some jokes or...
Aaaand after some time with folding and best luck with no bsods they came back... hal.dll bsod and i think now its related to my motherboard
naaah just swiss made ones :/ couple brands with japan movement, almost all of them classical or some sort of mix sports with classy looking yesterday had a blast at my place with discount so made a 6.2 grand in one day and i really do not like job that involves working with people
sell watches and at free time pc repairs i really need a new job...
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