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im in, shipping is gonna to ruin my plans on quadcopter but still im in
Ok had a finally a success for a solving thoose random bsods but then again they started. Today barely could do a system recovery after a boot loop with a system thread exception not handled bsod. And i couldnt find any of a causes to this.
This was a good move
In for the Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition! thanks
flight controller for a quadcopter?
Copper has some sort of properties working as a biocide, even sometimes its used to kill some sort of single-celled or some parazites. Working on a fish store i learned that even small amounts of copper in water can do some serious damage to thoose and at some point help with algae blooms even if it srpung out like a insane colony.
Ok then ill try to run memtest after this weekend
after disabling it stopped, so it could be a ram issue?
oooooooh a huge thanks and rep!!! Still its kinda funny to know that after disabling a pagefylesys it kinda stopped to crash also its kinda strange because just today i got something like a 5-6 restarts and maybe 3 of them was because bsod, and at some point dates of thoose errors kinda dont match with a todays bsod's even they were a all random other errors
Hi there, im running a: AMD A 5600K Kingston predator 8gig kit of ram running at 1866 mhz no vga card ssd kingston and pair of hdd's My problem is that recently i was getting a lots and lots of random errors, bsod's, freezes and restarts. I even cant watch a some youtube videos without freezes or restarts, not to mention a gaming... So maybe you could help me out if it is a hardware failure or software. Also asking help because most of the time when im near my pc i dont...
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